Syrian rebels: Christians can only live in post-Assad Syria if they pay the jizya


Syria: Rebels confiscating Christian properties, desecrating Christian symbols

But don’t be concerned. They’re not Islamic supremacists. They’re secular freedom fighters. All the learned analysts say so. “ASIA/SYRIA – Appeal of the Assyrian Christians in the Syrian opposition: ‘Stop Salafi groups,” from Agenzia Fides, December 7 (thanks to The Religion of Peace)

Syrian rebels: Christians can only live in post-Assad Syria if they pay the jizya

When asked why, the answer was, to them, quite simple – because the Prophet Mohammed said so. I was then invited to become a Muslim….

with a nice video from Vlad Tepes:

“Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” — Qur’an 9:29

Muslim spokesmen in the West routinely claim that this verse has no applicability in the modern world. They’re lying.

“Syria: Rebel Prisoners On Their Religious War,” by Tim Marshall for Sky News, December 8 (thanks to JW):


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From the Barbary wars till now: how Muslims win by claiming victimhood

How To Disarm Good People: here you can learn how its done. Works like a charm, for our enemies.

“We are oppressed, persecuted people. We’re a minority. We’re under siege. We are wrongly accused. We’re victims of bigotry, hatred, and Islamophobia….”

When  perps claim victimhood:

IN THE BOOK, The Sociopath Next Door, Martha Stout says something really interesting. Her book is about normal, everyday sociopaths (also known by the somewhat outdated term, “psychopath”). In other words, the book is not about serial killers, but about the neighbor who drives you crazy, the spouse who seems dedicated to making your life miserable, the cruel, unfeeling boss, etc.

A sociopath is someone who feels no empathy for other human beings. The consequences of this lack are enormous. These people are, in many ways, not recognizably human. And there is no cure for sociopathy. It is not caused by upbringing. Therapy only makes them worse.

About two percent of the population is sociopathic, and those who are in a relationship with a sociopath need to understand what makes sociopaths tick. The more you know, the less likely you are to be fooled, used, or destroyed by a sociopath.

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Egypt: the ‘Freedom & Justice’ Party has a ‘Supreme Guide’

And from here on its just a small step before they establish the Ministry of Truth.

The ‘Freedom & Justice’ party is of course the Muslim Brotherhood. Freedom for them means being free to force Islamic law on everyone;  and ‘justice’ means the implementation of sharia, including the hudud penalties.

Scaramouche explains: A Title That Tells You Pretty Much All You Need to Know About Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood


Londonistan: Kumbaya Jews Run From Reality

Establishment Jews who have been sucking on “interfaith’ samosas and chicken curry can’t cope with reality:

Walk-outs over ‘Islamophobia’ at antisemitism symposium

The Jewish Chronicle reports:

A seminar meant to highlight problems in dealing with antisemitism ran into trouble when audience members walked out — alleging Islamophobia on the part of some speakers.

“Notorious Islamophobes”

At the forefront were leaders of the Community Security Trust, who challenged remarks made by the Egyptian writer Bat Ye’or, and Dr Manfred Gerstenfeld, a founding member of the Journal for the Study of Antisemitism, which sponsored the seminar, held at London’s Wiener Library.

Bat Ye’or told the audience: “The source of antisemitism is the organisation of the Islamic corporation.”

But when Dave Rich, the CST’s deputy communications director, expressed concern that such a comment could be construed as Islamophobic, she responded: “Islam is denying the root of Judaism and Christianity with a profound belief in Jihad.”

David Hirsh, editor of anti-racist website Engage, left the room during Dr Gerstenfeld’s lecture.

He explained: “I was appalled by Gerstenfeld’s characterisation of Muslim culture as inferior. Nearly all the speakers on the day, including me, stressed that antisemitism must be understood and opposed within an anti-racist framework.

“I am as appalled by the Islamophobia which creeps into some opposition to antisemitism as I am by the way antisemitism also creeps into ostensibly anti-racist spaces.”

But Dr Gerstenfeld said later: “I am touching upon the taboos that have to be broken, because a totally false narrative has been created in Europe.”

“The idea that all cultures are the same is absurd. If there is no hierarchy in culture, then Nazi culture is equivalent to democratic Western culture. There are Islamic groups which are equivalent in their language and ideology to Nazis. And I have no problem in saying that, because it is true.”

