Sheik’s vision of ocker sharia ‘from day one’

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“Listen, and understand. That Islam is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.”

Sheik’s vision of ocker sharia ‘from day one’/the Australian

A FIERY sermon by the Australian spokesman for radical Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir has given rise to fresh concerns about the group’s Islamist Islamic agenda.

Sheik Ismail al-Wahwah offered a particularly stark vision of life in Australia were the group to succeed in its objective of establishing an Islamic state, or caliphate, governed by Islamic law.

Speaking on Christmas Eve, he said an Islamic regime in Australia would ban alcohol, enforce a strict Islamic dress code, prohibit the teaching in schools of all foreign languages except Arabic, ban money-lenders from charging interest and force the courts to implement sharia law.

“Fornication, whatever, that will all stop,” Sheik al-Wahwah said. “On the streets, there will be only the sharia dress code. Anyone, Muslim or non-Muslims . . . A Muslim street has to be like that. The sharia will be implemented from day one.”

India: Muslim politician arrested after saying Muslims would “finish off one billion Hindus”

The Indian gubmint wants to be seen doing something:

India: Muslim politician arrested after saying Muslims would “finish off one billion Hindus”

Note that this Associated Press report does not contain what he actually said, which was that Muslims in India would need just 15 minutes without the police to show 100 crore Hindus who is more powerful and finish them off. A crore equals ten million, so 100 crore Hindus would be a billion. He was boasting that the Muslims could essentially wipe the Hindus from the face of the earth in fifteen minutes, if the police look the other way.

An update on this story.

“Muslim lawmaker held for inflammatory speeches,” from the Associated Press, January 9 (thanks to JW):

Indian police say they have arrested a Muslim lawmaker in a southern state for making inflammatory speeches against Hindus.Police officer A.B. Venkateshwar Rao says Akbaruddin Owaisi, was arrested on Tuesday in Hyderabad, capital of Andhra Pradesh state.

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CBS Tards: More “Ads With Inflammatory Messages About Islam” Appear In NYC Subway

Unreal. These people are shameless in ignorance and stupidity. These pathetic cowards don’t even dare to put a picture up of the “inflammatory messages about Islam”.

“Interfaith” depravity from a kumbaya priestess:

“They may be legal but they’re not moral,” said the Rev. Chloe Breyer of the Interfaith Center. “Demonizing the religions of others does not show New Yorkers at our best.”

Pamela has more, here:

CBS News: Quranic quote “Inflammatory”– Inflammatory? Because it violates the sharia (do not criticize Islam)?

NY Daily News: “Group’s ads link Islam to terrorism”–We didn’t link Islam to terrorism. The Quran does.

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Another set of inflammatory ads has appeared in 39 New York City subway stations, paid for by the same group that posted ads equating Muslims or Palestinians with savages last year.

The American Freedom Defense Initiative, co-founded by conservative firebrand Pamela Geller, purchased space next to 228 clocks in 39 stations for the ads.

The ads feature an image of the twin towers of the World Trade Center burning on Sept. 11, 2001, and a quote attributed to the Quran saying: “Soon shall we cast terror into the hearts of the unbelievers.”

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said the ads went up Monday and will run for a month.

The group’s earlier ads were displayed in 10 stations in September. Those ads read: “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat jihad.”

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Grappling With Muslim Sex Gangs in Britain

Grappling With Muslim Sex Gangs in Britain

Posted By Bruce Bawer  In Daily Mailer,FrontPage Comments

One of the big news stories in Britain last year was the uncovering of what that country’s media insist on calling “Asian sex gangs.” Simply put, groups of “Asian” men turn large numbers of “white” girls into their sex toys, “grooming” them for exploitation and then passing them around to one another. For those unfamiliar with the standard euphemisms of the British press – left-wing and right-wing, highbrow and lowbrow alike – “Asian” and “white” are codes for “Muslim” and “non-Muslim,” respectively. The reason these men can target non-Muslim girls so remorselessly is simple: they know that in their religion’s eyes female infidels are already prostitutes, whose failure to wear veils renders them undeserving of respect and responsible for any sexual act to which they might be unwillingly subjected.


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Turkish Grand Vizier in Germany Coins New Grievance Term: “Religious Racism”– Demands Penalties For “Islamophobes”

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You may laugh out loud.

But be careful; you might be choking on something. Thanks to the indefatigable efforts of Eklemeddin Ihsanoghlu and the  deep pockets of the OIC, conflating imaginary “racism” with Islam  has already dhimmified the UK, the U.S. & Australia.   Of course we all know that Mayzek’s grievances have nothing to do with ‘racism’ and that its use in this context is mendacious; but, like “islamophobia”, (a term coined by the Muslim Brotherhood to smack down any opposition to Islam by declaring critics insane)  “racism”  accusations are as predictable and annoying  as dogturds on the sidewalk. Much like the former Soviet Union, where dissidents were locked up in insane asylums.  Because “everyone knew” that communism is “scientific”, “peer reviewed” and “proven”.

