The Fascist State of Sweden

In Sweden, any kind of opposition to the ruling establishment, any objection to the Muslim invasion, Muslim crime, rape and missionary zeal makes you a “fascist”. Ironically, the leftist establishment never seems to look in a mirror to see the fuggly face of fascism.

Pat Condell nails it like no one else can:

How about enforcing a ‘One Child Policy’ for Muslims worldwide?

‘Limit Muslims’ birth rate’: Sweden Democrat

At last a constructive idea to contain the cancer:

An outspoken local Sweden Democrat politician who previously argued “negro” is not a racist term, has generated headlines again by calling for a law to cap the fertility rate of Muslims around the world.

 Annika Rydh, municipal party secretary in Älmhult, southern Sweden, blogs about her work and often links to Islam-critical articles.  Recently, she linked to a film entitled “Muslim Demographics” that claims Muslims are trying to take over the world one baby at a time.

“It’s a global problem,” Rydh wrote on her blog, according to anti-fascism magazine Expo.  “We can’t tackle this locally. The international community needs to act by having some kind of restriction, like the one-child policy in China.”

Confronting the New Fascism in Sweden

  by Baron Bodissey (GoV)

During the second half of the 20th century, many terms coined by psychologists were picked up by the general public and developed currency in popular discourse. One of the most frequently used is the word “projection”. It is now commonly understood to mean “unconsciously ascribing to others negative characteristics which you yourself possess”.

Never has the power of projection been more evident than in the political culture of Sweden. From an outsider’s perspective, Sweden displays all the attributes of a fascist state: only one political point of view is considered acceptable, and any dissent against it is vigorously punished, by both official and unofficial means. Those who oppose the reigning ideology may lose their jobs or be prosecuted. They are vilified and scapegoated in the (largely state-owned) media to the point where compliant Swedish drones are made to understand that all dissidents are fair game, and deserve anything bad that happens to them.

Useful idiots in cahoots with fast breeding Muselmanic  invaders.

Wearing a yarmulke is no longer safe in the city of Malmö. The mayor blames the Jews, while other Swedish politicians point to ‘social inequality.’  Sweden’s ‘Damn Jew’ Problem

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Egypt’s al-Azhar University teaches cannibalism

Al-Azhar university,  the highest center of learning in Sunni Islam, Obama praised it effusively in his Cairo Speech which he made at the university:

“For over a thousand years, Al-Azhar has stood as a beacon of Islamic learning, and for over a century, Cairo University has been a source of Egypt’s advancement.”- Hussein Obama.

Just don’t call them savages:

Egypt’s al-Azhar University Issues Book Teaching Kids to murder “Sinners” and to eat their flesh

Conditions Apply:

“We are allowed the eating of the flesh of dead humans, the meat must not be cooked or grilled, you are allowed to kill and eat apostates…”

“You can kill the married adulterer, the fighter, whoever gave up praying, and whoever has a punishment on him…. even if the imam did not give his permission for the killing.”

Published on 15 Jan 2013 thanks to BCF

This video footage is taken from a televised show on Al-Tahrir TV channel (Egypt) showing a guest quoting passages from a book – titled ‘al-Iqnaa’ (The Persuasion) – issued by al-Azhar University (one of the world’s oldest universities & the most prestigious Islamic school) being taught to Egyptian high-school students that calls for the killing of sinners – such as apostates, those who don’t pray, adulterers, and those who have a punishment set for them – as well as their eating.

The talk show host was very surprised and warned that this could be fertile ground for religious zealots who form Saudi-like committees for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice to carry out such acts on Egyptian citizens.

As the Muslim Brotherhood became increasingly powerful in Egypt, such insane Wahhabi writings have made their way even into the most prestigious religious institutions in that country.

Source: Al Tahrir TV (Egypt)

Now we find out from Egyptian media that their official textbook which they send to Egyptian high schools for mandatory education includes the mandate of killing non-muslims and eating them, the outright murder of Apostates, permission to murder muslims who don’t pray everyday, stealing wives and enslaving them into prostitution, and the murder of adulterers:

‘Extreme depravity’ From the Religion of Rape & Sexual Exploitation


Muslim sex ring accused of grooming ‘troubled’ underage girls

This was the headline to the London Evening Standard‘s report of the Oxford “grooming” case today.

