Al Reuters: Mental illness, poverty haunted Afghan policewoman who killed American

 Lets make it official then:  Islam is a mental illness. 

All we need to do is build a giant asylum and lock up 1.5 gazillion allah-akbaring lunatics: problem solved. And if poverty causes terrorism, all we need to do is spread the wealth around and call it ‘climate justice’. That’ll do it.

Mental illness, poverty haunted Afghan policewoman who killed American   (thanks to Dhumme)

Just yesterday, the New York Slimes still couldn’t figure it out:

The daughter of Narges Rezaeimomenabad holds a picture of her mother.

The Afghan policewoman suspected of killing a US contractor at police headquarters in Kabul suffered from mental illness and was driven to suicidal despair by poverty, her children told Reuters on Wednesday.

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Netanyahu’s Christmas Warning: Christians Endangered in Middle East

Netanyahu’s Christmas Warning: Christians ‘Endangered’ in Middle East

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released his Christmas greeting today. In it, he warned of the existential threat to Christians in the Middle East with the rise of radical groups like the Muslim Brotherhood:

Today, Christian communities throughout the Middle East are shrinking, and many of them are endangered. This is, of course, not true in Israel. Here there is a strong and growing Christian community that participates fully in the life of our country. Israel is proud of its record of religious tolerance and pluralism, and Israel will continue to protect freedom of religion for all. And we will continue to safeguard places of Christian worship throughout our country. We will not tolerate any acts of violence or discrimination against any place of worship. This is not our way, and this is something we cannot accept.


While Netanyahu takes flack for speaking the truth about Islamic treatment of Christians throughout the Middle East, Israel continues to be a beacon of hope for Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike who wish to live in peace, without fear of oppression based on religion. Were Jesus alive today, by contrast, he’d have to take a bulletproof bus out of Palestinian-controlled Bethlehem simply to avoid being killed or imprisoned for his Judaism.


Bethlehem’s Christmas war on Jesus

There have been threats and muggings, fire bombs and murder. Many believers have fled the region, but the Khoury’s remain. Every Sunday, worship and teaching are broadcast from speakers atop their local church’s steeple, clashing with Islamic calls to prayer.


Saudi preacher, Sheikh Mohammad al-Arifi:

“a daughter should not sit alone with her father for fear that she might tempt him into lusting after her.”


Malay democracy:

‘Haram’ for Muslims in Malaysia to protest against government: Fartwa council

Malaysian Islamic body, the National Fatwa Committee, announced on Sunday that it is not permissible for Muslims to participate in any gathering or demonstration intended to oust a government or cause disturbance in the country.

 Algeria: NATO strike imminent

A prominent Algerian preacher warned of the consequences of not going to the ballot box in the upcoming parliamentary elections and predicted a NATO attack on the country in case of a low turnout.

Propaganda only:

Hamas bans “Zionist media” from Gaza /From Reuters via EoZ:

The Hamas government in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday forbade local journalists from working with “hostile” Israeli media, it said in a statement.

It will be interesting to see if Reporters Without Borders or the International Federation of Journalists condemn this.

U.S. Press Won’t Report That Egypt’s Constitution Is Sharia-Based — And Socialist

The Sharia We Never Knew:

U.S. Press Won’t Report That Egypt’s Constitution Is Sharia-Based — And Socialist


Tom Blumer | December 23, 2012  NewsBusters

While the Associated Press, New York Times, and the vast majority of the U.S. establishment press have avoided directly referring to Egypt’s newly-approved constitution, spearheaded by ruler by decree Mohammed Morsi, as oriented toward imposing Muslim sharia law in that nation, the international press hasn’t been so reluctant. Who do you believe, the rest of the world or your agenda-driven U.S-based news sources? Additionally, as will be seen, the constitution is so unabashedly socialist it would have been labeled communist if it had appeared any time prior to 1990.

Russia-based opened its coverage of fraud allegations Saturday as follows: “Egypt’s new Sharia-based constitution has been approved in a second round of voting, the ruling Muslim Brotherhood party said.” Its headline a week ago after the first round: “Egyptians vote on hotly contested sharia-based constitution.” Meanwhile, the New York Times blew through over 1,000 words in “analyzing” the results, and did not mention sharia once.

