Avigdor Lieberman: ‘just like 1930′

Israel FM Says EU’s Jewish Policy ‘Like 1930s’

Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman criticised Europe on Tuesday, saying its treatment of the Jewish state was comparable to policies during the Holocaust.

Lieberman said Europe had turned a blind eye to a speech by Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal this week, in which he said the Palestinians would not “cede an inch” of historic Palestine, which includes much of modern Israel.

“Once again, Europe has ignored calls for Israel’s destruction,” Lieberman told Israeli public radio.


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Muslim crowd of 2,000 turns violent waiting to apply for subsidized apartments

COLUMBUS, OHIO: Muslim crowd of 2,000 turns violent waiting to apply for subsidized apartments

The French seem to have quite a bit of experience with this form of cultural enrichment:

The  video above was uploaded to YouTube in July 2010. It shows graphically the attempt by French police to remove African female squatters with children from the Courneuve housing project. Some say the police were brutal with these homeless women, others insist they did their job and accuse the women of using their children as shields. At any rate, one gets an idea of how impossible certain situations are and how the only solution is to close the borders immediately. To do this requires first a withdrawal from or a conflict with the EU.  (Thanks to Gallia Watch)

French Government Wants to Prosecute Marine Le Pen for Remarks on Muslims

Mustards & Marxists trying to kill the competition, how original:

French Government Wants to Prosecute Marine Le Pen for Remarks on Muslims

That the ruling cabal of commies and Muslim parasites call the shots in France is bad enough; but that they have the audacity to call for an elected politician who got 18 % of the vote is astounding.

French authorities have asked the European Parliament to lift the immunity of far-right leader Marine Le Pen so she can be prosecuted for comparing Islamic prayers to theNazi occupation, officials said Monday.

Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

The Ministry of Justice has sent a request to the European parliament for Marine Le Pen’s parliamentary immunity to be lifted, it was learned on Tuesday from sources within the ministry. This request is linked to Marine Le Pen’s remarks on 10 December 2010, drawing a parallel between the [Muslim] street prayers and the [Nazi] occupation, a source with knowledge of the case specified to the AFP. “I confirm that the Minister of Justice sent a request on 26 November to the president of the European parliament, Martin Schultz, for Marine Le Pen’s parliamentary immunity to be lifted,” indicated Pierre Rancé, ministry spokesman.–Source: Le Figaro


France: Muslim groups sue magazine over Muhammad cartoons

Not everyone was offended
The freedom of speech once again under fire from Islamic supremacists. If they win this suit, then Islam would be above criticism in France, and Muslims a protected class who must be sheltered from speech they dislike. A victory for these two Muslim groups, in short, would amount to the establishment of the hegemony of Islam in France. If Muslims or any group is able to sue for damages over things that offend them, and collect, then that group has the power to control the public discourse, and has a license to establish tyrannical rule, for it would be forbidden to challenge them.“French Muslim groups sue magazine over cartoons,” from France 24, December 7:

Two Muslim groups are suing the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo after it published inflammatory cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

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Did Australia’s Labor Clowns Issue a Visa to Genocidal Saudi Hate Preacher al-Sudais?

Obviously, the shriekers from the ‘Today’s’ show will have no problem with this guy in their all inclusive multiculti-befuddlement. For them its Geert Wilders, who is “divisive” and has “a message of hate”.

“Australian Islamic Peace Conference” invites Saudi cleric who called for violent jihad and annihilation of Jews

Abdul Rahman al-Sudais regularly calls for annihilation of the Jews, whom he called the ”scum of humanity”, ”rats of the world”, ”prophet killers” and ”pigs and monkeys”.

Fiery imam invited to speak here (Barney Zwartz) via Mullah

IT’S billed as the ”largest, the biggest and the best-ever Islamic event in the history of Australia” – a three-day festival for an expected 20,000 Muslims – and it will be held in Melbourne in March.

Abdul Rahman al-Sudais.

 Here is one of al-Sudais’s sermons, from MEMRI

But the chief attraction is a Saudi imam who has called for violent jihad.

The description above comes from the Australian Islamic Peace Conference Facebook page. It is an extraordinary coup for organiser Waseem Razvi to entice Dr Abdul Rahman al-Sudais who, as the man in charge of Islam’s two holiest mosques in Mecca and Medina, could be considered the world’s foremost imam.

He will be one of many international speakers at the conference – endorsed by the Islamic Council of Victoria, Preston Mosque and leading Muslim groups – in the lead-up to which 1000 local volunteers are being trained to carry out ”dawah” or proselytism for Islam.

But Dr Mark Durie, an Anglican priest, believes Dr al-Sudais should be refused a visa because he has called for the annihilation of the Jews, whom he called the ”scum of humanity”, ”rats of the world”, ”prophet killers” and ”pigs and monkeys”.

