Geert Wilders: we don’t have a soccer problem; we have a problem with Moroccans…

Moroccans are Muslims and Islam is the cause for Mohammedan aggression against non Muslims.

Dutch MP Geert Wilders, Chairman of the PVV,  spoke out on the case of the murdered linesman Richard Nieuwenhuizen. Wilders harshly criticised  that the public  is being (wrongly)  told about a “football problem”,  while the real problem, namely the Moroccan problem, is ignored. The problems with Moroccans are experienced not only in football, but every day on the streets, in schools, in stores, etc., according to Wilders. The PVV will apply for a parliamentary debate on Thursday. Apart from that it was announced that the city of Amsterdam plans to build so-called “scum-villages” for troublemakers and perpetrators of violence which will be operational from January.

In German from PI:

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Muselmanic “Image Repair” Downunder: Dawa Breakfast TV (new improved formula with “respeck”)

THE Muslim activists  propagandists behind the controversial insulting  billboards proclaiming Jesus was a “prophet of Islam” have launched a TV campaign to show the world their religion is about “peace and respect”.

The Herald Sun sells this under “Supporting Islam and Australia”, which is patently absurd. You either support Islam or Australia. (H/T Mullah)


Called “I’m Muslim and proud”, the $30,000 commercials – airing on Foxtel and SBS – aim to repair the religion’s image in Australia.

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Soccer Jihad: linesman killed “by the ills that afflict society”

“The ills that afflict society”– jellyfish speak for explaining away and rendering murky what really happened.

When a line referee at a Dutch soccer match made an unpopular decision, a group of 15- and 16-year-old culturally enriched “youths” — members of one of the teams — attacked him and kicked him to death. Three suspects have been arrested, and police say there may be more. (GoV)

Dutch linesman killed: amateur matches cancelled as three “youths” charged

Every amateur football match in Holland will be cancelled this weekend and professional players will all wear black armbands as a mark of respect for the volunteer linesman who died following a vicious assault was murdered by 3 muselmanic headbangers.  (thanks to BCF)

Tragic: Richard Nieuwenhuizen died after being punched and kicked during a youth game


The Dutch confront the racial divide too few dared speak of  (Andrew Bolt)

(I totally object to call the Mohammedan problem a “racial divide”. The divide is caused by the ideology of Islam, not by the colour of their skin. “Ethnic strive” is equally wrong.)

The Dutch film director Theo van Gogh was murdered by a Muslim for making a film mocking Islam. Of the many troubling signs since of ethnic strife, this – if reports are correct – may have the most profound and possibly dangerous effect:

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Morsi is back in the palace….

Egypt’s Morsi back at palace after night of protests

President Morsi is back at the presidential palace on Wednesday morning after protesters forced him to leave on Tuesday evening; scores of protesters are still blocking one entrance

The crowds issued a”last warning” to Morsi.

“The people want the downfall of the regime,” they chanted, roaring the signature slogan of last year’s uprising that toppled President Hosni Mubarak.

But the “last warning” may turn out to be one of the last gasps for a disparate opposition which has little chance of stopping next week’s vote on a constitution drafted over six months and swiftly approved by an Islamist-dominated assembly.

Facing the gravest crisis of his six-month-old tenure, the Islamist president has shown no sign of buckling under pressure, confident that the Muslim Brotherhood and its Islamist allies can win the referendum and a parliamentary poll to follow.

President MORSI fled his CAIRO palace during VIOLENT PROTESTS demanding BACKING DOWN

* Thanks to RTGlobalReport/ Mullah

Al Jizz presents a Bosnian sob story with a cherry on top

Theatre of the absurd:
 Al Jizz presents a sob story that is so absurd it makes you cringe. Informed WoJ readers know that Slick Willie bombed the Christian Serbs out of their ancestral homeland, something the complicit enemedia obfuscates and whitewashes by blaming the Serbs for the jihad against them.  The reality on the ground is that Bosnia, Kosovo and Herzegovina are now in muselmanic hands,  thanks to the Klintoons and a bunch of misguided EUro dhimmies. That there should be a mustard widow claiming “her land was occupied” and ‘Christians cut (Muslim) throats’  is not just projection; it also adds insult to injury.
In light of the following, her claim is laughable:

Butcher shop goes up in smoke after numerous threats to stop selling pork….

From one of our readers:

Nothing to do with Islam, because the  complicit lame stream media doesn’t want you to get ‘Islamophobic’ ideas:

Butcher shop fire bombed in Fulham Gardens South Australia this morning after numerous threats and attacks to stop selling pork.

The local super market no longer carries pork or bacon after attacks on the products and the store and staff , but we cant say this can we? So the media says its a mysterious fire and leave s it at that .. nice eh DHIMMI WITS !

Shopping centre fire

Police are at the scene of a fire in the Fulham Gardens Shopping Centre, at Fulham Gardens (north eastern block of shops).

The fire started in the roof of the group of shops and extensive damage has been caused.

Traffic is blocked on Valetta Road, between Tapleys Hill Road and Merlin Road (behind the shops) and police are assisting with traffic control.

MFS Fire Cause Investigators are heading to the scene.

Thankfully, nobody has been injured.

With friends like these….

The Germans abstained from voting on Palestinian “non-member observer” status. So did Britain. The message to Israel was clear: “Call us anytime when you need help. With a little bit of luck we won’t be home.”

The Jewish House

UN Chief Ban Ki-moonbat has declared Israeli houses to be an “almost fatal blow” to the peace process. It is, of course, only an “almost fatal blow” because the peace process, like Dracula, cannot be killed.

The Palestinians Arabs won’t settle for anything less than all Israelis dead, or shipped off to somewhere far away. The Israelis, unreasonable as they may seem in the salons of the West, are determined not to settle for anything less than survival.

Want a solution? Here’s a solution….

The fashionable opinion in the salons of the West is that the dispute is all about land, territories and borders, considerations that could be negotiated by civilized men of good will. If the Israelis give a little, the Palestinians give a little, then all can be reconciled: “If your friends like my friends, and my friends like your friends, then we’ll all be friends together, and won’t that be fine?”

But the dispute is not about land. It’s about Israeli survival. The Palestinians and their radical Islamic allies insist they have one goal in mind, the destruction of the lonely outpost of civilization in a region of mindless violence, where trying to keep your head has a very specific meaning.

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