Kuwait: ‘some individuals call for forbidding the celebration of Christmas’

Sounds like the same ‘individuals’ who caused all that anti-Christmas fartwa -out-of-context kerfuffle in Lakemba. Was it the same “youth member” and “junior staff member?”

Fortunately, in Kuwait there are some “liberal societies” who feel they need the Christians to do the work that Arabs can’t do:

Several Kuwaiti liberal civil societies have condemned calls from some organisations and individuals forbidding the celebration of Christmas in the oil-rich Gulf state, a report said Sunday.

Daily Star

Kuwait has about a dozen churches which all freely mark Christmas especially in the main church complex in the heart of the capital Kuwait City.

There are some 200 Christians — mainly of Iraqi or Palestinian origin — among the 1.2 million native population of Kuwait.

But the emirate is home to 642,000 foreign Christians, or 17 percent of Kuwait’s population of 3.8 million, mostly from India, the Philippines, Egypt, Lebanon and the West.

In other news:

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Muslim Yoots: “i wish the moroccans will kill him and solve this problem ones for all”

Moroccans agree with Wilders about violent Moroccan-Dutch youths

Some do, most do not.

Many Moroccans agree with Geert Wilders, the leader of the populist Freedom Party, who recently stated that the violence being committed by Moroccan-Dutch youths in the Netherlands is a “Moroccan problem”. The assertion is based on reactions from people who read an RNW article about a linesman who died after being beaten up by a group of Moroccan-Dutch teenagers.

The article was reprinted by Hespress, a popular Moroccan website, and sparked dozens of reactions from Moroccans living in Morocco and abroad. 50 of the 60 people who reacted agreed with Geert Wilders’ remarks.

Here’s one who makes it clear that Wilders will need around the clock protection because of Mohammedan assassins for years to come:

Anonymous  12 December 2012 – 4:21am / USA

Look no one agrees with Wilders he is not dutch.
His father is a german soldier run away met with his Malaysian muslim mother see he is sick in the head i wish the moroccans will kill him and solve this problem ones for all .
Matter effect the moroccan intelligent services may just do it

Suddenly, FGM is a “divinely ordained right of a woman” under Islam.

A MUSLIM leader and outspoken opponent of female genital mutilation says female circumcision, which he defines as the *partial removal of the clitoral hood, is not only an utterly distinct practice, but the “divinely ordained right of a woman” under Islam.

 Imam Afroz defines female circumcision and female genital mutilation as “two very different, and unrelated, kinds of acts; the former being permissible and the latter completely forbidden under Islamic law”.  (thanks to Mullah)

(Typical Islamo-BS: if Afroz Ali  is an opponent,  then he is against it. If he is a proponent, then he believes  that Islamic law is above Australian law and genital mutilation divinely sanctioned. It can’t be both.)

Sydney-based Al-Ghazzali Centre for Islamic Sciences and Human Development founder and president, Imam Afroz Ali, appeared on the ABC’s 7:30 program in October, condemning female genital mutilation and saying he had been told by community members of its occurrence in Australia.

(Pretending to be clueless? Its hearsay then?  And if it wasn’t for ‘community members’ he wouldn’t even know its occurring? Sheesh!  These guys must be rolling on the floor laughing at how stupid we kuffar are….)

*Afroz Ali describes FGM as  “partial removal of the clitoral hood”– it is not. It is removal of the clitoris.

The good imam  worked himself into a lather over this, and we shall risk linking to it, although much ‘out of context’ howling will ensue when we use his own scribble to nail him.  Stay tuned, we’ll come back to this later.

Egypt: and the winner is…. the Muslim Brotherhood, of course!

“Largely secular”- we all know that. Great for tourism. Go and watch the beheadings, and don’t miss the stoning of adulterous women:

Muslim Brotherhood Releases Egypt’s Preliminary Referendum Results: Majority Votes ‘Yes’

“the revolution will carry on, we will protest again and again and again.”

You bet they will.  Read More »

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood says new Sharia constitution has passed overwhelmingly

No big surprise there. But only 32 percent turnout? Is the level of indifference in Egypt really that high, or do most Egyptians figure the Sharia die is cast and there is nothing they can do about it now?

