Sydney: Mustard crime family claims police used “excessive force” after injuring 7 police officers

A FATHER  Muselmaniac and his four “children” charged over a brawl that left seven police officers injured have been granted bail.Brenden Hills The Daily Telegraph

One of the “children”, here:  

 Son Hussein Mehanna speaks to the media after being released….

Rashida Yosufzai from the Sydney Moonbat Herald gives us a ‘fair & balanced’ report (thanks to kaw)

A western Sydney family accused of assaulting police say “excessive force” was used against them by officers responding to a domestic dispute.


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Hamas-CAIR operative Nihad Awad: Muslims Discovered America before Columbus

The world belongs to allah and his profit.  Kill the men and rape the women; conquer, plunder, destroy and enslave; then write your own history to suit. America is all but conquered and destroyed yet, but as we can see, MuBro operatives like Nihad Awad are working diligently towards it.

CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad: Islam and the U.S. Are Twins, Linked by Common Values, There Are Accounts that Muslims Discovered America before Columbus


Transcript below the fold:

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Ihsanoghlu invokes HRC Resolution 16/18: Charlie Hebdo comic book “incitement to hatred and violence”

The signatories of this “Human Rights Council Resolution 16/18″ are guilty of  high treason. They need to be exposed and there need to be Nuremberg style trials.  We cannot allow unelected socialist, Marxist apparatchiks in Brussels to sell our birthright to the soldiers of allah.

The freedom of expression is untouchable.

Arab News

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has slammed caricatures of the Prophet (peace be upon him), published in the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, saying it incites hatred and intolerance against Muslims. 

OIC Secretary-General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu expressed concern at the publication of the comic book series on the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

 Ihsanoglu said the publication went against the norms of responsible journalism and was tantamount to abuse of the right to freedom of expression. He added that incitement and advocacy of hatred and intolerance on religious grounds signified by this publication was in contravention of international human rights laws and instruments.

He called on the magazine to abide by the provisions, particularly those in the European Union (EU) context, on incitement to hatred and violence. He urged the authorities in France to take appropriate action against the magazine.

Ihsanoglu urged all Muslims to exercise restraint in the face of this incitement. He reiterated the OIC’s principled position on developing an international consensus on dealing with a frequency of deliberate acts of incitement, within the framework of the Human Rights Council Resolution 16/18.

The PuffHo  progressives offer comedy gold:

The cartoons were condemned by French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, who, speaking during a visit to Cairo, told Le Monde that the French government is “against hostile provocations at this time”.

Will there be any time in the near future when the “French government is not against hostile provocations”- Monsieur Fabius?

UK: Sharia Rules

“No place in modern Scotland”--to rip off a hijab and a mobile phone:

Drunk attackers Eileen Kennedy, 28, and her 16-year-old niece Paige Bain were sentenced to two years and six days  yesterday. Sheriff Kenneth Mitchell said: “There is no place at all in a modern Scotland for this sort of behaviour.”

 There isn’t? 

There is. British courts show outrageous leniency when the attackers are drunk Somali bitches.


Turkey, Our Peace & NATO Partner

Charlie Hebdo Comic Book: Ihsanoglu springs into action:

Ihsanoglu urged the authorities concerned in France to take appropriate action against the magazine. (To apply sharia) He also called upon the Muslims all over the world to exercise restraint in the face of this act of incitement.

He added that incitement and advocacy of hatred and intolerance on religious grounds signified by this publication was in contravention of international human rights laws and instruments. (International Muslim rights, that is. Non Muslims are not human and have no rights)

OIC reacts publication of caricatures of Prophet Muhammad

Ihsanoglu expressed concern at the publication of a comic book announced as part of a series on the life of Prophet Muhammad by the French tabloid Charlie Hebdo.  continue

Caliph Erdogan purges army of secularists:

Turkey’s ex-army chief detained:  There is an ongoing investigation into the suspected actors behind the coup, with approximately 60 individuals already arrested on coup charges.

