Lakemba mosque issues fartwa against Christmas: its a ”sin” to even wish people a Merry Christmas

Can never happen in Ostraya, we are told; “our” Muslims are different.

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No merriness here: mosque puts fatwa on Christmas

The fatwa, which has sparked widespread community debate and condemnation, warns that the “disbelievers are trying to draw Muslims away from the straight path”.

Tim Blair suggests:

Well, if he’s going to be all anti-Christmas, Sheikh Yahya should surrender his stupid Santa hat.

Yusuf Irfan will be heartbroken when he can’t spent Christmas Eve sitting with his Jewish friend singing carols and enjoying world-class church music at St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney anymore.


Fatwa ... The head imam at Lakemba Mosque has told the congregation they should not participate in anything to do with Christmas.

Fatwa … The head imam at Lakemba Mosque has told the congregation they should not participate in anything to do with Christmas. Photo: Kate Geraghty

THE Lakemba Mosque has issued a fatwa against Christmas, warning followers it is a ”sin” to even wish people a Merry Christmas.

The religious ruling, which followed a similar lecture during Friday prayers at Australia’s biggest mosque, was posted on its Facebook site on Saturday morning.

The head imam at Lakemba, Sheikh Yahya Safi, had told the congregation during prayers that they should not take part in anything to do with Christmas.

Now watch the backtracking and denials….

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Taxi Jihad in St. Louis

Paki Muslim cabbie sues city of St. Louis, taxicab commission

by Creeping Sharia

Muslims want to live by sharia law and nothing else. And when they are forced to abide by laws or rules that contradict sharia, they wage legal jihad. via Muslim cabbie sues St. Louis, taxicab commission over clothing rules : Stltoday.

Muslims ponder how they can collect jizya from city and submit to sharia

Muslims ponder how they can collect jizya from city and submit to sharia

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Syria: Obama regime in bed with al Qaeda

Al Qaeda, al schmaeda. It really doesn’t matter what these Islamic savages call themselves. The emerging Muslim Brotherhood group here is ‘Jabhat Al Nusra’, and the goal is “strict implementation of sharia”.


Syrian Muslims Rebels Threaten Two Christian Towns

Rebels threaten to storm 2 Syrian Christian towns December 22, 2012 Associated Press Dec. 17, 2012: In this photo, a Free Syrian Army fighter takes cover during fighting with the Syrian Army in Azaz, Syria. (AP) BEIRUT –  Rebels …Read More…

On Syria, The Russian Government Talks Sense

Russia blasts West’s ‘terrorism logic’ on Syria Russian Federation,Politics, Sat, 22 Dec 201 inShare Moscow, Dec 22 (IANS/RIA Novosti) The West’s policy of dividing Syrian terrorists into “the bad” and “the …Read More…


 UN confirms Hezbollah fighting for Assad in Syria 

Report warns that civil war fighting has split along sectarian lines, pitting ruling Alawites against majority Sunnis.

WoJ predicted this accurately when the riots against Assad started.

“Feeling threatened and under attack, ethnic and religious minority groups have increasingly aligned themselves with parties to the conflict, deepening sectarian divides,” the report said.  

“Sharia is the right path for all humanity – all other laws make people unhappy.”

Syria: “Our first goal is to get rid of Assad. Then we want a state where the Quran is the only source of law.”

They want to make Syria a Sharia state, which means no alcohol or tobacco, or “immoral” movies and TV shows. No one seems to be offering any other vision of Sharia, despite claims in the West that it is so multifarious as to defy easy characterization.

“Jabhat Al Nusra’s new Syria,” by Balint Szlanko for The National, December 15 (thanks to JW):

The man wearing the balaclava had eyes that never stopped smiling.Reclining on a pillow in an otherwise empty room, this burly, 41-year-old commander of Jabhat Al Nusra – the most fearsome jihadi group in Syria – exuded an almost disturbing calm, in marked contrast to the loud, chatty air that often characterises more mainstream groups of the Free Syrian Army.


Syrian Muslim Terrorists Execute Defenseless Civilians with Machete (horrific)

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Riots as Egypt holds 2nd stage of constitutional referendum

Egypt holds 2nd stage of constitutional referendum

Egyptians vote again after first round saw 57% of public say “yes” to charter; rights groups report irregularities at polls.

CAIRO – An Egyptian constitution drafted by Islamists is expected to be approved in a referendum on Saturday after the charter, which opponents say will create deeper turmoil,won approval in a first wave of voting a week ago.

The opposition have already cried foul, saying a litany of abuses means last Saturday’s ballot, involving about half the electorate, should be re-run. But the committee overseeing the two-stage vote said their investigations showed no major irregularities that would invalidate the process.  (J’Post thanks to TT)

Egypt: 55 injured as police fire tear gas at opponents of Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia constitution

“The people want the implementation of Shariah. Our souls and blood, we sacrifice to Islam.”

“Dozens injured in Egypt clashes as police fire tear gas at Morsi supporters and opponents,” from NBC News, December 21 (JW)

Apes & Pigs

Hatred and Violence in the Qur’an Awareness Month: “Those whom Allah has cursed and with whom He became angry and made of them apes and pigs”

Today’s installment brings more dehumanization of Jews:

Say, “O People of the Scripture, do you resent us except [for the fact] that we have believed in Allah and what was revealed to us and what was revealed before and because most of you are defiantly disobedient?”Say, “Shall I inform you of [what is] worse than that as penalty from Allah ? [It is that of] those whom Allah has cursed and with whom He became angry and made of them apes and pigs and slaves of Taghut. Those are worse in position and further astray from the sound way.” (Qur’an 5:59-60)

The Tunisian Muslim cleric Ahmad Al-Suhayli showed how seriously Muslims take this in a Friday sermon he delivered just a few weeks ago. From MEMRI, November 30:

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MELANIE PHILLIPS: The West is heading into the abyss

Into the Abyss

To an astonishing silence by the media on both sides of the pond, the US along with the UK and a number of European governments is leading the west into an abyss. I have repeatedly noted here that the US, UK and France helped bring to power in Egypt Islamic extremists hostile to the free world, and were threatening to do something very similar in Syria. Now they have indeed done so by recognising the Syrian National Council as the legitimate leader of the Syrian opposition.