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Sunday Diversity

Every Day Paki Koran Riots

Works like a charm. Every time. No proof needed, a claim is enough to bring out  the legendary fanatical frenzy:

 Muslim mob attacked a Christian school over rumours of Koran desecration.

 Today’s Muselmanic Sob Story

Ethnic minority women Mustard females are removing their hijabs and making their names sound more “English” in an attempt to beat discrimination and find a job, a report has suggested.

 Hellfire Breakfast for al Qaeda  Beard

Sheikh Khalid Bin Abdul Rehman Al-Hussainan, aka Abu-Zaid al Kuwaiti, was reportedly killed in a drone strike while eating breakfast in Pakistan.

Acceptable Racism

Anthropologist Dr Frank Salter notes the acceptable face of racism – vilifying Anglos.

Don’t ever criticise  anything Aboriginal (whatever) its racist.

Twenty years on, ever greater numbers of Aborigines find their place in modern Australia is a jail cell. The boy whose photo became a symbol of the promise of an era of reconciliation that was then barely a year old, is one of them.  It’s not about the non-Aboriginal “us”, in the end

Summers finds a member of the “stolen generations” (just in case you’re looking for one)

Yes, Gillard is much Worse than KRudd:  with the clownish pratfalls comes the menace.  Tidemann illustrates the paradox wonderfully.

The ABC is hiring:

The ABC is an equal opportunity employer.

No, it isn’t. Climate sceptics need not apply.  Tim Blair: BECOME A JUNIOR JONATHAN

Hard on the heels of Malaysia, Indonesia pushes FGM

Just a few days ago we reported that Malaysia’s national fartwa council made FGM “obligatory”.

What may be news to you is that  90 per cent of the Malay Muslim population already practice it.

Extract from the article:  “the Ministry of Health is actually depending on a fatwa, a religious opinion that was actually issued by the national fatwa council, in which they made it obligatory, or ‘wajib’, for all Muslim women to be circumcised.    It seems that the Ministry of Health is now (instituting) that fatwa.”

This is typical for how Islam operates. They lie in your face that Islam is not what it is, until no one questions it anymore.

As usual, ABC thinks its necessary  to tell us that FGM has got nothing to do with Islam;  its not required by religion, its “cultural”, it has no medical benefits and so on…

Now this:

Devout Muslims In Indonesia Push for Female Genital Mutilation

Pamela Geller:

We’re constantly admonished that female genital mutilation is a “cultural” practice that has nothing to do with Islam. It’s just another lie. Even the story below, while telling us that the practice is widespread, tells us that it “is not a rule set in a rigid manner by the precepts of Islam,” and that it is only widespread because of the actions of “the more extreme and integral fringe.” The fringe made it widespread? This is just more whitewashing of Islam’s human rights abuses. The practice is fundamentally Islamic:

“Circumcision is obligatory (O: for both men and women. For men it consists of removing the prepuce from the penis, and for women, removing the prepuce (Ar. Bazr) of the clitoris.” Sacred Islamic  Reliance: page 59, Umdat al-Salik  (“Reliance of the Traveler”), a manual of Islamic jurisprudence certified as “reliable” by Egypt’s very own Al-Azhar University

Obama say, “Respect it!”

“Java, radical Islam in favor of female genital mutilation” by Mathias Hariyadi Asia News December 7 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – In rural areas and more remote areas of Indonesia, particularly the island of Java, female circumcision is still a widespread traditional practice.

That’s gibberish. FGM spreads because of Islam, not because of culture or tradition. There is no indication that it is going out of style. On the contrary, FGM is becoming more widespread because of Islam. To describe it as a “still widespread traditional practice” is not only misleading, it is  obscuring reality with wishful thinking. Very much like the ‘moderate’ Islam, which is a western invention entirely, in the hope there is an Islam that allows us to coexist.

Although it is not a rule set in a rigid manner by the precepts of Islam, it resists in the most populous Muslim country in the world thanks to the favorable opinion of a large part of society, due to the more extreme and integral fringe. Over the years, activists and politicians have launched campaigns and appeals in an attempt to eradicate the popular custom, which puts the physical health of girls at risk. However, efforts to stem the “tetesan” – as it is called in the country – have so far been a vain war fought on “two different fronts”, at a governmental level and on a purely religious level.
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Really, really wishing Aisha was older….

