After launching over 100 rockets into Israel from Gaza, jihadis say “Israel has declared war”

 Hamas Top Dog Meets Virgins, Hamas rages….


Jabari is the most senior Hamas official to be killed since an Israeli invasion of Gaza four years ago. He has long topped Israel’s most-wanted list, the Associated Press reported. His son was also reportedly killed in the targeted airstrike, according to Osama Hamdan, a Hamas representative in Lebanon, talking to Al Jazeera in Doha.

From the IDF website, thanks to WZ:

Israel Launches Operation Pillar Of Defense To Uproot Hamas-Led Terror, Top Hamas commander killed, Hamas rages . “Israel opened the gates of hell”

Drudge reported:

In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel, defeat jihad.   —I stand with Israel.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Warns Israel: We Will No Longer Tolerate Attacks on Palestinians

This came after Israel killed Ahmed al-Jaabari, the head of the military wing of Hamas, today in an airstrike. (GWP)

After launching over 100 rockets into Israel from Gaza, jihadis say “Israel has declared war”

Note the bias of this Reuters report: the rockets from Gaza into Israel were fired by no one, they just arrived there in passive voice, and they aren’t even mentioned until the seventeenth paragraph. The emphasis is all on Israel’s defensive moves, as if they were gratuitous.

“Israel kills Hamas commander, bombs Gaza targets,” by Nidal al-Mughrabi forReuters, November 14:

GAZA (Reuters) – Israel killed the military commander of the Islamist group Hamas in a missile strike on the Gaza Strip on Wednesday and launched air raids across the enclave, pushing the two sides to the brink of a new war.

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood slams “Zionist occupier” for defending itself in Gaza

Camp David Accords on the ropes.

By the way, has anyone ever noticed that Egypt was never called an “occupier” when it ruled Gaza from 1948 to 1967?

“Egypt’s Brotherhood slams Israel over Gaza strikes,” by Aya Batrawy for the Associated Press, November 13

Egypt’s powerful Muslim Brotherhood sharply criticized Israeli leaders on Tuesday over airstrikes in the Gaza Strip, accusing them of heating up the conflict to score political points ahead of elections.

In the Mohammedan psyche, Jews don’t have a right to defend themselves. They must live in abject poverty, must be submissive and never criticise their tormentors. As it is, with Jews living in their own state, proud, confident and not allowing the soldiers of allah to terrorise them, the mohammedan worldview is out of kilter. That calls for jihad.

Islam: making sure that Africa remains in the dark ages

Islam in Africa 

A postcard from Togo

I met a couple who had just returned from a sabbatical year in Togo.

 They told me they had last been in the country ten years ago, and this time had been horrified by the visible signs of Islam in Lomé. Ten years ago, the wife, a native of Togo, told me, there could not have been more than four mosques in Lomé, and now, she said, “there are four hundred.” And what is more, these four hundred are now equipped with P.A. systems, used by the muezzins to make sure that everyone – Muslim and Christian and animist – all over Lomé, hears five times a day the Call To Prayer. (by Hugh Fitzgerald)

Will the Islamophobia never end? “Dozens of Churches Destroyed In Tanzania; East Africa Violence Spreading,” from Worthy News, November 13:

DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA (Worthy News)– Dozens of Christian worship places have been destroyed by Islamic extremists in Tanzania and church leaders are fleeing its heavily Muslim island of Zanzibar, as the persecution of Christians spreads throughout East Africa, a human rights chief said Monday, November 12.“As of May [about] 25 churches and convents have been destroyed. This destruction is mostly confined to [semi-autonomous] Zanzibar where the population is 99 percent Muslim and openly hostile to Christians,” explained William Stark, regional manager for Africa of advocacy group International Christian Concern (ICC)

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Amid economic crisis, European Union approves $6.3 billion in aid for Muslim Brotherhood Egypt

Not ‘aid’. Call it tribute, because that’s what it is. The MuBro’s demand the jiziya, which is theirs by the law of allah. These payments will increase until EUrabia collapses or becomes one big Islamic hellhole. There is hardly a leader in Europe today who is ready to resist Islamic domination.

Amid economic crisis, European Union approves $6.3 billion in aid for Muslim Brotherhood Egypt

Priorities, priorities. As far as the Eurodhimmis are concerned, a rapidly Islamizing state pursuing an increasingly belligerent path toward Israel is worth supporting, even while they’re going broke. “Aid amid austerity: Egypt to receive over $6bn in aid from EU,” from RT, November 14 (thanks to JW):

The European Union has approved a US$6.3 billion financial aid package for Egypt. The news comes as Europe is paralyzed by a general strike and mass protests as people are tired of deepening recession and strangled by constant budget cuts.

