Israel has no choice. Gaza is a national threat

Nearly 250 rockets have been sent from Hamas in the last 24 hours. The Iron Dome missile defense system has been able to intercept 80, though 196 made landfall in Israel. A rocket hit a building in Kiryat Malachi, leading to three deaths as residents were unable to find covering in due time.

Pillar of Defense at Daybreak: 3 Israelis Killed, 3  Children in Critical Condition (VIDEO)

Israel has no choice. Gaza is a national threat  (Andrew Bolt)

Israel cannot tolerate having rockets fired into the outskirts of its second biggest city from an enclave controlled by a terrorist organisation:

THE skies of Tel Aviv were lit up with anti-missile fire this morning after rockets were fired into the Israel port city for the first time in 20 years.

From the 7th floor of our hotel, we saw a barrage of intercept missiles fired into the southern skies to take down several long range rockets launched from Gaza into 800,000 strong civilian population.

Air raid sirens could be heard across the city for the first time since the 1991Gulf War, as the country braced for full scale conflict with the self appointed Palestinian leaders Hamas, who have warned they would unleash hell on Israel in response to the assassination of its military leader by Israeli defence forces Wednesday.

One rocket managed to evade country’s Iron Dome defence system and landed in the southern suburbs of Tel Aviv.


And, as always with such conflicts, Palestinians try to game the media with fake victims to feed the victim narrative:


Pro-Hamas Tel Aviv Rally Broken Up By Hamas Rocket

Today, a hard left-wing pro-Hamas rally took place in Tel Aviv. Attendees included Elizabeth Tsurkov of the Hotline for Migrant Workers; useful idiot Tsurkov also writes for the anti-Israel rag

Jonathan Sacerdoti on BBC News discussing the killing of Ahmed Jabri, head of Hamas’ military (TT)

Egyptian Salafi Sheik Murgan Salem Calls to Destroy Pyramids, Tax Christians, and Says: Bin Laden Greater than Saladin

Egyptian Salafi Sheik Murgan Salem Calls to Destroy Pyramids, Tax Christians, and Says: Bin Laden Greater than Saladin

Following are excerpts from a show featuring Egyptian Salafi Sheikh Murgan Salem, which aired on Dream 2 TV, on November 10 and 13, 2012. (MEMRI TV)

Murgan Salem: They must pay the jizya poll tax. They cannot be exempted.

TV host Wael Al-Abrashi: You mean the Christians…?

Murgan Salem: I’ll tell you, just bear with me. Yes, this should be one of the sources of income of the state. The Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians are welcome to live in the Abode of Islam, as long as they pay the jizya poll tax, and abide by the terms set by the Emir of the Believers, who rules the country.

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Egyptians chant “Khybar, Khybar oh Jews, Mohammed’s Army Will Return”


Egyptians chant “Khybar, Khybar oh Jews, Mohammed’s Army Will Return”

Note the guy in the picture is the notorious Salah Sultan, a genocidal lunatic who studied in the U.S. (Some of his brood still remain)

From Egypt Independent, in English:

Hundreds of protesters rallied in front of the Arab League in Cairo against the Israeli assault on Gaza Thursday, chanting slogans and carrying Palestinian flags, Al-Masry Al-Youm reported.

But what were those slogans they were chanting?

For that, you have to read the Arabic media:

“To Jerusalem we go, martyrs in the millions”

“Khyber Khyber oh Jews .. The Army of Muhammad will return”

“From Liberation of Palestine .. one people not two peoples”

“Jihad, Jihad .. Is the solution”

And the banners they were holding said slogans like

“Zionists, be patient – Egyptians will visit your graves”

“Islamic revolution”

“Zionism and Syria, two sides of the same coin”

“Revenge, O Qassam Brigades”

Shrillary’s Replacement

Shrillary’s Replacement  (Moonbattery)

You might think that not even Obama could find a more cataclysmically awful Secretary of State than Shrillary Rotten Clinton, last seen hiding in Australia so that she won’t have to answer questions about her role in letting Americans die in Benghazi and then covering it up with lies that wouldn’t convince a small child. If so, you would think wrong. Candidates to replace her include:

Hanoi John Kerry. Try to get your head around the idea of the face of American foreign policy belonging to the traitor who publically screeched lies like this:

“…on a day-to-day basis with the full awareness of officers at all levels of command… [American troops in Vietnam] personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam in addition to the normal ravage of war, and the normal and very particular ravaging which is done by the applied bombing power of this country.”

Although considered for Secretary of State, Hanoi John now seems more likely to be appointed Secretary of Defense, as he is the ultimate loogey for Obama to spit in the face of America’s Armed Forces.

Fareed Zakaria. Zakaria has made a career in the “mainstream” media by being a guy with a Muslim plant background who hates America.

“Every column he’s written in the Washington Post for the last two years has been a job application,” said one longtime Washington foreign policy insider who requested anonymity.

