UK: Cult of Political Correctness Alienates Silent Majority

VOTERS are defecting from the Conservative Party to UKIP not because of the fight over Europe but due to political correctness, a Number 10 adviser has claimed.

You can’t hold nativity plays or harvest festivals any more; you can’t fly a flag of St George any more; you can’t call Christmas Christmas any more; you won’t be promoted in the police force unless you’re from a minority; you can’t wear an England shirt on the bus; you won’t get social housing unless you’re an immigrant; you can’t speak up about these things because you’ll be called a racist…..

Lord Ashcroft has argued that Ukip is taking voters away from the Tories due to the “prevailing culture of political correctness that they have ceased to represent the silent majority.”

Recent polls have suggested that support for Nigel Farage’s UK Independence Party is growing and that Tory backing has slumped to its lowest rating in Mr Cameron’s seven-year leadership.

Replacing the natives with a Mohammedan proletariat comes with  hiccups. Obama would call it “speed bumps.”


A Thought For Christmas Causes “Outrage?”


Hugh Fitzgerald, Jihad Watch Board Vice President, said it best:

“What would happen if the Virgin Mary came to Bethlehem today?” — asks a local “Palestinian” Arab in this article.

That’s easy.

Mary, Joseph, and the baby they are about to have are all, of course, Jewish. And if the Virgin Mary (presumably with Joseph) were to arrive in Bethlehem today, and arrived without the IDF around them, in a place now controlled by the kind of Palestinian Muslim Arabs who are there now, they would be killed on the spot.

Someone among the killers would think to cut the baby out of Mary, and raise him, the baby Jesus, as a Palestinian Arab and good Muslim. And come to think of it, that is exactly what Islam does when it appropriates, and changes, the Jesus of Christianity for the Jesus of Islam, about which Karen Armstrong is such an enthusiast.

That’s what would happen if a Jewish girl, the Virgin Mary, arrived nine months pregnant, and with labor pains beginning, anywhere that “Palestinian Arabs” were free to do what they do to any Israeli who happens to wander or stumble or arrive, unprotected, in their midst today. And if you need evidence for that, start with any number of Israeli hitchhikers picked up and murdered, or those two Israeli boys beaten to death in a cave, or those two Israeli reservists who took a wrong turn into Ramallah and were lynched, as those who killed them and gouged out their eyes held up their bloody hands to a crowd below hysterical with its own happiness and hate, or those four little Jewish girls sitting in their car, methodically shot to death, one by one, by one more brave hero — hailed as a hero, held up as a model — of the “Palestinian resistance.”

Despicable Cartoon: No Outrage.

 Truth on Facebook: Outrage!

We have come full circle: in the eyes of Western leftists, Jesus was a Palestinian Arab and the Jews are the occupying Roman legions.

The Israeli Embassy in Ireland caused a storm of protest Monday when it posted on Facebook an image of Jesus and Mary and suggested that if the Biblical figures were alive today they would have likely been murdered by a mob of Palestinians.

“A thought for Christmas… If Jesus and mother Mary were alive today, they would, as Jews without security, probably end up being lynched in Bethlehem by hostile Palestinians. Just a thought…….”

So what caused the “outrage?” Who is offended?

Arab Muslims? Not to worry, they are always offended.  Reminding Irish Catholics that Joseph and Mary where actually Jews? They might not like it, but are they offended? Hardly.

Was it accurate? Sure. 100%.

And yet it was removed from the page in a couple of hours, and replaced with this.


Gun control hysterics driven by hormones, emotions & stupidity

Fox’s Gretchen Carlson Breaks Down Again

After Asking Neurosurgeon If the Children Killed in CT Will Remember What Happened ‘in Heaven’

“…the eternity of our souls is very much a part of all reality.”– Read More »

You knew this was coming:

Lib Professor Blames Mass Shootings on “White Male Privilege”

Hugo Schwyzer,is a history and gender studies professor at Pasadena City College. He has a history of blaming white men for most of the mass killings that take place in the United States. Friday’s tragic shootings in Newtown, Connecticut gave him a great opportunity to spout his nonsense once again. (GWP)

There are other hysterics, like this:

White House: Obama ‘Actively Supportive’ of Assault Weapons Ban

“Heartened” by what he has heard from some members of Congress  (you bet he is.) Read More »

After School Shooting, Anti-Gun Advocates Want NRA President, Members to Be Shot

“Murder every NRA member”–  (These are not people you want to rule over you.You don’t wan’t them to have guns either.)

This is a perfectly potty example on why a person should never, ever surrender his rights or his weaponry. These people are the braying herd of their intellectual masters, and their bloodthirst is stirred against the enemy of the masters when the need arises. If any free man disarms, he’ll have no way to resist these violent monsters.

Never surrender your rights. Never surrender your weapons. Never surrender your liberty.

Never comply. Your life depends on it.

Tunisia: rioting, calls for jihad, black flags (Al Rey) and more ‘Arab Spring’ fallout

As a side note:

Every Muslim a ‘Yuman Rites’ Officer:

Pay attention. The amount of Islamic ‘human rights experts, officers and shysters is staggering. Equally amazing that there hardly are any human rights in Islamic countries. At least not for minorities or women.

