The ‘Underdog’ Pathology

Muslims will always be portrayed and seen as the “underdogs”—and hence always exonerated for their behavior.  No matter how violent or ugly, no matter how many Islamic slogans are shrieked—thus placing their behavior in a purely Islamic context—Muslim violence against the West and Israel will always be dismissed as a product of the weak and outnumbered status of Muslims—their status as underdogs, which the West tends to romanticize.  And so they will always get a free pass, by Raymond Ibrahim:  

Why Christian Persecution Is Islam’s Achilles’ Heel

Which of the following three headlines is most difficult for the media—including the usual array of liberal pundits, apologists, academics, and politicians—to whitewash or rationalize away?  Which most exposes Islam’s inherent intolerance?

A)   “Allahu Akbar” screaming Muslims fire rockets into Israel

B)   “Allahu Akbar” screaming Muslims riot and commit acts of violence in Europe

C)   “Allahu Akbar” screaming Muslims torch a Christian church in a Muslim country

The answer is C—Christian persecution.

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In Islam, ‘Charity’ means money for jihad

There is a report that a British Islamic charity is funding Boko Haram.

And what does Boko Haram do?

Nigerian Muslim group slaughters 20 young women in their college dorm

Barry Soetoro aka Barrack Hussein Obama refuses to designate Boko Haram a terror organization. Boko Haram means “books bad,” or “Western education is forbidden”.  (Pamela Geller)


Nigeria: Muslim leader misunderstands Islam, calls for global violent jihad

Doesn’t he know that jihad is just paying your taxes and getting up early to get the kids to school?

“Nigeria Boko Haram leader urges global jihad in video,” by Tim Cocks for Reuters, November 30 via JW.

And another milestone:

20,008: gruesome milestone #savages

We have passed the 20,000 mark — a gruesome milestone in the global jihad. There have been 20,008 deadly Islamic attacks since 911  as jihadists wage war daily across the world. Mind you, that’s just the number of attacks — the dead and injured are in the hundreds of thousands.

Israel alone…..

The West votes to reward decades of Palestinian rejectionism and violence:

Oslo “peace process” officially dead: U.S. Senators Urge Closure of D.C. PLO Office, Termination of Aid

There can be no peace process when the only objective of the enemy is your annihilation.

It’s been dead since the second intifada after Yaser Arafat, the godfather of modern terror, refused the offer of a “Palestinian” state, but now it is officially dead. The big lie is over.  (Pamela Geller)

The Pal-Arab narrative is a fiction. It is deliberately crafted to mirror that of the Jewish people, beginning with the biggest lie of all — that the catastrophe of the creation of the state of Israel is equivalent to the Holocaust.

No wonder the outcome was met by the loud applause of a room full of the representatives of dictators and thugs…..

White House: No Plans to Withdraw Palestinian Aid After U.N. Vote

Of course not. That would be too cruel to Obama’s people.

The Obama regime could have stopped the vote from ever happening by applying pressure in the right spots; particularly by letting Hamas and Fatah (Gaza and West Bank) know that ALL funding would cease. It was done by Bush Sr. 20 years ago, and COULD have been done by Imam Obama.

The fact that the vote even took place is proof that Barry supports this.

There are no plans to withdraw aid to the Palestinian Authority following the United Nations vote to recognize Palestine as an independent state, a White House spokesman said Friday. A bipartisan group of senators had threatened to cut off millions in U.S. financial aid to the Palestinians if the vote succeeded.–Read More »

Pally  top dog Abbas: Israeli “threats” won’t deter us

Like UPI, Mahmoud Abbas is in full projection mode, accusing the foes of jihadis of what the jihadis themselves do. “Abbas: Israeli ‘Threats’ Won’t Deter Us,” by David Lev for Israel National News, November 29 (thanks to Voice of the Copts) JW

“Legitimate” BS:

It should not be overlooked that the foundation for this vote was laid by the Israelis many years ago. The Oslo Accords, whatever the technical language, was obviously designed to create a Palestinian state. That agreement was an explicit admission by the Jewish state that the Jewish people are not the exclusive sovereigns in the land of Israel….. Read the whole thing.

“Canada will not let the Jews or Israel stand alone”

The U.S. should be saying this. But this is, of course, the age of Obama.

“‘Canada will not let the Jews or Israel stand alone,'” by Herb Keinon in the Jerusalem Post, November 30:

Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird, who delivered a supportive speech of Israel at the UN before its vote Thursday on the Palestinian statehood, said Friday “the bottom line is we will not let the Jewish people and the State of Israel stand alone when the going gets tough.”

