There’s a special corner of Hades reserved for Jews who screw Jewry by serving the evil agendas of our enemies. Scaramouche: Useful Jewish Idiots Spew Zionhass on Shia TV

Netherlands shuts down Jewish broadcasting

EUSSR may sanction Israel over Lieberman’s comments that some of its leaders are willing to sacrifice Israel.

“There are a few European leaders who are willing to sacrifice Israel without batting an eyelid,” — and now they set out to prove it. But don’t call them anti-Semitic scum, they really hate you for that:

The EU is considering sanctions such as imposing additional taxes on products manufactured in Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, as well as having Israeli citizens living beyond the Green Line obtain a visa and stamp their passports before being allowed entry into Europe.  –More from TT

Say it ain’t so:

New Report Confirms: Nearly All Terrorism is Islamic

While partisans try to diminish the role radical Islam plays in fueling global terrorism, a new report released by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) finds that “The most prolific religious terrorist groups are almost exclusively Islamic.” And:  “‘True’ Islam only exists when it is the primary source of governance”.

Why should any country sign an agreement if it will just be invalidated a few years later?

Iran is building nuclear weapons, Syria is slaughtering its citizens, Libya is being taken over by al-Qaeda, Egypt is threatened with another Pharaoh, Turkey is working toward rebuilding the Ottoman Empire, and Christians are being massacred in Egypt, Nigeria and Mali (among other countries). But last Thursday, the European Commission summoned the Israeli Ambassador to the European Union (EU) over Israel’s plan to build 3,000 new homes in Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem. The Israeli plans were a response to the United Nations’ decision on 29 November to grant the Palestinian Authority the status of a UN non-member observer state, in direct violation of the UN’s own Resolutions 242, 338, and 1850 — an overruling the UN Charter specifically forbids.

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Thai jihad: Soros Financed ICG Counsels Surrender…..

The Brussels-based International Crisis Group (a Soros outfit) counsels surrender:

The group recommended that Thailand’s government “reverse the militarization of the southernmost provinces, lift the “Draconian security laws”  and end the security forces’ impunity, all of which help stimulate the insurgency.”

The Thai’s tried Origami already. Can’t say that was a success.

Lessons from the Thai Jihad:

Thailand: Muslims murder seven, including 11-month-old girl

Will the Islamophobia never end? “Insurgents kill 7, including 11-month-old girl, in attacks in southern Thailand,” from The Associated Press, December 11 (thanks to JW):

PATTANI, Thailand – A baby girl was among seven people killed Tuesday by suspected Islamist separatists, police said, as a nearly 9-year-old insurgency in southern Thailand that has killed thousands of people shows no signs of letting up.Five people were killed and another four wounded in a drive-by shooting at a tea shop in Narathiwat province’s Ra-ngae district, said local police chief Col. Jiradej Prasawang. The dead included 11-month-old Efahni Samoh, while the wounded included a 10-month-old boy, Muhammad Yaena.

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People should not fear the implementation of the hudud punishments

Really. Except that blasphemers would lose their heads, homosexuals would be murdered in the streets and adulterous women stoned to death. There’s really nothing to worry about:  (MEMRI TV)

Senior Egyptian Judge Ahmad Al-Zind in Favor of Implementing Islamic Punishments

Following are excerpts from an interview with Ahmad Al-Zind, chairman of the Egyptian Judges Club, which aired on Dream 2 TV on November 26, 2012:

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Australia creates ‘taskforce’ to combat genital mutilation

Just wondering: who’s on the ‘task force?’

Federal Health Minister Tanya Plibersek has been appointed to lead a government taskforce aimed at preventing female genital mutilation.

Here’s how she intends to tackle the problem, by ‘outsourcing:’


Is the Federal Government putting any funding towards it?


We will fund community organisations to help those community organisations work with their own communities to make sure that there’s no desire in those communities to practice this on their girls. (Pissing in the wind would be cheaper)

There is no data on how widespread the practice is in Australia, but more than 120,000 migrant women here have suffered genital mutilation.

Ms Plibersek says one case of genital mutilation is one too many.

The practice is a crime in Australia, but Ms Plibersek says the Government’s approach has to go beyond law enforcement.

“We have thousands of women now in Australia who’ve come from countries where this practice is common,” she told 7.30.

“We need to make sure that we’ve got good obstetric and gynaecological care and that we help those women and their families ensure that this practice is never passed on to their daughters.”

The practice is common in Islamic populations in Africa, South America, parts of Asia and the Middle East, but it is also happening in Australia.

That much is true. So why are they here?

, eight people have been charged in New South Wales and further accusations have surfaced in Western Australia.

The procedure can range from a small cut to a girl’s clitoris to the entire removal of the genitals.

In extreme cases the wound is sewn up to leave only one opening – the size of a matchstick – for urination and menstruation.

UK Police Warning: BNP Leaflets More Dangerous Than Muselmanic Grooming Gangs….

Remember: once upon a time it was called ‘great Britain!’