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‘Boko Haram Members are Non-Muslims’

‘Boko Haram’ stands for ‘western education is forbidden’

Sounds like this wonderful Islamic scholar is inventing a brand-new kind of Islam. These  peaceful  Muslims usually have a very short lifespan:

“The literary meaning of Hijrah is the movement of Muslims from bad behaviour to good behaviour. I want to tell you that the word Islam means nothing but promotion of peace in the society (within the Muslims and non-Muslims) and anything contrary to peace is unIslamic.”

N261202-Boko-Haram.jpg - N261202-Boko-Haram.jpg

Boko Haram

Danish public schools facing collapse

Suddenly the real causes are being discussed

With a tax burden of almost 49 percent (all taxes and fees divided by GDP, according to the government’s own calculations as of August 2012), Denmark is the world’s most heavily taxed country. In recent years, Denmark has competed with Sweden for the top position but has now emerged as the clear winner.

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UN Human Rights Chief Notices Violence Against Christians in Indonesia

Navi Pillay , Human Rights Chief Dhimmi of the United Nations, has condemned violence and discrimination against Christians and Muslim minorities in Indonesia.

Aziz Bhatti is a researcher at the University of Melbourne and is giving a presentation, addressing this issue, called – “The Pakistanization of Indonesia and its future implications for Australia”.

Not sure if Oz media darling Waleed Ali  was there to spin it.

Which reminds me:

I wonder what Paki Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani has to say about that.

In October this year,  leading Islamic scholars recommended that Paki foreign minister be stoned for adultery

UK: Telling the truth about Muslim gang rape is “playing into the hands of far right groups…”

And that would be worse than Mohammedan savages gang banging white girls?

From the taxpayer funded network of pedophiles, Islamophiles, perverts and leftist scum, the BBC, via Vlad

Kris Hopkins made his claims during a Commons debate

Tory MP Kris Hopkins has sparked a row in the Commons by claiming gangs of Muslim men are raping white “kids”.

The Keighley MP claimed police had felt they needed “permission” to go after abusers due to “political correctness”.

He said MPs should not avoid talking about the issue or the BNP and others will hijack it.

But Labour MP Yasmin Qureshi warned about “playing into the hands” of far right groups with such accusations.

Right.  A token spokesturd for Paki Mustards  with the Arab name of Qureshi, (meaning from the tribe of Muhammad) not only denies, minimises and obfuscates the motivations of the rapists, but she also adds insult to injury by suggesting that some imaginary ‘far right groups’  are somehow worse than the gangs of Mohammedan savages. Spit!

The Bolton South East MP said senior police officers and judges involved in cases of abuse had said race did not play a part.

‘Bigger picture’

She said the fact that the victims of abuse were white – in the cases Mr Hopkins was referring to – was “coincidental not deliberate”. (continued below the fold)

Update from Pamela Geller, with a whole list of Mohammedan transgressions which we’re not supposed to notice.

Once again the BBC and UK politicians refer to Muslims in racial terms which is just plain wrong. Islam is not a race. As for a politician finally bringing this up, it is long overdue. Scores and scores of Muslim men have been indicted and convicted of child rape and trafficking of non-Muslim girls in the UK. And these convictions are just the tip of the iceberg. And those convictions were also long overdue. The victims had been ignored by law enforcement for years, despite repeated calls for help. Law enforcement was more concerned with not appearing “racist.”

Check out the sick defense by Labour MP Yasmin Qureshi: “She warned against losing sight of the ‘bigger picture'” — that the common factors in all cases of abuse were the vulnerability of the victims and the fact that the perpetrators were “nearly all men.” Men as opposed to what? Roving gangs of militant lesbians? Space aliens?

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Liberal ‘Tolerance’

Jesuit Wuss Pressurizes Campus Repub’s Into Rescinding Invite to Ann Coulter

I wonder if this was the guy who covered up the crucifixes when Obama came to speak.

American universities are often criticized for their left-leaning biases, but the president of Fordham University in New York appeared to take it a step further when he singled out the young Republicans on campus.

Without humour, civility cannot flourish.

Janet Albrechtsen:

Totalitarians don’t tell jokes

We are fast becoming a humourless, sanctimonious society where the growing lack of civility is a symptom of our failure to grasp the importance of humour.

Jackass O’Reilly:

The Affirmative Action President

Go tell it to the mountain:

It is high time we judge all people by their qualifications, the content of their character, and their competence – and not by their superficial characteristics that are ultimately meaningless.