Egypt: Muslims Vow to Recapture Spain

So let’s see. Israel is occupied and Spain is, too (by Spaniards, imagine that!)  And Thailand, Chechnya, Bosnia, Sudan, Philippines, etc., and everywhere Muslims wage jihad, etc.  (MEMRI TV thanks to Pamela Geller)

Oh, and the Muslims discovered America, doncha know?

The world belongs to allah and his profit. No matter how long it takes, we ill liberate it, move over, kafir, the soldiers of allah are coming!

Islamic theology holds that whenever a land belongs to the House of Islam at any time, it belongs by right to the house of Islam forever. “And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution is worse than slaughter.” — Qur’an 2:191

“Egyptians Protest the Fall of Islamic Andalusia and Vow to Liberate It,” from MEMRI, January 2 (thanks to JW):

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Revolting: Tommy gets 10 months for a minor offence

EDL leader Stephen Lennon jailed for false passport offence  (BBC)

Tommy Robinson has been rotting in a UK jail under gruesome conditions awaiting trial for months.

British corruptocrats jail a  freedom fighter while thousands of Islamic jihadists  roam the streets on welfare. There will be a price to pay for this treason. This is political thuggery of the worst kind.

Pamela Geller:  it is stunning that the UK has degenerated to such depths. Freedom is no longer a reality, but a defeated idea undone by cowardice and capitulation of Islamic thuggery and violence.

Political Imprisonment in the UK: EDL leader Tommy Robinson jailed for 10 months

The leader of the English Defence League has been jailed for 10 months for using someone else’s passport to travel to the USA.

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France: Muslims call for major jihad terror attacks in response to Muhammad cartoons

France: Muslims call for major jihad terror attacks in response to Muhammad cartoons

“Anyone who can kill a French national do so without hesitation.”

And the “free” press is already submitting in advance


In the face of this thuggery, the Western “free” press cowers and submits. “From The MEMRI Jihad And Terrorism Threat Monitor: On Twitter, Jihadists Call For Major Terror Attacks Against France In Response To Publication Of Muhammad Comic Book,” from MEMRI, January 4 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

On January 2, 2012, via Twitter, jihadists debated the issue of the appropriate response to a comic book biography of the Prophet Muhammad published this week by the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo.

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French, Saudi Funded Economist to Shape US Global Development Policy

Obama Appoints French Economist Funded by Saudi Billionaire to Shape US Global Development Policy

You probably never heard of al Qaeda financier Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel, but with Esther Duflo’s appointment to  “spread the wealth around” you might want to know who is really behind US Global Development Policy and how it’s connected with the “coexist” fraud.

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On January 6, In The Point


Esther Duflo is one of those people who are taken seriously by the sort of people who eat up TED talks with a silver spoon. Her big number is how to help people in the Third World up from poverty, which is a surprisingly profitable branch of economics when you consider the sheer number of NGOs and billionaires interested in getting into the aid business.

But there’s one particular billionaire at Duflo’s back. Abdul Latif Jameel.

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Photos from Recent Fatah Rally; Child Abuse in Gaza

Photos from Recent Fatah Rally in Gaza

Guest post by Challah Hu Akbar, aka CHA or Challah (EoZ)

 A proud “Palestinian” Arab Moslem who wants to see his son become a “martyr”

Last Friday, Fatah held a major rally in the Gaza Strip celebrating the anniversary of its first terror attack. Fatah officials said that there was close to a million, if not more than a million people, while Hamas officials say that the crowd was no more than 200,000.

While the rally seemed to be going well, parts of it were forced to be cancelled for what appears to have been anoutbreak of scuffles between supporters of former Fatah strongman Mohammed Dahlan and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

Yahiya Rabah, a top Fatah official in Gaza, said the rally was cancelled “due to the huge number of participants and logistical failures.” But witnesses said one pushing match was between supporters of Abbas and partisans of Fatah’s former Gaza security commander Mohammed Dahlan, who was expelled from the party because of conflicts with Abbas. Another Fatah official, who spoke anonymously because he did not want to embarrass the party, said the rally was cancelled because hundreds of Dahlan supporters jumped up on the stage and clashed with Abbas supporters.

Here are a selection of photos from the day: Photos from Recent Fatah Rally in Gaza

UK: Cameron wants to be seen doing “something”

Its an election year. Remember when Tony BLiar promised he would kick out 500 Islamic clerics? How many did he deport?

Deport first, ask questions later: ‘Fed up’ Cameron reveals plans to remove terror suspects before they launch appeals

  • New proposals will mean deportees can only appeal while in UK
  • Measures will stop the likes of Abu Qatada using human rights claims
  • Could remove 4,000 foreign rapists and muggers from Britain’s streets

By James Slack, Home Affairs Editor/Daily Mail

Thanks to Vlad Tepes who acidly remarks: I notice that certain European leaders, most notably Germany, France and England, tend to make a lot of rational noises in the press right before they do absolutely nothing.