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Female Genital Mutilation: An Islamic Crime

Female Genital Mutilation: An Islamic Crime

Posted By Jamie Glazov  In Daily Mailer,FrontPage 

Asia News recently reported how the misogynist crime of female genital mutilation (FGM) continues to be a “widespread traditional practice” in “rural areas and more remote areas of Indonesia, particularly the island of Java.” The story makes sure to remind us, naturally, that while this crime is being perpetrated in a Muslim country, the crime “is not a rule set in a rigid manner by the precepts of Islam.” It is only widespread, we are consoled, because of the actions of “the more extreme and integral fringe.”

In her coverage of this news report, freedom fighter Pamela Geller shrewdly asks the key question that somehow mysteriously eludes the minds of every breathing human being in our mainstream media: “The fringe made it widespread?”

Indeed, if only the “extreme and integral fringe” supports this sadistic and vicious crime against women, and if it is “not a rule set in a rigid manner by the precepts of Islam,” then where are all the Muslim imams, muftis and clerics in the world, and in Indonesia in particular, vociferously denouncing and repudiating this crime as un-Islamic and coming to the defense of Muslim women?

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Syria: UK and U.S. aiding and abetting Islamic head choppers

Suicidal madness. “Exclusive: UK military in talks to help Syria rebels,” by Kim Sengupta in the Independent, December 10 (thanks to JW):

A plan to provide military training to the Syrian rebels fighting the Assad regime and support them with air and naval power is being drawn up by an international coalition including Britain, The Independent has learnt.

Syrian jihadist rebels make child behead prisoner

Why not? What could be wrong with having a child carry out a command of Allah? “When you meet the unbelievers, smite their necks…” (Qur’an 47:4)

Video thanks to JW. Warning: it is extremely graphic.

Syria: Muslim lovers of death celebrate “marriage” of three “martyrs” with “virgins of Paradise”

This is a funeral in a mosque in Syria, but as Carl in Jerusalem notes, “this looks a lot more like a party than like a funeral.”

This is because Islamic supremacists avowedly and proudly love death. A Muslim child preacher recently taunted those he has been taught to hate most: “Oh Zionists, we love death for the sake of Allah, just as much as you love life for the sake of Satan.” Jihad mass murderer Mohamed Merah said that he “loved death more than they loved life.” Nigerian jihadist Abubakar Shekau said: “I’m even longing for death, you vagabond.”

Ayman al-Zawahiri’s wife advised Muslim women: “I advise you to raise your children in the cult of jihad and martyrdom and to instil in them a love for religion and death.” And as one jihadist put it, “We love death. You love your life!” And another: “The Americans love Pepsi-Cola, we love death.” That was from Afghan jihadist Maulana Inyadullah

Of course, this idea comes from the Qur’an itself: “Say (O Muhammad): O ye who are Jews! If ye claim that ye are favoured of Allah apart from (all) mankind, then long for death if ye are truthful.” — Qur’an 62:6

Video thanks to Carl in Jerusalem.

The company he keeps and the people he hates….

Obama Meets, Shakes Hands and Shares Laugh with “Kill Those F**king Yankees” Rapper Psy

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State Dept: No Guarantee Benghazi Report Will Be Released Before New Year

You can have my personal guarantees that the Obama regime will not release anything incriminating as long as it holds on to power.

Hating ‘old white folks’- that’s progress….

Doha Fail: Only 37 of 194 Countries Agree To Extend Old Kyoto Treaty

Well, clearly this was a failure.

Only 37 of 194 countries signed on to extend the Old Kyoto Treaty at the Doha Climate Change Conference. And it still remains open to how high their planned reductions will be.
No Trick Zone reported:

The German media report that only a totally lame climate treaty compromise was reached in Doha: Kyoto I will be extended until 2020.

Benghazi Terrorists Were Armed By Obama

As early as March 2011 there were reports that as many as 1,000 Al-Qaeda members had infiltrated the rebel forces in Libya.

But the Obama Administration chose to arm these rebels.
One year later US Ambassador Chris Stevens was murdered by Al-Qaeda rebels in Libya. Eurasia Review reported….


Farraklown: don’t drink whitey’s water!

 “The enemy” is trying “scientifically to kill off black people.”

What’s he going to sell to the lunatics who worship him? Black water?

“I noticed lately there’s been an influx of cheap water that’s circulating the planet and for me there’s some suspicion that if water is imported — and you have to pay to ship it — you have to pay…taxes,” the individual proclaimed. “It’s so cheap for the people to consume, to buy. I’m under some suspicion that there’s something wrong with that cheap water.”

Farrakhan, of course, quickly entertained this notion, taking the opportunity to explain his own conspiracy theories on the matter.

“You may be right, but the one way to make your suspicious concrete is to take the water and have it analyzed by some of your chemists and let them tell you what’s in the water,” he responded. “But that’s what we should do, because we shouldn’t trust the enemy to feed us water, food when he’s killed us in the past.”

Farrakhan wasn’t done there.

“And I have something here that says that they felt in times past it was easier to control a million people than to kill a million people,” Farrakhan continued. “But now it’s infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people. So, they’re working scientifically to kill off black people, brown people as well.

The use of the term “enemy” here is intriguing. In the past, Farrakhan has used this word to seemingly describe white people, the U.S. government and Jews.