It doesn’t occur to Mayzek to apologize for  the horrific crimes committed by his coreligionists; that many of his fellow travellers commit acts of daily violence against native Germans and behave as if they were the masters of the country. No, Mazyek  complains and complains about the alleged “discrimination” of the righteous and above all: demands, demands and more demands.  Now he wants to punish “religious racism” –whatever that may be. We all know, of course, what that amounts to; that criticism of Islam should be banned  because Islam cannot withstand critical inspection.Anyone who takes a closer look will quickly find that this  “religion” is as dangerous as it is represented by Islam critics, a fact observable  every day of the week.

“Islam is very much like our world view” (Weltanschauung)

Germany’s local authorities begin integrating Islam

Idiotic. Islam cannot be integrated. Islam must dominate!

The agreement also provides for the teaching of Islam in public schools. The subject is legally complex, since the German constitution envisages that religion be taught “in harmony with the principles of the religious communities.” — Harmony? How come I never found that part in the Koran?


Germany: Muslim Associations Say Banning Political Party Not Enough

Koranimals are throwing their weight around like never before. As for attacking the “far right”,  they need to be reminded that  the Nazis were their partners in crime during WWII. The NDP (National Deutsche Partei) is legitimate but scandalised by the far left, the Muslims and the Greens. Things being what they are, there is no “far right” in Germany; what they call ‘right’ is left/socialist just like the Nazis were. There is no equivalent to the tea party  and besides, the NDP is so heavily infiltrated with Gestapo types that it will never get off the ground.

Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

Islamic and immigrant associations in Germany support the ban on the far-right NPD that the federal states aim to achieve. Their representatives point out to the “Welt” however, that banning a political party will not cause the far-right ideas it disseminated to disappear.

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Al Gore sold Current TV to an organization that was “aligned with [Current TV’s] point of view.”

Al Gore sold Current TV to an organization that was “aligned with [Current TV’s] point of view.”

By /Frontpage

Please see if these views are aligned with yours. After all, former Democratic Vice President “the Goracle” got a Nobel Peace Price.  Imagine all that peace and love breaking out if this guy would be President of the United States!

Liberal media critics often insist that Al Jazeera is benign and certainly not in any way violent or hatefilled. L. Gordon Crovitz has a timely reminder of just what Al Jazeera stands for with two key moments from Al Jazeera’s programming.

Al Jazeera Honored Child Killer, Called for Murder of All Jews

In 2009, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, host of the network’s most popular Arabic-language show, “Shariah and Life,” said on air: “Oh, Allah, take this oppressive Jewish, Zionist band of people. Oh Allah, do not spare a single one of them. Oh Allah, count their numbers and kill them, down to the very last one.”

In 2008, Al Jazeera threw an on-air party for Samir Kuntar when he was released from an Israeli prison. Kuntar led a Palestine Liberation Front terrorist team that kidnapped an Israeli family in 1979. He shot the father and killed the 4-year-old daughter by smashing her head against rocks along the beach. Al Jazeera’s Beirut bureau chief hands Kuntar a scimitar to cut the celebratory cake and says: “This is the sword of the Arabs, Samir.”

Both of these broadcasts occurred a mere few years ago. Al Jazeera has certainly not changed since then.

Liberal media critics will argue that Al Jazeera in English is different in terms of tone and content, but they should also ask themselves which is the real Al Jazeera? Is the real Al Jazeera the Arabic version or the English version?

Arafat had a history of saying one thing to his people and another to foreign diplomats. He told his people that he wanted war and told diplomats he wanted peace. History records that he told his people the truth and told the West a lie. It might be time to seriously consider which Al Jazeera is real, the one calling for a second Holocaust or the one that Al Gore made his deal with.

“The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism and all in submission to Allah and His Prophet.”

Misunderstanders of Jihad Roundup

Shock horror! There is backlash happening:

Jihad in Russia: Muslims planning attacks on Christmas services killed by security forces

What are peaceful Muslims in the West doing to disabuse Muslims like these of the idea that killing non-Muslims is a good and meritorious act? Why, nothing. “Russia kills militants suspected of Christmas attack plan,” from Reuters, January 6 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Jihad in Iraq: Muslims forget that jihad is making friends across the aisle, slit throat of Christian teacher

So many misunderstanders of jihad, and Hamas-linked CAIR is only talking to the easily foolable kuffar, with their new ad campaign whitewashing jihad:

“My Jihad is to stay fit despite my busy schedule. What’s yours?”

“My Jihad is to build friendships across the aisle. What’s yours?”

“My Jihad is to not judge people by their cover. What’s yours?”

Shdha Elias tragically ran into some misunderstanders of jihad, whose jihad was to cut her throat.

“Christian teacher has throat cut in Mosul, plunging city in fear again,” fromAsiaNews, January 7 (thanks to JW)

Jihad in Iraq: Jihad car bomb murders Christian university student

The jihadis meant the bomb to hurry the kids off to school, but what can you do? Collateral damage is sometimes unavoidable. “More Christian blood in Mosul, car bomb kills Christian university student,” from AsiaNews, January 8 (thanks to JW):

But don’t worry: war is over if you want it!