How old was Aiisha again?

Many Muslims are embarrassed by the well documented fact that their profit married a six-year old child and consummated the ‘marriage’ when she was nine.

Because of this embarrassing deterrent to the dawa, (the call to Islam)  Islamic spokesturds  keep popping up, claiming Aisha, the meshugga prophet’s child bride, was older. You would have to apply dog years in order to sink to their level.  Here’s yet another “scholar”  who claims the  Prophet’s wife Aisha was 19-years-old when married, not 9, 

If you are familiar with the texts you’ll have no problem seeing through the taqiyya.

Here’s an older entry from JW that makes it clear beyond any doubt:

Many Islamic apologists claim – in the teeth of this evidence – that Aisha was actually older. Karen Armstrong asserts that “Tabari says that she was so young that she stayed in her parents’ home and the marriage was consummated there later when she had reached puberty.” Unfortunately, her readers are unlikely to have volumes of Tabari on hand to check her assertion; contrary to Armstrong’s account, the Muslim historian quotes Aisha thusly: “The Messenger of God married me when I was seven; my marriage was consummated when I was nine.” (p. 170)

“From the river to the sea, Palistan will never be….”

AP calls Hamas call for genocide “challenge to Israel”

Mashaal’s visit would have been unthinkable just a few weeks ago. He would have been an easy target for Israel.

Hamas top dog: “Palestine is ours from the river to the sea and from the south to the north. There will be no concession on an inch of the land.”

This open call for the complete eradication of Israel, and implicit endorsement of the genocide of the Jews that would certainly follow that, will not be condemned anywhere. The self-righteous and increasingly anti-Semitic Left will ignore it and continue to pretend that the jihadis of Hamas have the moral high ground. “Hamas leader vows never to recognize Israel,” from Reuters, December 8 (thanks to Pamela Geller)

Mashaal: First Gaza, then Ramallah, then Jerusalem

GAZA (Reuters) – Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal, making his first ever visit to the Gaza Strip, vowed on Saturday never to recognize Israel and said his Islamist group would never abandon its claim to all Israeli territory.

Hamas leader vows never to recognize Israel Reuters

Carefully watching over you, big sis and the Obama regime are making sure you are safe from rubber ducks. Go ahead, call it rubberduckyphobia already!

Paki ‘security forces’ are now telling us that “Taliban militants have established a world record of savagery”. Savagery! Imagine that. Oh, the “Islamophobia”! Mona, grab your spray paint! “Taliban Face Sick Police,” by Ashfaq Yusufzai for IPS, December 7.

In Nigeria, Muslims choose murder victims based on ability to recite Qur’an. If they couldn’t, they were killed. Looks like these people are taking their Islam seriously.

Human Rights Watch wanker says calls for Jewish genocide no problem

Like, the Jews haven’t been genocided yet, so why would they complain?

Here at WoJ we are collecting evidence that all ‘Human Rights’ organisations are underwandered by Islamo-Marxist agit-props who are entirely in the camp of the enemy.


 “George Soros, who now provides HRW with most of its budget after many donors withdrew support, shares responsibility for enabling such immoral behavior under the facade of human rights.”

“Leave, leave”

In Egypt, Tens of thousands protest Muslim Brotherhood rule, break through barbed wire barricades around presidential palace, but again, Morsi’s supporters are out in force and determined to make the sharia the law of the land.  Morsi supporters: “Now is the time to fight for Islam”. Here again we see that what the government and mainstream media are intent on ignoring and downplaying as a factor in the political turmoil of Egypt and elsewhere is identified by the group creating that turmoil as being what it is all about: Islam.

And yes, the radicals are getting results:

Muslim Brotherhood beating, torturing opponents

“The Muslim Brotherhood will have a significant role to play in post-Mubarak Egypt. And that is good thing.” — Reza Aslan

“Al-Masry Al-Youm Reports From Brotherhood Torture Chambers,” by Mohamad Jarehi in Al-Monitor, December 6

Absolute rule is not enough, Morsi wants it all and more:

Sharia police state coming to Egypt: Morsi to pass law granting military power of arrest

A law clearly designed to make it easier to dispose of the tens of thousands of anti-Sharia protesters. “Morsy to pass law granting military power of arrest,” by Liliana Mihaila for Daily News Egypt, December 8