The Establishment Strikes Back: Geert Wilders Lawyer Has His Licence Revoked

Tolerance for freedom of speech in the most tolerant nation in Europe? No longer. The establishment,  complicit in the Islamisation of the Netherlands,  launched a witch hunt against Geert Wilders which inevitably  ended  in its defeat and humiliation. But the tyranny of the faceless little men (and women) doesn’t stop there: now they’re going after his lawyer, and succeeded in stopping him from making a living. For now.

Wilders speaks up for banned lawyer Moszkowicz

Tuesday 30 October 2012 (Dutch News)

Geert Wilders spoke up on Tuesday afternoon for lawyer Bram Moszkowicz whose licence to practice was revoked earlier in the day.

The anti-immigration PVV leader, who was defended by Moszkowicz during his trial on hatred and discrimination charges, said: ‘Bram’s defence at my trial was excellent.’ The MP went on to say Moszkowicz is the best lawyer in the Netherlands, according to news agency Novum.

The 58-year-old lawyer still faces a disciplinary hearing on his behaviour during Wilders’ trial where he is accused of insulting the court.

Moszkowicz himself said the decision of the legal profession’s disciplinary council to ban him is ‘over the top’. He says the judicial establishment does not like him because he has become a celebrity.

He has been speculating for months about fronting a television programme, but so far no one has come up with an offer.

Insolent Turk Erdogan: “German politicians do not acknowledge the contribution of the three million Turks in Germany enough”

Erdogan criticizes German attitude to Turks

Erdogan also criticized the insistence on learning German as a condition of living in Germany. He said this was unsupported in the relevant EU guidelines. “Making knowledge of German an important condition is against human rights,” he said.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan criticized Germany’s attitude to its Turkish minority on his arrival in Berlin to celebrate the 50th anniversary of a “guest worker” agreement between the two countries.

Nonie Darwish: the Islamists do not want co-existence; they want surrender.

The Islamists’ Need to Feel Wronged

Muslims have learned from their history that terror works. They have also learned that for terror to achieve its goal of surrender, the Islamic tender touch must accompany the terror: both the Islamic father who holds the stick and the Islamic mother who hugs while the father is beating.

As “the true focus behind jihad…. is to defend, not destroy”, the Muslim world is constantly looking for excuses to confirm the need to feel wronged to justify attacks on American and Western interests. The US should by now have understood that because Islamic anger and terror are always on the search for these excuses, one must never fall for them. The Islamists do not want co-existence; they want surrender.

When the truth finally came out that three loyal Americans and the American Ambassador had been murdered in Benghazi, Libya, on 9/11/12 as the result of a calculated terror attack and not, as the White House had been insisting for two weeks, a YouTube video made privately by an American and released months earlier, the President abruptly changed his discredited story, and surreally tried to slip the world into believing he had called that attack an act of terror all along.

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Grand Mufti of Lebanon Mohammed Rashid Qabbani: The Jews Orchestrated 9/11 and Were Behind Anti-Islam Film

Grand Mufti of Lebanon Mohammed Rashid Qabbani: The Jews Orchestrated 9/11 and Were Behind Anti-Islam Film  (MEMRI TV)

The mental baggage of these people is crushing any spark of reason.

Following are excerpts from a TV program with the Grand Mufti of Lebanon, Mohammed Rashid Qabbani, which aired on Al-Manar TV on September 22, 2012.

Mohammed Rashid Qabbani: Even though we call the Jews “People of the Book,” they still deny the religion of Islam – even in the modern era. Why did secularism emerge in Europe in the days of Napoleon Bonaparte? History shows us that the Jews were behind secularism, because they opposed the authority of the church, against Christianity.

The Jews are behind all of this. What is scandalous is that this film was funded by 100 Jews, who paid five million dollars.


It is said that the Jews orchestrated the bombing of the Twin Towers, because they wanted to justify the persecution of Muslims worldwide.