In the online version it has since been changed to “Sex gang accused of grooming ‘troubled’ underage girls”, and the opening sentence now refers to “Asian” rather than “Muslim” men.

This hasn’t prevented 700,000 printed copies of the paper being distributed to Londoners with a headline that attributes the alleged crime to the assumed religious beliefs of the accused.

(From the Bunglawussi blog. Not ‘alleged’ and not ‘assumed’. The perps are Mustards, all of ’em.  Bob Pitt & his sidekick Bartholomew are the people who claim not to support pedophilia.)

Update II:

Syrian refugees arriving in Jordan and Lebanon are telling stories of gang rapes, according to the New York-based International Rescue Committee. It’s interesting that they won’t say whether it’s Assad’s goons of the Islamist rebels who are behind this. I would bet on both.  (Car’l in J’lem: Religion of Rape)

Oxford ‘child sex ring committed depraved abuse’

“The facts in this case will make you feel uncomfortable.”

The nine (Musel-)men, from Berkshire and Oxfordshire, are accused of sexually exploiting six girls, aged between 11 and 15

A group of nine men targeted vulnerable young girls in Oxford and subjected them to depraved sexual abuse, the Old Bailey has heard.

The men, eight from Oxford and one from Berkshire, are accused of being involved in a child sex-trafficking ring involving six girls.

Between them the defendants face 51 counts including rape and trafficking.

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Profit Mo was just like George, and smelled like…?

Mohammad Smelled So Good They Used To Make Perfume With His Sweat (and they used to drink his urine and lick his spittle….  sweat, urine & saliva fartwa)

* Thanks to HalalPorkShop & Mullah

Muhammad worship comes with oodles of homoerotic fantasies:

“The Prophet (pbuh) was a person of average height. His shoulders were wide. His hair reached his earlobes. Once I saw him adorned in a red garment; I never saw anything more beautiful than him.” (Bukhari #2358)

Some of the Prophet’s Manners & Characteristics

“The Messenger (pbuh) had an excellent, complete and sound intellect. No man has ever had an intellect as complete and perfect as his.”– we beg to differ.

 Mount Rushmore to be renamed:

PuffHo: Mohammed Just Like George Washington

Craig Considine, a PuffHo “interfaith activist”  pushes the replacement theology of the “holy Koran”. He sings the praises of  Akbar Ahmed, the former high commissioner of Pakistan to the U.K. and current Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic studies at American University. It is mind boggling that this enemy agent has advised General David Petraeus, Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, and other US agencies on Islam and foreign policy. He is regularly interviewed by CNN, NPR BBC, and Fox and has appeared several times on Oprah.

Robert Spencer fisked the whole thing, here.

In other news:

Mali: “France has opened the gates of hell for all the French”

The New York Slimes calls the Malian jihadists “rebels”

 The invading force included many “children,” only 13 or 14 years old.

PARIS — Despite intensive airstrikes by French warplanes, Islamist fighters overran a strategic village and military post in central Malion Monday, offering an indication that the war against extremists holy  Muslim warriors who have carved out a jihadist state in the nation’s north could be a long and difficult one.

Paris is determined to shatter Islamist domination of northern Mali, which many fear could become a launchpad for terrorism attacks on the West and a base for coordination with al Qaeda in Yemen, Somalia and North Africa.

BAMAKO/PARIS (Reuters) – Al Qaeda-linked Islamist rebels launched a counteroffensive in Mali on Monday after four days of French air strikes on their northern strongholds, seizing the central town of Diabaly and promising to drag France into a brutal Afghanistan-style war.

A photo posted in the Twitter account of the Somali Islamist group Al-Shabaab shows the body of a French soldier who died during a botched French commando operation to free a French hostage on Friday.

Vlad Tepes got video:

Canada sends C-17 to Mali, but Harper says no combat for Canadians

OTTAWA – Canada is contributing one of its large C-17 military cargo planes to deliver supplies to the capital of Mali after a request from France.

But Prime Minister Stephen Harper insists no Canadian Forces personnel will be involved in any combat action in the landlocked West African country. And he says the transport plane commitment will be short.

An al-Qaida-linked group has seized the northern part of Mali and is advancing south. Read more>>:

Bankrupt EUSSR about to hand over $6.5 billion to Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo

Nothing for defence, everything for tribute. Traitors and lunatics are in charge, but not responsible.

What do they think of this in Athens?