Zakaria is known for denouncing the Constitution, Founding Fathers, and American system in general. Naturally his message resonates profoundly with the first anti-American president. Here we see the personification of the USA’s decline with a finger in Zakaria’s book The Post-American World:

Like Joke Biden, Zakaria is an admitted plagiarist. This got him fired from CNN, but will not count against him among the still lower breed of scum who run our government. 

Susan Rice. This is the moonbat tool who followed Obama’s orders to tour all the Sunday talk shows proclaiming that a YouTube video from the USA caused the bloodshed in Benghazi, although it has been proven seven ways to Sunday that all of them knew at the time it was a coordinated terror attack, not some spontaneous righteous uprising against American iniquity. In any sane country she would have long since been forced to resign her position as UN Ambassador in total disgrace. In the fundamentally transformed USSA, her mindless obedience to the trash in the White House makes her an apt candidate for promotion.

That any of these treasonous kooks could be seriously considered for the position confirms that our current situation is absolutely intolerable.

Don’t forget how this O-putz protects her:

Powder Puff Barry went after Republicans today in a complete Chicago-style rant.

“When they go after the UN Ambassador because they think she’s an easy target… They’ve got a problem with me.”

Actually, the Republicans are going after Susan Rice because she’s a liar.

Susan Rice is not only incompetent, she is completely lost as ambassador.   The Washington Examiner has the transcript.


Another one of those “my people” moments:

“They are attacking this young African-American woman…”

Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) played the race card on Susan Rice critics:

According to Clyburn, it’s not that she’s incompetent and dense, it’s that she’s black that Republicans are going after her.

Interview with a ‘Swedish’ Mustard PM

No Koranimal should hold political power in a western government. No Muselmaniac should be allowed  to vote or become a citizen  in any western democracy.. No Mustard should be in a position where he can lord over non-muslims.  (Vlad)

We are forever lectured and ordered to ignore the evidence of our eyes and ears and stop judging Islam according to the behaviour of muslims and told to judge it according to what muslims say about it..

Those who stupidly sleepwalk into EUrabia  always point to so called moderates, but the moderates are  silent and totally irrelevant. It is always the true believers who powered islam and enforeced its rule in every land colonized by muslims.

When will Europe awaken to this historical reality and start to see the danger?

New Blasphemy Trial in the Netherlands

Vlad keeps it coming:

The Truth is no Defense  (not if it hurts Mustard feelings)

A boy who made statements about Islam on Dutch TV, will on 28 November stand in front of the Amsterdam judge.

Over two years ago, on 12 September 2010, the VPRO Holland Doc broadcasted a program about Geert Wilders about his film Fitna: Wilders, the movie. Wilders himself did not participate in the documentary. But there were other people on the floor, including Robert de Jonge, who in the program was presented as a Wilders supporter. In the documentary Robert de Jonge produced heavy critical statements about Islam. But, unlike Wilders, he said hard statements about Muslims too.

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Israel, Syria, Hamas & Pallywood

Israel’s neighbors in the north (Syria) and south (Gaza and Egypt) are getting aggressive. They have a friend in the White House.

Sounds like a plan:

Syrian jihadists now control nearly all villages along Israeli border

Yet another prelude to the new jihad war against Israel that is sure to come. “‘Syrian villages on Israel border in rebel hands,'” from the Jerusalem Post, November 14:

Nearly all of the Syrian villages along the border with Israel are in rebel hands, Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Wednesday, during a tour of the Golan Heights region with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Hamas Vows Revenge as Israel Begins Military Operation in Gaza

The Israeli military said 13 rockets were intercepted by the “Iron Dome” rocket-defense system. Israeli media said the rockets had been headed toward Beersheba.

Check Out the Biblical Reference Behind the Name of Israel’s Military Operation Against Hamas

“…the Lord looked down upon the Egyptian army from a pillar of fire and cloud, and threw the Egyptian army into panic.”–Read More »

Hamas PM says Jabari “walked the path of jihad”

What? I thought jihad was an interior spiritual struggle. Just ask the ever-clueless and/or compromised Chicago Tribune “journalist” Manya Brachear. “Israel assassinates Hamas military chief in Gaza,” by Ibrahim Barzak and Josef Federman for the Associated Press, November 14 (thanks to JW)

Pallywood in BBC report

 Look at this guy being carried because he is “injured” in this BBC report:
30 seconds later:
It’s a miracle!

Germany: “We are all Tommy Robinson”

The Resistance Has Started (GoV)

“You can threaten us, you can try to silence us, but you will never defeat us…”

German Defense League gives speech on the state of Tommy Robinson Nov 10 2012

German Defence League Leader Siegfried Schmitz

“Free Tommy”  English Version thanks to Vlad

More from Germany:

Tommy’s first letter from prison has just been published on the EDL website.

A Letter From Tommy

Since Tommy has been remanded in Wandsworth prison he has been put into segregation where “for his own safety” he is locked up for 23.5 hours a day, this is perhaps due to the fact that the prison is basically run by Muslim inmates who are less than happy about him being there. Read more  from GOV»