Islam divides German society: students taught to hate Christians, Jews, the West

Thanks to RT and GroundZeroMosque  (Mullah)

“Germans Are Considered Easy Prey”

If you are interested in the situation in Germany I strongly recommend reading this article here from the Gates of Vienna:

Lebanese clans in Germany

As a lacuna in today’s Christmas cheer, consider this article from Sezession about the ascendancy of Lebanese and Kurdish criminal gangs in parts of Germany. The criminal “youths” are able to act with near impunity, with the police and society at large almost helpless in the face of their violent criminality.

Many thanks to Hermes for the translation:

Germany: a “society of prey” — Kurdish-Lebanese clans and the helplessness of the constitutional state

While the federal government and the opposition in the Bundestag adamantly regard immigration as an indispensable contribution to Germany, the intensity of the conflicts between some groups of immigrants and German society is steadily increasing.

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Muslims in India try to take over “Jewish” Masonic temple

The world belongs to allah and his profit, move over infidel!

Muslims in India try to take over “Jewish” Masonic temple

From Two Circles & the Elder of Ziyon

Shia community has once again raised the demand for handing over the Free Masonic Temple situated at Ram Tirath Marg in Hazratganj at Lucknow. A signature campaign has begun by Shia-e-Haider-e-Karrar for staking claim over the campus.

The association aims to get over two lakhs signatures in support of their campaign. “We will hand over the signatures and memorandum to the Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav. Shia clerics have also extended their support to our movement,” said Ehtisham Haider, an office bearer of the association.

Earlier on 12 September 2011, hundreds of of Shia Muslims led by Imam-e-Juma Maulana Kalbe Jawwad had staged protest to stake claim over Free Masonic Temple. Shias claimed it be to a mausoleum of their Imams and presently being illegally occupied by Jews.

Gee, and I thought mausoleums are un-Islamic! Didn’t the good Muslims of Timbuktu just raze the Sufi mausoleums to the ground?

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Koranimals kill 12 Christians at Church Services in Northern Nigeria

12 killed in attacks on two churches in Nigeria

(CNN) – At least 12 people Christians died in northern Nigeria when (Muslim) attackers  raided two churches during Christmas Eve services, police said.

Boko Haram has yet to claim responsibility for the Christmas Eve attacks, but the militant organization carried out a wave of similar attacks against churches and Christians in 2011 and 2010. Earlier this year, the al Qaeda-linked Boko Haram stated that it seeks “to eradicate Christians” from areas in Nigeria.  (More from the Longwarjournal)

One assault occurred at the Church of Christ in Nations in Postikum, in Yobe province. Gunmen  Muselmaniacs attacked worshipers during prayer, killing six people, including the pastor, and setting the building on fire.

These Christians need to get some weapons training and some heavy guns.

Worshipers also were attacked at the First Baptist Church in Maiduguri, in Borno state. A deacon and five church members were killed.

Japan going halal for Mohammedan tourism? No way!

Selling Halal  to Japan

This is typical Mohammedan tosh. The global halal market is not worth $600 billion; keep in mind that most Islamic nations are mere basket cases and cannot even feed their own people. If there are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, more than a billion are scraping the bottom of the barrel, and the other 500 million will never have the spending power of Europe, America, Australia or Asia. There is no halal market worth mentioning in Japan, its on the outer fringes of society. But   Muslims are pushing  the illusion that if there were halal slaughter by (imported) halal butchers and halal restaurants  catering to Koranimals,  more Islamic tourists would  visit Japan.

If wishes were horses even beggars could ride.

News photo
Halal-certified: Malaysian Muslim tourists eat “yakiniku” grilled food using halal meat at the Sumiyakiya Nishiazabu restaurant in Tokyo’s Minato Ward on Dec. 7. KYODO

Tour, food firms see benefits in catering to Muslim clients

Halal-certified eateries particularly see rise in business opportunities


Seeking new opportunities in a global market said to be worth over $600 billion, Japanese food and tourism businesses are turning their eyes to Muslim consumers and starting to offer food and other products and services that follow the Islamic rules of halal.

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