Christianity ‘close to extinction’ in Middle East

And all we get is the sound of silence:

Christianity faces being wiped out of the “biblical heartlands” in the Middle East because of mounting persecution of worshippers, according to a new report.

The study warns that Christians suffer greater hostility across the world than any other religious group.

And it claims politicians have been “blind” to the extent of violence faced by Christians in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Not blind. Complicit.

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Afroz Ali & the ‘divinely ordained right of a woman’ to enjoy genital mutilation


Clit-Cutting Expert Afroz Ali is “Setting the Record Straight” About Female Circumcision & Genital Mutilation: its a  divinely ordained right of a woman, but it has “nothing to do with Islam”.

Remember that, next time you’re spreading false information as part of an agenda to malign religions, and indeed Islam, infidels!

Muslim cleric  says, “Islamic law permits by definition, by prophetic statement and by practice female circumcision”

Islamic apologists in the West maintain that female genital mutilation has nothing to do with Islam, and that only greasy Islamophobes think otherwise. But eventually Muslims themselves get around to vindicating every last charge that greasy Islamophobes have ever made about Islamic belief and practice.

“Circumcision is obligatory (for every male and female) (by cutting off the piece of skin on the glans of the penis of the male, but circumcision of the female is by cutting out the bazr ‘clitoris’ [this is called khufaadh 'female circumcision']).” — ‘Umdat al-Salik e4.3, translated by Mark Durie, The Third Choice, p. 64

“Female circumcision is a right, says imam,” by Rachel Baxendale for The Australian, December 24 (thanks to JW):

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Its Christmas. Expect burning churches and attacks on Christians…..

When the head imam at Lakemba, Sheikh Yahya Safi, told the congregation during prayers that they should not take part in anything to do with Christmas, he was not misunderstanding his religion or babbled something “out of context”. The Christmas message of the Lakemba mosque is main stream Islam, and we have a dozen  more assholes like the guy in the following video to confirm it.

Thanks to MartyrsNudieBar

Its Christmas. Expect burning churches and attacks on Christians around the world. Matter of fact, we can’t keep count:

Un-merry Christmas to Christians from Islam

Is Islam tolerant of Christianity? Muslims say yes, but what are the facts?

Mullahs around the world warn Muslims not to respond to the words ‘Merry Christmas’. If Jesus is the ‘prince of peace’, it makes Mohammed look bad. In the last years of his life, Mohammed led and commanded violent aggression every six weeks. Mohammed was the ‘prince of jihad’.

Muslims believe angels announced the birth of Jesus, but Muslims do not believe the Gospel where the angels said, “Peace on earth.” Peace with Kafirs is not possible. The Christmas greeting to Christians around the world is still the same as it was in 630 AD: “Aslim, Taslam!” (Surrender to Islam and be safe). Where Christians do not surrender to Islamic terrorists, their lives are now in danger.

For the Muslim, the world cannot be at peace until every government on earth follows the laws of Allah. The duty of Muslims is to create the conditions that drive non-Muslims into the arms of Sharia law, ‘whether by persuasion or by force’ as ibn Khaldun wrote.

If Christians won’t voluntarily change their laws to Shari’a, then it is the duty of every Muslim to induce Christians in three ways: violence, extortion or enslavement.

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Ammanpour’s 24/7 Islam Promo

Christiane Ammanpour is an agent of Islam. That the hopelessly compromised Caliphate News Network is giving enemy agents a platform is not new; its putrid, its penetrant and annoying. Ammanpour, the daughter of an Iranian (Mohammed) , is in the bag for the mullah’s in Iran. Her ‘marriage blanc’ to a moonbat Jew  shouldn’t fool you, they don’t even live together. In her apartment, she has a huge picture of the collapsing WTC, which ‘gives her joy every time she walks in the door’.  She was also one of the main cheerleaders for the US/NATO attack on the Serbs:

Because of her emotional delivery from Sarajevo during the Siege of Sarajevo, viewers and critics questioned her professional objectivity, claiming that many of her reports were unjustified and favoured the Bosnian Muslims, to which she replied, “There are some situations one simply cannot be neutral about, because when you are neutral you are an accomplice. Objectivity doesn’t mean treating all sides equally.

Ammanpour has always treated Jews and Christians with typical Mohammedan contempt. Ah yes; please don’t give me the “but she is not a practicing Muslim” schtick; it doesn’t matter. It matters which side she’s on, and its not our side.

“[Christiane Amanpour] was sitting in Belgrade when that marketplace massacre happened, and she went on the air to say that the Serbs had probably done it. There was no way she could have known that. She was assuming an omniscience which no journalist has.

Christiane Amanpour’s Biblical ‘Road Trip’ Set to Air: Will It Be As Biased As ‘God’s Warriors’?

By Matthew Balan/NewsBusters
Matthew Balan's picture

Former This Week host Christiane Amanpour’s reputation for biased reporting precedes her, despite her own denials. Despite this, ABC thought it fit to air a two-part special starting on Friday evening titled Back to the Beginning. The network’s press release trumpeted, “Join…Christiane Amanpour on the ultimate road trip as she travels to the lands of the Bible….to investigate the roots of those stories that have created so much conflict, and at the same time so much of the healing she has seen across her career.”

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Merry Christmas, Australia!

Another bright day in multicultural Sydney

Andrew Bolt is on holidays, but he keeps the blog  going:

A news roundup from today’s Sydney Morning Herald, giving another bracing insight into the success of our immigration program.