Revolting UN babble about ” land for peace” – “Road Map” (to destruction)  “Arab Peace initiative”– “human rights” (Muslim rights) and “shared values” –which we don’t share:

“Continued settlement activity in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, is contrary to international law” and “must cease,” UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moonbat said in a statement yesterday,

News organizations should be Mustard propaganda organs:

 The job of news organizations, contrary to ever-growing popular belief, is not to make Muslims and Islam look good, but to report on news events. When Muslims riot and kill in the name of Islam, that is news. When Muslims sit at home drinking tea, it is not news, any more than it is when Jews or Christians or Hindus or Buddhists do so.

Hamas-linked CAIR, UPI whine about fictional “anti-Muslim” media bias

This UPI story is one of the most outstanding examples ever published of mainstream media denial and obfuscation of the nature and magnitude of the global jihad, and its eagerness to carry water for Islamic supremacists. “Study: News stories aid anti-Muslim groups,” from United Press International, November 28:

Fibbi Hooper, CAIR mobster:

 “Anti Islamic groups  amassed tens of millions of dollars and have considerable political influence”– (wish it were so)

Vienna: Catholic clergy invites Koranimals for “interfaith” prayer after Muslim youth tried to burn cathedral….

Vienna, Newtown:

After Muslim arsonist tried to burn down cathedral,  delusional, dhimmified church-rats invite Mustard clergy for “interfaith” prayer.

The Catholic Cathedral in Wiener Neustadt held an Islamic prayer – an impudence by the official church to allow such a thing. But it gets worse. The reason for this was a fire laid in early March in the Cathedral by a Muslim youth, costing one million euros to repair. To celebrate peace, joy and kumbaya, an “interfaith service” with Catholics, Muslims, Serbian Orthodox and Apostolic Church was celebrated.

But there were also protests.

For this craven act of dhimmitude,  there is criticism by Catholics who express their displeasure on the Internet directly to the responsible clergy.  Even at the political level this ‘interfaith’ service is met with stern bafflement. The Freedom Party councilor country Udo Bauer speaks of the “utter self-flagellation of the Catholic Church.”

“The tragedy for me is the fact that now the church dignitaries have raised the pain threshold of political correctness. This is unbearable,” said the FPO district party chairman.

More from!  (thanks to PI)

The Muslim youth (arsonist) got 20 months on probation for the million euros damage.


Which of the following three headlines is most difficult for the media—including the usual array of liberal pundits, apologists, academics, and politicians—to whitewash or rationalize away? …  (Mullah)

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Israel vs Islamic Savages

Yes, they are savages, and they know it.

And no, they’re not interested in a state, they want to destroy Israel, that’s all.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad savage promises “new, more savage round” of jihad against Israel

Yes, he used the word “savage.” Will he be roundly denounced as a racist Islamophobe? Will Mona Eltahawy spray-paint the offices of Palestinian Islamic Jihad?

“Palestinian Islamic Jihad Leader Promises ‘Savage Round’ of Fighting,” by John Rossomando for IPT News, November 29 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

A leader of the third-largest Palestinian faction told the Egyptian newspaper El-Balad Thursday that the truce with Israel will be brief and that Palestinians are braced for a “more savage and bloody round” of fighting with Israel.”We are preparing for a new, more savage round,” Dr. Mohammed Al-Hindi, a leading Palestinian Islamic Jihad figure told the newspaper. “We are in a short truce (hudna), the Israeli enemy is preparing for further rounds of war in Gaza.”…

 “Germany shares the goal of a Palestinian state”,   (sides with savages against Israel…..)

Israel is being hanged on a public gallows erected on the grounds of the United Nations with yards of rope gleefully supplied by the Muslim world. But the hangmen are mostly Westerners who still think that the Muslim lynch mob at their doorstep can be pacified with the death of a single victim.— The Noose Around Israel’s Neck

Hamas-linked CAIR, UPI whine about fictional “anti-Muslim” media bias

This UPI story is one of the most outstanding examples ever published of mainstream media denial and obfuscation of the nature and magnitude of the global jihad, and its eagerness to carry water for Islamic supremacists. “Study: News stories aid anti-Muslim groups,” from United Press International, November 28/JW

Vatican, you too?