“Egypt Islamists say charter passed in referendum,” from AFP, December 23 (thanks to JW)

Lakemba mosque plays Trad’s old broken record: ‘out of context’

It would have been more honest if they put up a banner saying “go back to sleep, kafirs”.

Australia’s largest mosque issues fatwa against Christmas, then withdraws it after criticism and says it was taken “out of context”

“Out of context”? Sheesh. All these years and they still fall back on that tired dodge? Isn’t there anyone in the Islamic Supremacist Talking Points Factory who can come up with anything new and more convincing?

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Sharia Applied

Sharia Enforcement in once great Britain:

Atheist in court for ripping pages from Koran

An atheist shocked Muslim volunteers at a stall promoting Islam when he ripped out pages from the Koran.


Who cares if he ripped up that infernal book? So what? Who died and made the quran the holy grail?

More should be made of the mass slaughter, ethnic cleansing, Jew-hatred, kuffarophobia, misogyny, forced marriage, slavery and abject misery caused by what is commanded in that book.

Instead of defending freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and Western values, the British court is enforcing the blasphemy laws under the infernal sharia. Speaking of which, Tommy Robinson is still in jail in deference to the sharia.

“Atheist Peter Crawford in court for ripping up Koran at stall in Leicester” Leicestershire.co.uk December 20, 2012 (thanks to Pamela Geller)

Peter James Crawford (52) is alive and well and shouldn’t be in court, because the UK is not yet a full blown sharia hellhole like Pakistan. (More)

Here’s how they do it there:

Paki Mob Burns Man Alive Over Rumours of Koran Desecration

Pakistan: Muslim mob burns alive man accused of desecrating Qur’an

Try not to be so ethnocentric. Be more like Michael Potemra of National Review, who wrote: “The Koran is one of the loveliest books ever written, a distillation of monotheism that is full of spiritual wisdom, and I never fail to profit from my reading of it.” It’s understandable that the pious would want to incinerate anyone even suspected of desecrating one of the loveliest books ever written, now, isn’t it?

“Paki mob burns man accused of desecrating Quran alive,” from Reuters, December 22 (thanks JW)

Sharia in action in Yemen:

Muslims murder woman for drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol: haram. Murdering someone for drinking alcohol: pleasing to Allah. “Yemen extremists kill woman in alcohol raid,” from AFP, December 21 (thanks to The Religion of Peace)

Somalia: Muslims murder Christian for leaving Islam

Conversion away from Islam is forbidden on pain of death. Muhammad said: “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him” (Bukhari 9.84.57). The death penalty for apostasy is part of Islamic law according to all the schools of Islamic jurisprudence. Yet Muslim spokesmen such as Harris ZafarMustafa AkyolSalam al-MarayatiM. Cherif Bassiouni, and Ali Eteraz (among many others) have assured us that Islam doesn’t punish apostasy. I expect that Zafar, Akyol, al-Marayati, Bassiouni, and Eteraz will immediately be jetting over to Somalia to explain to Somali authorities that they are getting Islam all wrong, wrong, wrong.

“Christian Shot to Death in Somalia,” from Morning Star News, December 14 (thanks to Jerk Chicken):

NAIROBI, Kenya (Morning Star News) – Gunmen in central Somalia on Saturday (Dec. 8) killed an underground Christian who had been receiving death threats for leaving Islam, area sources said.

WTF? German official says Jews should go to Uganda

This one is hard to believe, but stranger things have happened.


Tenenbom calls for dismissal of Holocaust memorial director who allegedly told him Jews should have set up state in Uganda.

NEW YORK – Israeli-born author Tuvia Tenenbom has called for the dismissal of Volkhard Knigge, the head of the Buchenwald concentration camp memorial in Weimar, Germany, after alleging that Knigge told him that Jews should have settled in Uganda instead of establishing the State of Israel.


This year marks the 50th anniversary of the exodus of the Jews of Algeria. The exhibition at the Jewish Museum in Paris has been attracting wide interest into this neglected aspect of French, Jewish and Algerian history.  (How Algeria lost its Jews)

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