In other news:

“Successive British Governments continue to tolerate the existence of large charities that encourage and provide for Islamist terror groups. By failing to separate British Muslims from the Islamist charities that exploit them, we flatter and legitimize supporters of terrorism as humanitarians and community leaders. In the US, the charity Interpal is a proscribed organization: when you help terror groups build homes, you are also helping terror groups build bombs.”

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Cyprus: Islamic Supremacist Goes Apes#it, Attacks Greek Cypriot Airport Officer

The report omits any references to the Egyptian ambassador being a Muslim supremacist who totally lost it when a lowly dhimmi, a Greek Cypriot who simply tried to do her job, made her comply with the law.

Egyptian Ambassador Slaps Cyprus Airport Officer – Then Pulls Off Official’s Wig (Video by Jim Hoft/GWP)

Egyptian ambassador to Cyprus, Menha Mahrous Bakhoum, lost it and slapped a police officer at the airport in Cyprus.

From the video: Egyptian ambassador to Cyprus, Menha Mahrous Bakhoum, has appeared in a video swearing at and slapping a police officer at Larnaca airport, claiming she was subject to verbal and physical humiliation by airport security despite her diplomatic standing.

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Norway loves Islamic headbangers

Back by Popular Demand

Norway rolls out the red carpet for a “well-known extremist who spreads hatred against Jews and gays”

 Haitham al-Habbad

As reported here last month, Mr.  Haitham al-Habbad attended a seminar in Norway late last year hosted by The Observer says, “Apparently his message was such a hit with the attendees that decided to invite him back for a second session next week.”

Per Sandberg (FRP — Progress Party), Chairman of the Parliamentary Justice Committee, compared Haddad’s ideology with Nazism in an interview with NRK [Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation].

“Following the attacks on July 22, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg (Labour Party) made it clear that Norway must become even more democratic in order to oppose Anders Behring Breivik’s hatred. My view is that there must be more religious freedom for Islam in Norway in order to oppose Sandberg and Rieber-Mohn’s hatred of Islam. We have to show these Islam-haters that we will not be intimidated by their hate-filled campaign against Muslims. People who choose to stay silent will slowly but surely be indoctrinated and filled with hatred, as was the case with Germany during the Nazi regime,” says Fahad Qureshi, the leader of Islam Net.    (GoV)

 Stoltenberg needs to be locked up in a padded cell, perhaps together with  Haitham al-Habbad and his disciples………

The European Court rules against extraordinary rendition

This is the same court that makes it virtually impossible to get rid of Islamic parasites like Abu Qatada and thousands more  like him. The ‘rights’ of Islamic terrorists precede the rights of the host society they came to destroy. How good is that?

Did you know that Islamic terrorists have a  ‘right to be free of torture?’

 Khaled el-Masri  based his application for asylum on his membership in the Islamic Unification Movement. He was granted asylum, and in 1994 he obtained German citizenship through previous marriage with a German woman. In 1996, he married a fellow Lebanese and has several children.

The importance of European court’s ruling against extraordinary rendition

It’s the first time a court has expressly found that the CIA’s extraordinary programme constituted torture.–Al Jizz

Syria: “inner struggle” watch


Fleet of Russian warships reportedly en route to Syria to head off a Western attack

Israel and the US said to be mulling a military campaign to secure chemical weapons held by Moscow’s civil war-ravaged ally

A flotilla of five Russian warships laden with hundreds of troops, which is headed toward Syria, is a show of force meant to deter Western armies from intervening in the war-torn nation, the London-based Sunday Times reported.

Sunni Muslims blame the media:

“All the Alawites listened to state television that told them that the Sunnis are bloodthirsty murderers that will kill all of them. They began to believe that if Assad goes, then they will all be finished too.”

But the media is not always wrong, especially when sunni mustards behave like this:

Damascus declares to rule by Islam and calls for Khilafah in a massive protest | January 2013

Religious Warfare Haunts Syria (Telegraph)

Religious groups that have lived peacefully together for generations have been plunged into savage local conflicts, as The Sunday Telegraph discovered in villages deep inside Latakia Province.

As in Pakistan, Iraq and Indonesia, the simmering violence between Sunnis and Shias is boiling over in Syria and has nothing to do with the usual scapegoats.

Palestine for the Syrians?

During a meeting with leaders of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in 1976, Syrian President Hafiz al-Asad referred to Palestine as a region of Syria, as Southern Syria. He then went on to tell the Palestinians: “You do not represent Palestine as much as we do. Do not forget one thing: there is no Palestinian people, no Palestinian entity, there is only Syria! You are an integral part of the Syrian people and Palestine is an integral part of Syria. Therefore it is we, the Syrian authorities, who are the real representatives of the Palestinian people.” – Daniel Pipes has more…..

Syrian President Assad calls for ‘full national mobilization’ to fight …

(Reuters) – A defiant President Bashar al-Assad called on Sunday for national mobilization in a “war to defend the nation”, describing rebels fighting him as terrorists and agents of foreign powers with whom it was impossible to negotiate.

What does 2013 have in store for Syria?

With the two-year-old conflict worsening all the time, al Jizz asks  if 2013 could be the deadliest year yet.

The conflict in Syria has been going on for nearly two years now. And as we enter 2013, we look at what the future may hold for the country.

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