  • Vatican statement welcoming UN vote making Palestine an Observer State

France makes sure it remains as perfidious as its historical record:

Norway’s Labour Party Divests Itself of Radical Mohammedan Savage Khalid Haji Ahmed

Israel Responds to UN Recognition of Palestinian State  (GWP)

Here is the statement by Prime Minister Netanyahu on United Nations General Assmebly vote.

Here is the speech by Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Ron Poser, to the General Assmebly today.


Under international law, no Palestinian state exists.

This is a fact. While the UN has its own rules concerning membership, it lacks the authority to create a sovereign state on the ground. A General Assembly vote labeling Palestine as a state would be yet another instance of the UN’s repeated attempts to redefine legal terms for political reasons.

Dawah Disguised as “Dialogue”

Robert Spencer and Michael Coren on the Saudis’ dawah disguised as “dialogue”

True Islam looks more like this:

Islamic Authority Yusuf Qaradawi Warns Muslims ‘Obey the Prophet, Even if He Tells You to Kill’

It is time for all of us to make the effort to learn the truth about the serious dispute between Islam and the world’s other religions instead of pretending everything is fine and no conflict exists. To ignore the truth is to invite disaster.  (More below the fold)

Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller on the escalating Leftist/Islamic war against free speech

Wednesday night on my weekly ABN program I discussed the latest developments in the war on free speech. Pamela Geller joined me after the first half hour.

The world’s most popular Muslim preacher, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, asks Allah to destroy the Jews

Elder of Ziyon has the story and the translation.

Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi is the most popular Islamic preacher in the world. And he has done this before. He said on al-Jazeera: “Throughout history, Allah has imposed upon the [Jews] people who would punish them for their corruption. The last punishment was carried out by Hitler. By means of all the things he did to them – even though they exaggerated this issue – he managed to put them in their place. This was divine punishment for them. Allah willing, the next time will be at the hand of the believers….”

Qaradawi continued: “I’d like to say that the only thing I hope for is that as my life approaches its end, Allah will give me an opportunity to go to the land of Jihad and resistance, even if in a wheelchair. I will shoot Allah’s enemies, the Jews, and they will throw a bomb at me, and thus, I will seal my life with martyrdom.”


Thailand fed up with OIC demands

Koranimals have been waging jihad in the south for the last 30 years, killing 5000 people, burning schools,  bombing Buddhist temples and making live hell for everyone.  You never hear or see the press cover the relentless war being waged by Muslims in Thailand. The enemedia’s silence on the jihad in Thailand is criminal.

OIC Secretary-General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu is playing the same old dirty tricks. He is demanding nothing short of submission and full autonomy for “the deep south”–  in other words, he wants a nasty little  jihad statelet cleansed of Buddhists and  financed by the jiziya.

“If the OIC wants to continue cooperating with Thailand, it should realise the fact that Thailand has made a lot of progress in the South. Otherwise we might not cooperate with it in the future”– said Mr Jullapong.

Government bristles at OIC resolution

Thailand is upset with the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation’s (OIC) resolution that the kingdom has made little progress in addressing unrest in the deep South.

A villager in Pattani’s Panare district looks at the charred remains of a building at Bang Maruat School yesterday that was burned down by suspected insurgents. ABDULLOH BENJAKAT

The country’s position was stated publicly yesterday by Vice Foreign Minister Jullapong Nonsrichai, who attended the OIC foreign ministers’ meeting in Djibouti on Nov 15-17 as an observer.

He said Thailand felt disappointed with the OIC secretary office’s use of the word “meagre” to describe the lack of progress in the Thai government’s efforts to resolve the southern conflict.

Foreign Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul will send a letter to OIC Secretary-General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu to reaffirm the country’s intentions to cooperate with the OIC in seeking a lasting peace in the southern provinces.

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Dutch Parliament Revokes Blasphemy Law

Great. Now they need to get rid of these so-called ‘hate-speech’ laws that were used to drag Geert Wilders through the courts.

Free speech victory: Dutch parliament revokes blasphemy law

While other Western nations flirt with introducing blasphemy laws under the guise of “hate speech” codes, the Netherlands, of all places, affirms free speech. “Dutch Parliament Revokes Blasphemy Law,” by Frud Bezhan for RFE/RL, November 29/JW:

Insulting God will no longer be a crime in the Netherlands after the Dutch parliament decided to revoke a decades-old blasphemy law from the statute books.The law, which was drafted in the 1930s, had not been used for half a century, leading legislators to decide there was no longer a need for it.Discussions over whether to formally abolish blasphemy restrictions in the Netherlands began a decade ago as part of a debate about the limits of freedom of expression.

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