The thinking behind this is to designate the al-Qaeda linked Jabhat al-Nusra as a terrorist group, while supporting the Muslim Brotherhood – which dominates the Syrian National Council — as a reasonable alternative. But this is the same catastrophic mistake the US et al have made in Egypt. For the Brotherhood are not a reasonable alternative to Islamic extremists hostile to the west. They are themselves Islamic extremists hostile to the west.

The disastrous implications of this fundamental strategic mistake were spelled out in a forensic piece by Jonathan Spyer in the Jerusalem Post. As Spyer observed:

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It’s Official: Muslim Population of Britain Doubles

As predicted:

Muslim Population of Britain Doubles – in just ten years

“Between 2001 and 2011 the Muslim population of the UK rose from 1.5 million to 2.7 million. Otherwise put, that is an increase from 3 percent to 4.8 percent of the overall population.

“If in 2001 the British Prime Minister had said to the British public that over the next decade he intended to double the number of Muslims in the country, he would most likely never have been returned to office.   But of course he did not say that, any more than any of his successors or predecessors did.

“For the last decade, every major politician has lied about this issue.”

by Douglas Murray/Gatestone Institute

The strange thing about this “multicultural” society is that it can celebrate every imaginable culture except the one that allows all these cultures to co-exist alongside each other — and all the time with enthusiasm from pundits and politicians, busy trying to pretend that this is all the most wonderful result imaginable.

The national census for England and Wales has come out, and, as usual, this once-a-decade event has had all of its most significant points overlooked.


David Cameron:

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Marranci’s Zebiba Science

Emulating Muhammad, profit of Islam, is the highest goal of every Muselmaniac. Since old Mo used henna to die his beard, this practice is still (or again?) all the rage in Mohammedan quarters. But how is it with the zebiba, that bump on the forehead that they say comes from (what they call)  prayers, when they bang their heads on the floor to curse the kuffar?

Our old ‘friend’ Gabriele Marranci,  who  dabbles in pseudo-academic tosh,  tries to  put a little ‘scientific’lipstick’ on the zebiba (a hard sell, I dare say)  but his main concern seems to be that the zebiba causes brain-damage, which he tries to disprove, somehow:

If you don’t like the zebiba, you are a “Muslim hater”.

Prayer bumps, Muslim haters, and the danger of scientific popularization

Muslims  outdo themselves in their senseless emulation of their meshugga prophet and their illogical desire for an X-rated  paradise that resembles a giant bordello.

Marks of ‘Piety’ or ‘Beastliness’?

Islam Watch/Louis Palme

Images of pious Muslims coming out of the Middle East have introduced Western readers to a phenomenon unique to Muslims: a dark scar in the middle of their forehead. For devout Muslims, these scars are a sign of piety, indicating strict adherence to their required five-times-a-day prayers. Below are just a few of the Islamic religious leaders who seem to have indelible marks on their foreheads.

Devout Muslims with Islamic piety marks: Ayman al-Zawahiri, Sheikh Khaled Abdallah, Nageh Ibrahim, Yusuf al-Qaradawi

Such scars are known in the medical world as Clavus, or commonly called “prayer callus”. They are caused by repeated bowing of the head onto a prayer carpet, most likely a dirty prayer carpet judging by the extent of the scarring. Maceration and secondary fungal or bacterial infection are a common overlying feature in the soft clavi, or calluses.

The question is: Are these scars, in true sense, a “mark piety”, which means devotion to God, or a “mark of beastliness”? Let us evaluate in light of actions and preachings of these notable pious figures of today’s Islam.

Ayman al-Zawahiri: He was the spiritual adviser to Osama bin Laden, and succeeded him as the leader of Al Qaeda. Al-Zawahiri is the most wanted criminal in the United States for his involvement in the September 11, 2001 Islamic terrorist attacks in New York and Washington D.C., which resulted in death of nearly 3,000 innocent people. The US government has $25-million bounty for information leading to his capture.

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Will Imran Firasat Be Deported From Spain?

Will Imran Firasat Be Deported From Spain?

Possibly. But hang on: this is the same Europe where Abu Qatada,  Abu Hamza and Mullah Krekar had long deportation/extradition processes, as the EU courts were not sure that they wouldn’t face death in the countries they were sent to.

So, what’s happening in this case? Does the Christian Imran not have the right to appeal, and to his own lawyers?

From the Gates of Vienna:

The Innocent Prophet

Imran Firasat is a Pakistani ex-Muslim and proprietor of who now lives in Spain. He teamed up with Terry Jones of Stand Up America Now to produce a movie entitled The Innocent Prophet, which was released last week (watch it here).

The Spanish government had threatened to arrest and deport Mr. Firasat if the movie were ever released. Now that it is publicly available (and had been viewed almost 37,000 times, as of this writing), Spain seems to be making good on its threat.

According to a press release that was just sent out by Terry Jones:

Imran Firasat has today been informed by the Spanish government that his residency status has been revoked because of his involvement in the production of the youtube, The Innocent Prophet, with Terry Jones and Stand Up America Now.

If Imran Firasat is deported to Pakistan, his chances of survival are not good slim.

The Baron will keep us informed of further developments as they come in.