In Athens tonight, they can probably only stare in amazement. While their fellow members in the European Monetary Union have refused to bail them out without strict controls, the EU is giving $6.5 billion to Muslim Brotherhood-led Egypt with no strings attached.   (Israel Matzav)

European Council President Herman Van Rompuy, visiting Cairo, said on Sunday the European Union and other financial institutions had offered Egypt over 5 billion euros to support Egypt’s democratic transition.

“The European Union and associated financial institutions have offered an amount of more than 5 billion euros, or more than $6.5 bln, in grants, concessional loans and loans for a period of 2012 and 2013 to support Egypt’s democratic transition,” Rompuy told reporters.

But Greece, which is an EU member, is left hung out to dry? And they wonder why the Greeks don’t want to repay anything they borrowed until now?

Cyprus is also in deep doodoo and needs a bailout

President Demetris Christofias with European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy and European Parliament President Martin Schulz in Cyprus: all of them hardcore Marxists with Barroso being a Maoist.

Needless to mention that Cyprus (the Greek part of it) is run by a Marxist sock puppet,  President Dimitris Christofias, pictured on the left.

German politicians threaten to block Cyprus bailout

German politicians including Angela Merkel take hard line on Cyprus, which needs estimated €17bn to recapitalise its banks.

The trouble is that  the largest slice of any aid deal would go to  the Russian mafia who have laundered money parked in Cyprus. SPD chairman Sigmar Gabriel, said it was inconceivable that German taxpayers would “save Cypriot banks whose business model is based on facilitating tax evasion”.

GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel said yesterday there could be no special bailout conditions for Cyprus that did not include the need for economic reforms such as privatisations, which have been ruled out by President Demetris Christofias.

They will most likely be used against genuine pro-democracy protesters and/or Israel, but we are not supposed to think about that. “Higher strategic interests” are involved here.

“Military source: US arms deal continuing despite lawmakers’ objections,” from DPA, January 13: JW

Egypt’s negotiations with the US to acquire F-16 aircraft and M1A1 Abrams tanks are proceeding smoothly, a senior Egyptian military source has said.The source added that the negotiations are proceeding regardless of statements made by political opponents of US President Barack Obama, in what may have been an oblique reference to calls by US Congressman Vern Buchanan for the suspension of this deal over what he described as the “dictatorship of President Mohamed Morsy.”

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A real stinker: Norway’s Red-Green Mustard Alliance Tries to Whitewash the Islamic Invasion

Norway’s Happy Lies on Muslim Immigration

Posted By Bruce Bawer  In Daily Mailer,FrontPage 

Should one laugh or cry? That perennial question raised itself yet again on January 10 when Norway’s purported newspaper of record, Aftenposten, ran what several readers, in the comments field, quite properly dismissed as a shameless piece of propaganda that, as one of them put it, “stinks” of the “red-green agenda.” The headline: “People with immigrant backgrounds are becoming more like the rest [of us].” The article was based entirely on data from Statistics Norway, the government statistics bureau. Although that agency has a long record of massaging its numbers and serving up frankly absurd prognoses in order to make it look as if Islamic immigration into Norway is less of a fiasco than the average Norwegian man-in-the-street knows it is, Aftenposten‘s reporters, Kjersti Nipen, Øystein Aldridge, and Kjetil Østli, passed them on in the usual reverently unquestioning fashion.

“In some areas immigrants are becoming more like us,” they quoted Statistics Norway researcher Lars Østby as saying, “but there are few areas in which the population without immigrant backgrounds are being influenced by immigrants.”


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Assad Orders Army to Fire Missiles at Israel if He is Killed

Report says Assad residing on warship

Syrian President Bashar Assad and his family have been living on a warship, with security provided by Russia, intelligence sources told a Saudi newspaper.

Wants to be a statue that claims he took on “the little Satan:” Assad = Asshat.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has ordered his military to launch ballistic missiles at Israel if he is killed,  according to the Israeli online newspaper Inyan Merkazi.


The website reported that Assad met with his top generals recently to express concerns that he could be killed by advanced American missiles recently provided to rebel forces, or by a violent mob similar to the one that violently murdered Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

Should either of those scenarios become reality, Assad reportedly told the generals to unleash Syria’s considerable missile arsenal on Israel and Egypt.  The thinking behind the attack on Israel would be for Assad to preserve a lasting legacy as someone who confronted, and ultimately tried to destroy Israel.

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