Islamic holy man killed people, took hostages, planned attacks on U.S. bases…

More “workplace related violence” in the making:

US Imam busted for pretty much every horrible crime you can name

Orange County USA imam killed people, took hostages, planned overseas attacks on US bases. Dog bites man, but still, most people don’t get it. Thanks SDAMATT (via Vlad Tepes)

Florida imam’s jihad terror ties exposed by local news station

We all know CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN or Fox wasn’t going to do it.“Imam’s Terrorist Ties Exposed by Local News Station,” from Judicial Watch, November 26 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

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Saudi King About to Kick the Bucket?

Relax, he’s “well and in good health”

(Reuters) – Saudi Crown Prince Salman said on Tuesday that King Abdullah was “well and in good health”, more than 10 days after the monarch underwent back surgery …  Saudi dynasty faces generational choice

Saudi King Abdullah slips into coma: Report

Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz has slipped into a coma and is clinically dead nearly a week after a 14-hour-long back surgery in a hospital in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, a report says. …Story at PressTV–Mullah

“Reformist” my ass:

Saudi King Abdullah, the great reformist?

He wouldn’t know how to spell it. He ‘reformed’ nothing, nada, niente. Nulla.

Certainly King Abdullah made history (?)  by giving Saudi women the right to vote in Sept. 2011. As yet no woman has voted in the Kingdom and the ruling could be revoked by a subsequent successor to the Saudi throne. He has hardly championed women’s right to drive: the Kingdom remains the only country in the world that imposes a ban on women driving, in spite of a campaign by Saudi women to overturn the diktat.

Saudi King Abdullah is rumoured to be clinically dead. If the rumours are true then the death of a great reformist will bring sycophantic tributes from weapon-selling oil-guzzling nations. …Story at Digital Journal

Saudi Veteran Soldier of Allah Meets Virgins After 3 Decades of Jihad

DAMMAM — After spending three decades of his life engaging in jihad in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kashmir, Saudi Abdul Aziz Al-Jeghaiman was killed in Ideleb, Syria, at the beginning of this Islamic year following extensive bombardment by the Syrian army, reported Al-Hayat daily. …  Story at Saudi Gazette

Saudis preach kumbaya in Vienna; preach jihad at home:

Saudis preach interfaith in Vienna to cries of hypocrisy

Riyadh’s ban on practising other religions beside Islam in Saudi Arabia “stands in amazingly crass contradiction to the dialogue the king wants to have here”.

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Savages, bloody savages!

Ashura clips compilation  (Vlad Tepes)

They call this madness ‘Ashura’.  Shi’ite Muslims flagellate themselves and their children with whips and chains until bloody.

Muslim Ashura: Bloody Ritual in Iraq, Greece, India, Lebanon and … St. Louis, USA  (Pamela Geller)

India ashura

India: Blood is seen on the floor of a mosque as an Indian Shiite Muslim flagellates himself during a Muharram procession marking Ashura, in New Delhi, India. Picture: AP Source: AP

Iraq ashura
Greece ashura


Lebanon (photo Al Jazeera)

Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 8.47.00 PM
Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 8.48.25 PM

Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 8.48.04 PM

Canada PM Harper: “those who threaten the existence of the Jewish people are in the longer term a threat to all of us”

Bravo Canada!

While Australia’s Labor loons betray their people, their culture and civilisation,  Canada denounces the savages and stands with Israel. Thank you Canada, thank you Stephen Harper!

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper personally intervened to pressure Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to drop his bid for upgraded status at the United Nations.

Harper has long been recognized a strong friend of the Jewish state.

“[W]hen Israel, the only country in the world whose very existence is under attack, is consistently and conspicuously singled out for condemnation, I believe we are morally obligated to take a stand,” Harper said last year.

Harper said Canada must oppose demonization, double standards and de-legitimization.

“Not just because it is the right thing to do, but because history shows us, and the ideology of the anti-Israel mob tell us all too well, that those who threaten the existence of the Jewish people are in the longer term a threat to all of us,” he said.

