“Multi-faith group protesting Pamela Geller” turns out to be 6 CAIR affiliated Mustards

“Multi-faith group protests Pamela Geller, conservative conference” ABC News

Pamela sets the record straight:

Video: ABC News Headlines 6 Hamas-CAIR Brotherhood Supremacists as a “Multi-Faith Protest”

Check out this headline — “Multi-faith group protests Pamela Geller, conservative conference.” The “multi-faith group” was six Muslims. There were over 300 people at the Maryland Conservative Conference, but this silly grievance-mongering few get enormous TV coverage and editorial bias. Watch the video:

Protesters outside held signs with messages such as “Hate is Not an American Value.”

A CAIR Mustard by the name of Saquip Ali claims Geller is  a “radical extremist”  LOL!

There is more, there is always more:

Malay Christians told to not use ‘Allah’ “or one day the Muslims will lose their patience and will do anything to defend their faith”

Malaysia: Muslim leader threatens violence against Christians who use word “Allah”

Please note that the aggressors speak of “defending Islam” when they do mean violent jihad.

Arabic-speaking Christians were using the word “Allah” to refer to the God of the Bible since before the invention of Islam. This does not in reality signify their Islamization or dhimmitude; it is just the word they have used. But now Islamic supremacists in Malaysia have made it into an issue, and Johor Islamic Religious Council Adviser Datuk Nooh Gadut is threatening violence against those who do not fall into line.

“Abuse of ‘Allah’ makes one apostate: official,” from Bernama, January 12 (thanks toBlazing Cat Fur):

JOHOR BARU (Jan 12): Johor Islamic Religious Council Adviser Datuk Nooh Gadut today said those who allow the abuse of the word ‘Allah’ can be considered as apostates and should repent immediately.He said the word ‘Allah’ was the exclusive right of Islam and Muslims.

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Not a terrorist

“Kind, respectful and thoughtful person” gets 25 years for firing on Pentagon.

At least he wasn’t a terrorist:

“My son is a sick person, not a terrorist,” –his family wrote. Melaku was born in Ethi­o­pia and raised in Northern Virginia.

A decent fellow, no doubt. #MyJihad in DC: Muslim who fired on Pentagon gets 25 years

The essence of Islamic learning, directly from al Azhar:

 France, again:

Many of the Worst Anti-Semites Are European


885 ‘Palestinians’ killed in Syria, Media reports about a nuisance in Israel

Eight hundred and eighty-five Palestinians have been killed in Syria since the uprising against President Bashar Assad erupted nearly two years ago, Lebanon’s Daily Star, citing a Hamas spokesman, reported Friday.

Israel’s security forces were caught flat-footed on Thursday night when ‘Palestinians’ set up tents and squatted on land located in E-1 between Jerusalem and Maaleh Adumim. They should not have been. The ‘Palestinians’ set up a Facebook page for the ‘event’ on December 30.

With all that our intelligence services supposedly monitor social media, you have to wonder where they were on this one.  (Carl)

Horrific tales of rape in Syria   (EoZ)

The International Rescue Committee just released a report on the Syrian crisis, and it includes sickening details of rape there and the aftermath of sexual abuse:  The report does not specify whether it is only the Syrian forces who are committing these crimes or the rebel side as well.

Guardian asks ‘expert’ what Hamas can do to “kickstart the peace process”

“I guess it never occurred to the British academic that a good way to “kick-start the peace process” would be for the Palestinian leadership in the W. Bank to avoid aligning themselves with a group whose leadership characterizes Jews as “blood suckers” and “wild beasts” who deserve to be annihilated.”

This is, of course, only one tiny example of how the daily incitement in Arabic media gets ignored by the mainstream media – the major newspapers, networks and wire services.

Here are a few of the anti-semitic articles and actions in the Arab and Iranian media we reported on in only the past month:

Harvard Dhimmis Post Koran Verse @ Faculty of Law

“All(ah) inclusive”

Mark Steyn so aptly quoted Kate McMillan:

“What’s the opposite of diversity?


Harvard Dhimmis Submit, Post Quran Verse at Faculty of Law— Pamela Geller

Harvard University has posted a Quranic verse at the entrance of its faculty of law, describing the verse as one of the greatest expressions for justice in history.

It’s to laugh, it’s to cry:

Quran verse posted at US Harvard varsity Emirates 24/7

There’s a reason Islam is called the ‘religion of the professors.’

Never was  ‘you get what you pay for’ more to the point.

How many full paying Sowdi savages are using Harfaart as a diploma mill annually?

BBC seeks protection from suicide attacks, builds bunker for staff

BBC Watch: Stop press! BBC uses word ‘terrorist’!

“No need to get excited, though: this is about Europe, where apparently – unlike the Middle East – people convicted of terrorism in a court of law can be described by the BBC as terrorists rather than ‘militants’ and their actions described as terrorism rather than ‘resistance’. “


BBC’s news studios built in bomb proof room to protect them from jihad suicide attacks

While BBC newscasters apologize for and cover for jihad terror and Islamic supremacism in their newscasts, their architects have taken a more Islamorealistic view.

“BBC bunker: News studios built in bomb proof room to protect it from suicide attacks,” by Alex Gore for the Daily Mail, January 13 (thanks to JW):

The BBC’s new multi-million pound television news studio has been built to be bomb proof to protect journalists from suicide attacks.