U.S. ad: “a vote for Obama helps Muslims murder Christians and Jews”

“A vote for Obama helps Muslims murder Christians and Jews”

A gruesome, anti-Muslim television ad aired Tuesday night in Pittsburgh, insinuating that President Barack Hussein Obama is sympathetic to violent extremism the MuBros taking over in the Middle East.

We think that’s an understatement. We can prove Obama’s Islamic leanings anytime, anyplace.

The PuffHo crowd is too afraid their readers could get the wrong idea they can’t let you watch the ad. We found it on the Randall Terry website.

The ad, first flagged by the liberal group American Bridge 21st Century, was paid for by fringe write-in presidential candidate Randall Terry and aired around the popular 11 p.m. time slot on Pittsburgh’s local FOX affiliate WPHG.

It features a sleeping woman who is struggling through a nightmare. It intersperses graphic images of bloodied corpses and a man being decapitated. A portion of President Obama’s speech in Cairo about bridging the gap between the Muslim and western worlds, and chants of “Allahu Akbar” serve as the background audio in the ad. The woman ultimately wakes up from the nightmare and says, “I can’t vote for Obama again.” The ad ends with Terry on screen saying, “A vote for Obama helps Muslims murder Christians and Jews. I’m Randall Terry and I approve this message. (The PuffHo’s are shocked!)


“Clearly, the ideology is that of al Qaeda…”

Who said al Qaeda adherents are not good Muslims? When it comes to the crunch, the ‘radicals’ have the scriptures on their side. The western invented ‘moderates’, the quiet muslims, have no leg to stand on.

Europe’s Takeover by Islam, Part 3

Via Gates of Vienna

This is the third part of a four-part Israeli documentary by Zvi Yehezkeli and David Deryi about the Islamization of Europe. It has been translated from the Hebrew and subtitled in English.

The filmmaker is an Arabic-speaking Israeli whose appearance and flawless Arabic accent were sufficient to allow him to mingle freely with the Muslims in several “no-go zones” in Britain, Belgium, Sweden, and France, and to get an inside look at the Islamic mindset within the greater European community.

Many thanks to DarLink for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

2012 Oct 18 Europe’s Takeover by Islam, Part 1
23 Europe’s Takeover by Islam, Part 2

Shrillary ducking sniper fire again, in Kosovo

Yeah, remember when Shrillary ducked sniper fire in Kosovo? She later claimed ‘she misspoke’.

Now she’s back to tell the Christian Serbs to give their land to the Muslims, for “the greater good” of course, in the old familiar Klintoon way.  Shrillary’s lesbian “advisor”, Arab muslim mole  Huma Abedin,  must be laughing hysterically.

The U.S. “will oppose any discussion of territorial changes or reopening Kosovo’s independent status,” Clinton said. “These matters are not up for discussion.”

Her hubby, slick Willie, bombed the Christian Serbs to establish  a greater Albania, to endear himself to the Arabs, who showered him with money ever since. As a result of this cuddly Klintoon deal, Kosovo, Bosnia and Macedonia is now  one big narco-jihad statelet,  a muselmanic bastion right smack in the middle of Eurabia, which offers permanent sanctuary to jihadists from around the world. Gun running operations, manufacturing of explosives,  organ trading and jihad: the future of  the old continent is being decided here and now.

PRISTINA, Kosovo –  U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton toured a Serbian Orthodox church in Kosovo Wednesday as she pressed America’s close ally to step up its minority outreach while trying to convince ethnic Serbs that they have a home in Europe’s youngest nation.

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Norway: Koranimal held for offering to ‘protect’ Jews with AK-47

Muselmaniac arrested for offering to ‘protect’ Jews with AK-47

… Police on Oct. 27 recommended indicting Ubaydullah Hussain, the 27-year-old leader of the radical Islamic organization Profetens Ummah. He was arrested last week after Norwegian media reported on a comment that appeared on his Facebook account: “I will give them protection … as soon as I have received a hunting license and get hold of an AK47.” …  More protection at The Times of Israel thanks to Mullah