Police warn schools – not about Muslim paedophiles grooming white girls, but about a leaflet protesting it

by Mike Blackburn, Evening Gazette (thanks to Gerald)

Wendy  Dhimmi said it was “despicable” the way the leaflet encouraged the reader “to look at the Muslim community as all paedophiles and groomers”.

Councillor David Coleman, Stockton Council’s cabinet member for access and communities, said: “We abhor any racially motivated campaign.

Which race is Islam again?

How sweet! Turkish ‘Peace Activist’ Invents Brand-new Islam

Stop presses! Brand-new Turkish  Islam discovered!

This is ‘interfaith’ juice and ‘Abrahamic’ holy smoke with a cherry on top!

Since this is printed in the Jewish Press, we will see the kumbaya Jews fall  all over themselves to slurp some of that Kool Aid.

According to Islam, Muslims Should Not Be at War With Jews  (thanks to Mullah)

Sinem Tezyapar says, “Let us adopt a language of peace, a language of love. This is easy! And there is no other way.”
No other way? Perhaps Sinem Tezyapar has never heard of Hamas, Islamic jihad or the MuBro’s, who are following a completely different path. In their world, a female is only worth half of a man, a mere ’tilt’.  For some reason Sinem doesn’t seem to be all that familiar with the teachings of her prophet, who  said ‘women are deficient in intelligence’  (Bukhari (6:301))  Lets hope the Jews don’t take her all that seriously, it could have fatal consequences.
But either way, lets give our Turkish ‘peace activist’ a go!
Turkish political and religious commentator Sinem Tezyapar.
As a Muslim, I have to clarify regarding some false ideas that have been taken for granted as “Islamic.” What goes between Israel and Palestine is an artificial conflict and, what’s more, it is against Islam from several points:

Relations with Jews: Muslims are not at war with Jews. According to the Qur’an, Jews have a special status as “People of the Book” and Muslims can establish good relations with them through marriage and the sharing of food. Kosher food is also lawful for Muslims to eat and permission has been given for Muslim men to marry Jewish women. So from an Islamic perspective, this shows that there can be no obstacle to living together and in harmony, and this is clear evidence that enable the formation of warm human relationships and tranquil togetherness between Jews and Muslims.

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Greenfield: What the War on Terror Will Look Like in 2030

Islamic terrorism, and other forms of Islamic aggression, will never be gone until Islam itself is gone. How to accomplish that? Read up on how the Spaniards dealt with the Aztec’s. The conquistadores did not tell the Aztecs they “respected” their religion. On the contrary, they told the natives their faith was false and evil.  The conquistadores behaved toward it in the most disrespectful way imaginable: they cast down the idols, demolished the temples, burned the scriptures, and executed the priests.

In less than one generation, the Aztec religion was history and this despite the fact that the old Mexicans had been as fanatical about their blood cult as Muslims are about theirs. They went so far as to kill thousands upon thousands of innocents in order to satisfy their blood-thirsty deity. (Come to think of it, that applies equally to Muslims.)

What the War on Terror Will Look Like in 2030

Islamic terrorism can be over by September 12, 2030 if we decide to fight it the way that most of us thought we would on September 12, 2001. We can give our children and grandchildren the gift of a world without Islamic Terrorism. Or we can give them another 18 years of Islamic terror.

Posted By Daniel Greenfield  In Daily Mailer,FrontPage

In time for Christmas, the National Intelligence Council is predicting that Islamic terrorism will come to an end by 2030. And that seems reasonable. What room will there be for headchopping barbarians in the enlightened world of tomorrow where food comes in pill form, flying cars take you around the country in a minute and everyone follows international law? By 2034, the last murder will have taken place and by 2042, a scientific cure will be found for crime. By 2051, even bad thoughts will have been eliminated.

In the real world, by 2030, there will be countless emirates, many no more than small terrorist groups, but some of which control sizable territories. Mali shows us how a dedicated Islamist militia backed by oil money can create its own Afghanistan. And once it has its emirate, then like any good bunch of robber barons, the Islamist militia will take a cut of the drug trade, kidnap foreigners for ransom and shake down the international community for foreign aid.

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“This anti-discrimination stuff is dangerous. To stay safe, you really have to shut your mouth,”


Sue Gillard to show how mad her law is

HAVE you ever called the Prime Minister ‘Juliar’? Or called a mate a dopey bastard? New laws could put a stop to name calling.

  • The Government proposes changes to anti-discrimination laws
  • Experts warn that making it unlawful to “offend” people is going too far
  • Terms such as ‘Juliar’ and misogynist could be covered

Civil Liberties Australia (CLA) warn the PM herself could be in trouble for calling Opposition Leader Tony Abbott a misogynist if proposed amendments to anti-discrimination laws take effect – although Julia Gillard has the protection of Parliamentary privilege.

What about cricket sledging, or paying out on a mate?

CLA chief executive officer Bill Rowlings has lashed out at the proposed amendments to anti-discrimination laws which make it unlawful to “offend” people.

His attack follows ABC chairman Jim Spigelman’s scathing appraisal this week – he said that the laws could breach our international obligations to freedom of speech.

Mr Rowlings highlighted the absurd things that such laws could cover.