Obama senior lawyer says “military pursuit of al-Qaida” should end soon

Overconfidence of Baghdad Bob proportions, or  capitulation attempting to disguise itself as a victory?

Jihad: Afghan soldier fails to realize that jihad means not judging people by their cover, murders British “ally”

Hamas-linked CAIR’s #MyJihad campaign assures us that jihad is benign, even chummy:

“My Jihad is to stay fit despite my busy schedule. What’s yours?”

“My Jihad is to build friendships across the aisle. What’s yours?”

“My Jihad is to not judge people by their cover. What’s yours?”

So many misunderstanders!

“British soldier dies in Afghanistan ‘insider attack,'” from the BBC, January 8 (thanks to JW):

Jihad in Egypt: Jihadist plot to attack church with explosives and weapons foiled

As Coptic Christians celebrate Christmas, some Muslims in Rafah remind them of what jihad means. “Egypt army foils bid to attack Coptic church,” from AFP, January 7 (thanks to JW):

Jihad in Afghanistan: Two Muslims fail to realize that jihad is just getting up early to take the kids to school, murder five by blowing themselves up

More misunderstanders of jihad. Yet the true understanders thereof still direct their efforts against “Islamophobes” rather than against those among their coreligionists who fail to grasp that the true meaning of jihad is just taking the kids to school.

“Suicide bombers kill 5 at Afghan district compound in Kandahar,” from The Associated Press, January 6

Jihad in Pakistan: Muslim mob fires on Christians celebrating Christmas

We’re only hearing about this now because “the news of this attack on Christians on Christmas Day was intentionally blocked by media and administration of capital city Islamabad.”

The ICC has a more recent account here, noting again that the attackers have gone unpunished. “Muslim mob attacked Christian worshipers on Christmas Day in Islamabad,” from the Pakistan Christian Post, December 29, 2012:

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Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Gov: “Israel Stole $50 Billion of Our Sand”

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Gov: “Israel Stole $50 Billion of Our Sand”

Posted By Daniel Greenfield  In The Point

Sand. It’s the one truly rare thing in the Middle East because it’s so very rare. And while there’s no word on whether the feared Mossad Sharks and IAF vulture had anything to do with it, they probably did. Sinai used to be known for its sand, until the Jews stole it all to build massive sand castles with which to oppress the Palestinian people.

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Malaysia: “persecuted Rohingya” (Bangladeshi Muslims) rape and cut the throats of 3 Buddhists

Type  “Rohingya, most persecuted” in your browser and you get about 735,000 results in (0.26 seconds) One could almost get the idea that somebody has a vested interest here. In recent months, just about every Muslim organisation in the world called on Burma to give the “Rohingya people their rights”, but much to their chagrin the Buddhists are not bending over. The Buddhists are well aware that the “Rohingya” are an invented people. They are  illegal Bangladeshi invaders, and giving them “their rights” would mean the Buddhists would end up with none in their own country.

Killing of Yakhine Buddhists in Malaysia

Islamic  terrorists are busy killing Burmese nationals working abroad;  like this brutal killing of two Yakhine Buddhists living in Islamic Malaysia last July.

Now this:

MALAYSIA: Three Buddhist workers  savagely tortured, raped … (Barenaked)

Three Buddhist-Yakhine men working as tappers in a rubber plantation near the town of Alor Setar in Malaysia were brutally killed during the night of December 28. The fourth man managed to flee from the Muslim attackers while they were trying to tie him down with ropes.

 Hlaoo1980 “Yesterday at about 11 in the night of December 28 about 15 Bengali Muslims – we know they are illegals from Burma and working here in Malaysia – took three Yakhines onto the nearby hill and raped them. And later they murdered them by cutting their throats. Today December 29, at about 9:30 we discovered their bodies on the top of that hill. These three faced most ugly deaths,” said Maung Than Hlaing to the Narinjara.

Click on image to enlarge!

Tundra Tabloids  Oh, and we have to remember that Malaysia is the country that the apologists  label as the showcase Muslim state of moderation and of tolerance. It’s anything but, and any tolerance and normalcy it once exhibited, it gained from outside non-Islamic sources. Now it’s in the Islamization process and the true nature begins to shine through.

The demand for buildings to resemble Islamic structures, will make it that much more easier to take them over, once they’ve finished driving the Buddhists completely out of course.

WARNING: Graphic, disturbing images


Wackademic, who cannot be named, is facing 12 separate sex charges….

Beats me why “he cannot be named”. The media is not always so coy. In fact, there are many instances where the media destroyed people for much less. Why are they protecting the identity of a serial rapist?

A YOUNG teen girl accusing a university academic of sexually assaulting her on separate occasions told a school friend he “raped” her during a sleepover at his family home, a court has been told.

Newscom/thanks to Dhumme

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