This Gasbag Deserves a Mention:

With the Left, what you say tends to count for more than what you do. Seeming above doing.

Gassing on

And so a man who tried to gas his ex-girlfriend can still end up as a professor of gender studies, writing man-bashing manifestos for a Fairfax site devoted to women.

Don’t mention the budget:

The war on free speech:

Two calls too many: 

In Britain,  the Daily Telegraph was working on a story on an expenses rort embarrassing to one of the Ministers considering he Government’s response to the Levenson inquiry – Britain’s version of our own Finkelstein witch hunt.

The two calls made by government heavies to the reporter and editor should instantly end any debate on the need to give government more control over the media. It should end that debate in Britain and also here.

But at least the unelected rabble that rules over us can  sleep better at night:

Thai Jihad

Teachers tell of lessons in the firing line  (BKK Post)

There is nothing “shadowy” or mysterious about the ‘insurgency’ in the south of Thailand. The “deep South” is not deeper than Phuket or Ko Samui, and no matter how often the journaillie regurgitates is, it belongs to Thailand, just like Chiang Mai in the north.

Armed escorts, shootings, bomb threats and hazard pay – all just part of daily life for educators in the “far South” who have found themselves growing targets of a ruthless insurgency Islamic jihad. Three shared their stories with ‘Spectrum’

‘There is a saying among insurgents: ‘Get Buddhists, gain merit,”‘ says Khru Ya, a retired Muslim teacher in Pattani province. “They believe that if they kill Buddhists, they will go to heaven.”

Really? Didn’t Mehdi Hasan just tell us that its all about land? Or about  ‘Palestine’, ‘Abu Ghraib’ and ‘Afghanistan?’

SCHOOL SECURITY: A soldier stands guard at Ban Ranor school, in Yala’s Bannang Sata district. Since violence in the South escalated in 2004, 157 teachers have been killed in the region.

A Buddhist monk in Burma echoes universal exasperation
with Muslim entitlement.  While the Muslim community always
blames its bad behavior on others, the rest of the world
is starting to figure out the common denominator.  (TROP)

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Mehdi Hasan to prof Dawkins: suicide bombers blow themselves up for land, not religion

Millions of successful ‘martyrs’ would beg to differ.

Mehdi Hassan claims non-Muslims are ‘kuffar’ and atheists (like Dawkins) are like cattle. He also believes that Muhammad  went to heaven on a steel buraq,  powered by a flying donkey with a human head.

Richard Dawkins is a deeply conflicted man who directs his hatred against Christianity, namely Catholizism,. That’s what he knows, that’s what he loves to hate.  He really needs to study up on Islam. (During question time he fails totally to rebuke a Muslim claim on Koran verse 5:32, which is done to death by Islamo-props. Below the fold the verse is explained in its proper context)

 (al Jizz)

Fanaticism, fundamentalism, superstition and ignorance. Religion is getting a bad press these days. Much of the conflict in the world, from the Middle East to Nigeria and Myanmar, is often blamed on religion. (Not religion: Islam!)

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Mona Eltahowitzer prose: ‘Pink is the colour of my spray paint, Pink is the colour of my pussy, you want to fuck me in my pink coat”

Could be hormone imbalance or just ordinary muselmanic derangement; vulgar and repulsive like the religion itself.

But Mona Eltahowitzer wasn’t always that crazy:

It’s a painful reality for at least 3 million girls who each year have parts or all of their clitorises cut off in a procedure known as female genital mutilation (FGM). The clitoris has double the nerve endings of a penis so my analogy to chopping off little boys’ organs isn’t too far off.

This past weekend marked International Day of Zero Tolerance of FGM, so allow me to shake you out of oblivion by reminding you that 6,000 girls a day are subjected to one of four types of FGM.

The most “minor” — known as clitoridectomy — is the partial or total removal of the clitoris. The most severe — known as infibulation — is the removal of parts of the external genitalia followed by stitching together of what remains. The girl subjected to this then has her legs bound for about two weeks to create a seal over her genitals.

That’s from an article of her’s published in the PuffHo in 2010: Smashing the Silence Around FGM

Even PuffHo readers were wondering then why so few enlightened progressives could be bothered:

Interesting how there are no comments here. If this were a story about Israel there would be thousands on comments but since it is basically Muslims that practice this, it’s ok. The Muslims can do anything; stone women who are raped for adultery, descrate Churches and Synagogues, intimidate their populations, etc. Where is the outrage?


Mona Eltahawy links her vandalism of AFDI ads to a sexual revolution, or something

Be forewarned: the poem is laughably and luridly obscene, calling to mind a twelve-year-old being deliberately naughty and obsessively repeating dirty words she has just learned; it can be found in its entirety here. It is not noteworthy for being horrid poetry, although that it assuredly is; what is striking about it is that this much-lauded pundit and commentator evidently thinks that in both Tahrir Square and the New York subways vandalizing our ad she was standing for freedom.

Obviously,  Mona has strayed from the straight path.

I feel sorry for her shrink.

But wait, it might be her gynaecologist who deserves our compassion:  the way she advertises those body parts of hers!

Could it be that there’s something missing and not only upstairs?

“…a woman who is proud of her private parts…so proud she writes about them in glowing terms…” writes one commenter on JW.

“Pink is the colour of my pussy, you want to fuck me in my pink coat”- claims Mona.

I shudder. I’m going to sleep so much better tonight knowing that I never have to look at that….