Get your ‘Tunisian frustrations” from al BeBeeCeera’s Lyse Doucet

 Lyse Doucet’s claim to fame came with a demand for ‘kinder reporting’ on the Taliban, who are somehow misunderstood. TV is not showing ‘the humanity of the Taliban’.

Tunisia’s Moncef Marzouki faces Sidi Bouzid protest  (BBC via Vlad Tepes)

TUNISIA Protesters have thrown tomatoes and stones at Tunisia’s President Moncef Marzouki in Sidi Bouzid, where the Arab Spring started exactly two years ago.

Mr Marzouki was swiftly evacuated by security officers, disrupting his rally to mark the anniversary.

Protesters invaded the square where Mr Marzouki had addressed a crowd of about 5,000 people, AFP news agency reports.

They threw tomatoes and stones, forcing security officers to evacuate him and parliamentary Speaker Mustapha Ben Jaafar.

Five Female Anti-Polio Workers Gunned Down…

What? Just a few days after our beloved Interfaith Imam Maulana Abdul Khabir Azad Declared Polio-Vaccine ‘Free of Anti-Islam Ingredients?’

How did these crazy Islamophobes get his message all wrong?

Karachi polio killings: 5 Vaccination workers shot  (BBC) thanks to the Religion of Peace:

Five female Pakistani polio vaccination workers have been shot dead in a string of co-ordinated attacks – four within 20 minutes across Karachi.

The fifth woman was shot and wounded in the city of Peshawar in the north-west and later died of her injuries.

A UN-backed programme to eradicate polio – which is endemic in Pakistan – has been suspended in Karachi.


Minority Rights Day in Pakistan  (Human Rights)

So much Islam in Pakistan – and so little tolerance for anything else.

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Germany: culture shock forces Iraqi asylum seeker to rape infidel whore….

Culture Shock. He just couldn’t help himself. 

Sheik Hilali said: “If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside on the street, or in the garden or in the park, or in the backyard without a cover, and the cats come and eat it … whose fault is it, the cats or the uncovered meat?

“The uncovered meat is the problem.”

The sheik then said: “If she was in her room, in her home, in her hijab, no problem would have occurred.”

Thanks to PI

A 19-year old cultural enricher from Iraq got carried away when visiting a disco in Göttingen: he was so tempted that he tried  to rape an infidel whore, for which the prosecutor now wants him to  spend two years in jail.

Greasy right wing Islamophobic racists would say ‘what, only two years?’- but in liberal Germany that’s not to  going to happen.

If anything, the sentence will be suspended; most likely the defendant will do 100 hours of community service.

Luckily for the victim,  a witness had heard the cries for help and rushed to the scene, after which the Iraqi stopped his attack. The accused was intoxicated at the  time and had acted aggressively, relentlessly and without any compassion.

The representative of the co-plaintiffs pointed to the serious psychological consequences for her client, who is severely traumatized. The defendant did not confess to the crime, but blamed his victim.

She made him do it, the uncovered whore.

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“Public Virtue” Advocates Yelling “Sharia is Lifestyle” Ransack Cairo Cafes

 “Sharia is Lifestyle”  Jihadists Ransack Cairo Cafes, Posted by Jim Hoft (GWP)

Not sure if they will turn all the cafe’s into FGM centres or into halal butcher shops, but we all know there’ll be ‘speedbumps’ on the way to democracy, right?

Islamic winter.

Muslim Brothers attacked the opposition Wafd party’s newspaper offices in central Cairo with petrol bombs and birdshot on Saturday, security sources said.

On Saturday Islamists chanting “Sharia is Lifestyle” ransacked several Cairo cafes.
The UPI reported, via Jihad Watch:

Members of the Hazemoun and Ahrar movements attacked people at cafes in Cairo, chanting “Sharia is lifestyle,” witnesses said.

Several people were injured during Saturday’s attack, including political activists known for frequenting the cafes, witnesses told al-Shorouk newspaper. They said the attackers fired birdshot and launched fireworks.

Hazemoun is comprised of former presidential candidate Hazem Salah Abu Ismail’s supporters, and Ahrar is a self-styled vigilante youth group that promotes public virtue, Egypt Independent reported.

Argentina, home to 400,000 Muslims, has set an “international example of peaceful religious co-existence”

“Injustice” and “anti-Islamic sentiment of the west” challenged, but:

“Media stigmatization must still be dealt with here as it influences Muslims´ religious identity and creates false stereotypes among society.”

Argentina Congress hosts “Islam for peace” seminar

Iran Press TV thanks to Mullah

The Congress of Argentina has hosted the seminar “Islam for peace” leading officials and leaders of the Muslim Community to praise the country´s comprehensive policy of religious integration, challenging anti-Islamic sentiment of the West. (There is video)

So much for the shiites.

Now, for the sunni’s, there is the King Fahd Islamic Cultural Centre, and you know what that means…..