Palestinian girl” awarded due to challenging Israeli soldiers

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has breakfast with Shirley Temper

President Obama’s Best Friend Forever, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, had breakfast on Sunday with Shirley Temper, the 12-year old ‘Palestinian’ girl who has been seen in several videos trying to provoke IDF troops. Temper (real name, Ahed Tamimi) is in Turkey to accept an award from the city of Istanbul.  AussieDave has a whole dossier on this girl who is so unlike  any Arab:

The mother must be  an American or European lunatic: I wonder what it’s like to be obsessed with the existence of another country that is not one’s own…. (Israel Matzav)

France as an islamophobic laboratory:

Pali Islamic Jihad movement’s leader takes Ottoman sultan as example

Ramadan Abdullah Shalah, leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, said that Fatih Sultan Mehmet was one of the Islamic heroes he took himself as an example.
Yeah, and what an example he is! Here, an excerpt from the fall of Constantinople:
Mehmet II got drunk on the wines of Cyprus and, having a soft spot for young boys, sent for the firstborn of the Greek Orthodox Grand Duke Notaras. A fourteen year-old adolescent known for his beauty. In front of everyone he raped him, and after the rape he sent for his family. His parents, his grandparents, his uncles, his aunts and cousins. In front of him he beheaded them. One by one. He also had all the altars destroyed, all the bells melted down, all the churches turned into mosques or bazaars. Oh, yes. That’s how Constantinople became Istanbul. But today’s elites, the UN and the teachers in our schools don’t want to hear about it.

Mustard Promo in Orlando, Florida: ‘Ask Any Question’

Billboards stress commonality of religions

No shiite. So all religions are the same and all we have to do is celebrate the diversity of what exactly?

Billboards Genocide links Islam to Christianity and Judaism/Orlando Sentinel

Very well, so here’s my question, Muslims:

If we have so much in common, and if we are ‘the same family and the same message’, please tell me why Muslims kill  a Christian every 5 minutes, (last year 100.000) and why do the highest ranking Muselmanic clerics call for genocide of all Jews?

And  what for do we need Islam if we’re all “one family, one message?”

Take a real close look: does this look familiar? Is there anything we have in common?

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Iranian Jew murdered in Tehran

Sounds like a honeytrap,   almost like the case of Ilan Halimi.


Iranian Jew is murdered, investigators tell suspect: “If you were involved in killing a Jew, you did a good deed”

The woman whom Magrufta was dating was reportedly arrested on suspicion of being responsible for the murder but was released without being indicted. Members of the Jewish community in Iran told Channel 2 News that the investigators reportedly told the woman that “if you were involved in killing a Jew, you did a good deed.”…

The current Iranian government census reports that there are still 8,756 Jews left in the country. In 2009, there were 25,000 Jews across the country; in Isfahan, Iran’s third-largest city, there were 1,200.

Israel Matzav:

An Iranian Jew has been found murdered and the local Jewish community is fuming.

A 24-year-old Iranian Jew, who was part of one of the wealthiest Jewish families in the Iranian Jewish community, was murdered last week as reported by Israeli Channel 2. The Iranian Jewish community is fuming.

His name was Daniel Magrufta, the son of a well-known businessman. He was dating the the non-Jewish daughter of a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

Channel 2 reported that Jewish community suspects that she was involved in the murder, but she was released without any charges being brought against her.

When you play with fire, sometimes you get burnt.

French Satirical Mag Charlie Hebdo Defies Mohammedan Savages, Prints “Life of Muhammad”

The lame stream media, the socialist  polit-props and their Mohammedan minders are already feeling the heat:

The Turkish government condemned the publication as a “mistake.”

“To transform the life of the prophet of Islam into a cartoon is in itself a mistake,” Ibrahim Kalin, senior political advisor to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, wrote on Twitter. “Whatever the people at Charlie Hebdo say, this is a provocation.”

The French government has also spoken out against the cartoons:

“There is no necessity to pour oil on fire,”  –spokesperson Najat Vallaud-Belkacem told France 2.

French satirical magazine prints Muhammad comics

Charlie Hebdo shrugs off threats, publishes new comic book biography of Islam’s founder–AFP

A French satirical magazine, whose offices were fire-bombed after it published cartoons lampooning the prophet Muhammad, published on Wednesday a comic book biography of Islam’s founder.

Rage Boy is Licking His Chops.

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