In other news:

University’s new centre to study rise in anti-Islam far right

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U.S. Occupiers Out of Turkey!

I second that. The U.S. has no business to be in Turkey. NATO should cut all ties with wannabe caliph Erdogan. All financial, military and economic aid must end.

Modern, moderate, Turkey: Muslim protesters burn flag, demand expulsion of U.S. troops from Turkey over rumor of Qur’an desecration

The Turks are irked, the Turks are irked — what kind of jerk would irk the Turks?
Thought this kind of thing only happened in strongholds of Islamic supremacist fury such as Pakistan and Afghanistan? Think again. Anyway, as for the expulsion of U.S. troops from Turkey, sounds like a great idea to me.“Turkish protesters condemn US forces over mosque attack,” from Islamic Invitation Turkey, January 13 (thanks to JW):

People have taken to the streets in southern Turkey to condemn US forces based in the country over reports that the soldiers desecrated Islam.The protest was held on Saturday in the province of Adana, home to the Incirlik Air Base, where US troops are stationed.

The demonstrators demanded that the culprits be identified and punished. They also called for the expulsion of the US troops from Turkey.

The rally came after reports that a group of drunk US soldiers broke the windows of a mosque and destroyed copies of the Qur’an on New Year’s Eve.

Yeah, that’s about as likely to have happened as a visit from Santa Claus to the same mosque.

The Adana Governor’s office is said to have launched an investigation into the allegations.The Turkish military denies the sacrilegious move was committed by US troops.

Pakistan: Tahir ul Qadri’s “Peace March” fizzles

What if Tahi rul Qadri gave a “Long March” for a million people and only a few thousand came?

Canada-based Pakistani cleric leads an estimated 7,000 protesters from Lahore to Islamabad to demand electoral reforms. (Al Jizz)

Tahir ul Qadri plans to lead a mass march to Islamabad to protest against immoral politics. ( 12-Jan-2013 )

Tahirul Qadri, an Islamic scholar and preacher who returned to Pakistan in December after years in Canada, has said he will lead a million people on a “peaceful revolution”.

He has accused the government of being corrupt and incompetent, and argued that Pakistan must enact “meaningful” electoral reforms before general elections, scheduled to be held within eight weeks after parliament disbands in mid-March.

“This is a march for protection of human rights, elimination of poverty, supremacy of constitution, rule of law and end of corruption,” Qadri said.

The cleric called for what he says is a “democracy march”, but the government says the cleric, is part of a “conspiracy” designed to postpone elections and grab power.

Tahir says anything, will do anything to come to power. “Democracy” my foot.

Other news:

115 Shiites murdered

 Pakistan sacks provincial Baloch government after Quetta attacks

Paki leaders dismissed the government of southwest Baluchistan province early Monday in response to the demands of protesters angry about an attack on minority Shiite Muslims there that killed 115 people.

In another part of the country, a roadside bomb killed 14 Paki soldiers.

Last year was the deadliest ever for Shiites in Pakistan, with over 400 dead in targeted killings. Violence has been especially intense in Baluchistan, home of the largest number of Shiites in the country.

“Israel’s jihad is mine”

Either Dr Qanta Ahmed is totally clueless about Islam or she just dumped a steaming pile of taqiyya on the Times of Israel. Israel is not waging a jihad, Islam is. Israelis defend themselves against the global jihad; they are the main target.

Qanta Ahmed

Dr Qanta Ahmed is Associate Professor of Medicine at the State University of New York (Stony Brook)… [More]

“As a Muslim, I am clear: my loyalty is with Islam, and therefore explicitly with justice, justice for all humanity, a humanity that must include Jews. Hamas is obscenely unjust, so how can my loyalty be with them? To be loyal to Hamas is no less than to abandon Islam. To be loyal to Hamas is the ultimate blasphemy.”

My goodness! I never read so much gibberish in  a long time:  this is patently absurd feel good tosh for the clueless.

Okay, lets take a closer look:

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Mali: just “Mopping Up”– “distorted and destructive vision of Islam” discovered…

Mullah tips:

“It is vital to step in now and stop the deadly march of these extremist militias in Mali”–and:

“extremist militias  want to impose their distorted and destructive vision of Islam on a people that want no part in their brutal nightmare.”– (really?)
No scrutiny, no build-up, no parliamentary vote, not even a softening-up exercise. Britain is now involved in yet another military conflict in a Muslim land, or so we have been informed.
US military planners prepare to support a multi-national African force to intervene in northern Mali – in an attempt to roll back al-Qaeda in the region.

“Complicated Mix of Instability”
Fresh air raids kill at least 11 civilians, including three fleeing children, as military campaign enters third day.

Obama forces fail to rescue French hostage

France surprised by fighting strength of Mali Islamic supremacists

Where are they getting this modern equipment and training? At least some of the equipment comes from Libya, courtesy jihadists who got them from the U.S. and its allies.

“Mali Islamists much stronger than expected: France,” from AFP, January 13: (JW)

French forces in Mali have been taken by surprise by the fighting strength of the Islamist radicals they are attempting to drive out of the centre of the country, it emerged on Sunday.

What a place!

Slide show here…