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Egypt, Hamas, Gaza & the Endless Jihad

Pat Condell  On Hamas, Gaza, And The Endless Jihad

Hugh Fitzgerald:

When It Comes To Islam, Please Stop This “Problem” And “Solution” Nonsense

[Re-posted from January 16, 2010] Many continue to believe that if we argue that Islam itself is the problem, this will leave the West with no solutions. The word “solution” leapt out at me. I have written about it many times before, in regards to those who speak of a “two-state …Read More…

Hamas Plans To Rebuild With $1 Billion “From The International Community”

The “international community” should know that the soldiers of allah never built anything, but that they are world champions of destruction.–From the Los Angeles Times. …Read More…

Why Should The West Be Bailing Out A Muslim Brotherhood Regime?

The American government has given Egypt more than $70 billion dollars in aid over the past 30 years. This has resulted only in encouraging corruption — there’s more to be corrupt about — in the army and in the courtier class, and has not made an ally of Egypt, a country which, throughout this …Read More…
Nasrallah, The Braggart Warrior And Hidden Imam, Addresses From A Hiding-Place His Brigades Of Bezonians In Beirut
Permanently on the run from Israel, Nasrallah doesn’t dare to appear in public. So shouldn’t we be allowed to call him the Hidden Imam? Or, at least, the Hiding Imam? But here he has been filmed, at an Undisclosed Location, offering bravado, and fire, and brimstone. And spliced into the brief …Read More…

Egypt: Dozens wounded in clashes between Muslim Brotherhood and anti-Sharia protesters

“Islamophobia” rampant in the Nile Delta town of Mahalla! “Egypt: dozens wounded in Nile Delta town clashes,” from ANSAmed, November 27 (thanks toJW):

(ANSAmed) – CAIRO, NOVEMBER 27 – Dozens have been wounded in clashes between Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators and opponents of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi in the Nile Delta town of Mahalla, where protesters are trying to attack the police station, state TV reported Tuesday. (ANSAmed).

“Western media is the new Al Jazeera Arabic”

An incisive analysis of media bias and whitewashing of the Muslim Brotherhood from Sultan Al Qassemi at Felix Arabia: “Western media is the new Al Jazeera Arabic,” November 27:

Over the past 24 hours Western channels have been repeatedly saying that Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsy has “agreed to limit|” his news powers. This is simply untrue. Not even by a long shot.

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Conroy’s “unfettered powers” and the red undies we will all be wearing if he gets his way

Village idiot with ministerial powers morphs into megalomaniac:

“You’ll be wearing red underwear on your head. I have unfettered legal power.”

Thank heavens there are Ministers in the Gillard Government prepared to defend press freedom from the dangerously authoritarian ambitions of a Senator Steve Conroy: 

CABINET ministers have failed to agree on landmark media reforms, including new powers to oversee the press, forcing another delay to controversial plans that could trigger a political fight before next year’s election.

The divisions in a cabinet meeting on Monday night fuelled speculation the government would have to postpone the full package of changes until ministers settled their differences over press regulation and ownership controls…

One option in Senator Conroy’s plan would give the minister the power to set the criteria to judge the performance of independent regulators such as the Australian Press Council. The minister would also decide if the regulator met the criteria. Industry executives have described Senator Conroy’s plan as a “first-time incursion by government into print media” that cannot be accepted.

Some Labor ministers still believe in a free press  (Andrew Bolt)

Australia Throws Israel Under The Bus


A Day of Shame For Australia.

Not voting in line with our American and Israeli friends, not standing against Islamist murderers and terrorists is a disgrace for Australia. To sit on the fence as abstainers, when these Islamist terror gangs push for the same recognition at the UN as the Vatican, is utterly shameful for Australian Labor and Australia as a nation. From this day forward we will have lost our claim to stand for what is right and just.

What a disgrace!

“Pathetically sad” said Malcolm Turnbull.

Former Labor foreign minister Gareth Evans (diehard commie, globull worming disciple, Soros lackey, Jew-hater and agenda 21 advocate)  briefed Labor MPs on Monday, warning they would be on the wrong side of history if they stood with the US and Israel against the rest of the world…

Obviously, Gareth stands with the savage.


The UN really, really wants to reward Hamas aggression

Robert Serry, the UN envoy to the Middle East, proves yet again what a complete waste of space the UN is.  In this case, he is doing everything he can to pretend that Hamas is a moderate, peace-loving group:

The United Nations envoy to the Middle East acknowledged in an interview with McClatchy Sunday that he has maintained quiet contacts with the Islamist group Hamas for “years,” despite the international community’s official policy to isolate the group.

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