Algeria: Al-Qaeda group takes 41 hostages, including seven Americans, takes control of gas field

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Jihad in Algeria:

Al-Qaeda group takes 41 hostages, including seven Americans, takes control of gas field

Good thing Obama has assured us that al-Qaeda is on the ropes. Imagine what they’d be doing if they were strong. “Al Qaeda-linked group reportedly holding 7 Americans among 41 hostages after taking control of Algerian gas field,” from, January 16 (thanks to JW):

An Al Qaeda-linked group from Mali have attacked and taken control of a natural gas field partly owned by BP in southern Algeria, killing two and reportedly taking 41 people hostage, including seven Americans.

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Damage Control: Morsi Claims He Was “Misquoted”

Not so. We got Video:

Here’s what he said:

“No to Negotiations with the Blood-Sucking, Warmongering “Descendants of Apes and Pigs”; Boycott U.S. Products, we must not forget to nurse our children and grandchildren on hatred towards those Zionists and Jews, and all those who support them. They must be nursed on hatred. The hatred must continue…”

Damage control: Morsi was “misquoted”

 Obama’s  spokesturd Jay Carney is downplaying venomously anti-Semitic statements by Egypt’s new Islamist  MuBro president, who said that Jews are “apes and pigs” and must be hated by Muslim children. … More Judeophobia and islamophilia at The Daily Caller via Mullah

 Minimize it, downplay it, deny it:

A video obtained by The New York Times showed Morsy as an Islamist political leader in 2010 urging Egyptians to “nurse our children and our grandchildren on hatred” for Jews and Zionists. In a TV interview months later, he described Zionists as “these bloodsuckers who attack the Palestinians, these warmongers, the descendants of apes and pigs,” the newspaper said.

President Mohamed Morsy said statements he made in 2010 about the Israeli aggression against Palestinians in Gaza were “misquoted,” and stressed his commitment to fully respecting Abrahamic religions (Islam only) and freedom of worship. to force Islam on others.

Transcript follows:

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Little Red Riding Hood & the Three Wolves

Another Arab fairy tale nightmare:

Filipina maid raped by 3 brothers “every night”

Emirates 24/7 thanks to TT

Three Kuwaiti brothers took turns in raping their Filipina housemaid every night before she managed to flee to her country’s embassy in the oil-rich Gulf emirate.

The maid had wanted to report them to the police but she was frightened by their threats against her, Alwatan newspaper reported.

“Since she came to Kuwait to work as a maid for that family, she has fallen victim to those three wolves as they have forced her to sleep with each of them every night,” the Arabic language daily said.

“Finally, she could no longer stand this and fled that house to her country’s embassy, which reported the brothers to the police,” it said, adding that the three brothers were arrested and would be tried.

Obamology: All Out War on the “Bitter Clingers”

It’s just a fact that no one — including the media — was ever serious about doing anything other than exploiting a national tragedy as a way to punish the NRA, restrict the freedoms of the gun owners who don’t vote Democrat, and demonize a culture of law-abiding, gun owners; most of whom live in states that had the temerity to vote for someone other than Obama.– Gun Control: Obama Declares War on Bitter Clingers, Hollywood Gets a Pass

Obama signs 23 executive actions against the 2nd amendment– Grunard

Not even most Obama voters are dumb enough to think that disarming the law-abiding will make children or anyone else other than criminals any safer. But that doesn’t stop Obama-bots from voting for their own enslavement: For the Children

Every dictator in history first disarmed the people:

Texas Democrat Calls for Impeachment of Barack Obama – Compares Him to Hitler

Texas Democrat Kesha Rogers wants Barack Obama impeached. Rogers says Obama should be impeached for his “non-leadership” on the issues that matter most to Americans. Rogers says, “Even Hitler would be proud of the polices that are touted by the president.”


TX Gov. Perry: The Piling on by Political Left to Use Massacre of Children to Advance Political Agenda Disgusts Me

Governor Rick Perry let the Democrats have it today after Barack Obama’s press conference on guns.

Obama Calls on Americans to Stand Up to NRA! (GWP)


Obama goes after the nation’s largest Second Amendment group.

Barack Obama called on All Americans to stand up to the NRA today during his press conference on gun control.

“I will do whatever it takes to disarm you!”

Obama: I’ll Use “Whatever Weight this Office Holds” to Make Gun Laws a Reality (GWP)

Rep. Hank Johnson on NRA: ‘They Still Cannot Get Over’ That Obama Is ‘Black’

Leftist policies don’t solve problems, they just steal liberty and property from the people to empower big government.

Only Six?

At Least Six States Will Take Legislative Action Against Obama’s New Gun Control Laws (GWP)

Its a family affair:

Obama’s Polygamist Brother to Run For Governor in Kenya

 Obama’s other brother Samson was accused of sexual assault of a young girl and denied entry into Great Britain.

Impeach, Impeach, Impeach!

Rep. Steve Stockman: If Obama Violates Constitution a Lot of People Will Call For His Impeachment (GWP)  He just did. Go for it, bro!

“Are we under any less a threat of tyranny from Washington than we were in 1787?”– Walter Williams

As we have seen repeatedly, “assault weapons” are whatever weapons the government wants to take away from you. The Democrat–media complex has yet to define the term meaningfully. “Gun trafficking” means selling guns; statists use the word trafficking to make it sound sinister. As for “high-capacity” magazines — a bill sailing through New York’s state legislature for Andrew Cuomo’s eager signature defines anything above seven rounds as high capacity and therefore illegal. A standard .22 target pistol takes 10 rounds.

If they can take our right to bear arms, the rest will be child’s play. It will be all downhill for authoritarian collectivists from here to the next Holocaust.  (Moonbattery)

Obama Will Use Children as Props for Gun Control Announcement!

Give me the children:

Obama plans to surround himself with children during gun control announcement

Obama Will Use Children as Props for Gun Control Announcement! Megyn Kelly Panel Report – 1/15/13

As we watch BO, E. Holder and friends incrementally dismantle the Constitution and create a police state and a homeland security that violates our rights, signs a bill that can detain or imprison American citizens and were supposed to let him disarm us too… People are delusional if they think it’s not as bad as it is. that’s exactly how Hitler how got away with it. Those that saw it and spoke out were demonized…
Individual Liberty: Rights are claims made by individuals to be free of coercion by others… Collectivism: Rights are claims made upon individuals so that others are free of wants… which are you in for?

Here comes the Boogeyman: Geert Wilders will visit Australia next month!

The state run propaganda machine squeaketh:

Anti-Islam campaigner to visit Aust

Skynews & the Australian run the same text:

Controversial anti-Islam campaigner,  Geert Wilders, will visit Australia next month.

The right-wing Dutch MP was due to visit in October last year but was forced to postpone because the Federal Government took its time deciding whether to approve his visa.

(The Federal Government deliberately delayed his visa.)

Tour organisers Q Society – a group concerned about the so-called ‘Islamisation of Australia’ – have now announced Mr Wilders will speak in February, in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

‘The Australian experiment of multiculturalism is failing in relation to Islam, just as it has failed everywhere else,’ the group says on the event website.

‘Australians are being misled to believe Islam is ‘just another religion’ – when it is in fact much more.’

Immigration Minister, Chris Bowen, has condemned the MP’s extremist views but ultimately decided not to use his ministerial discretion to block his visa.

(“Extremist views?” How come these cretins never tell us what exactly is “extremist” about telling the truth about Islam?)

‘I’ve taken the view, in the end, that I didn’t want to make him a cause celebre,’ he said in October.

‘I think probably what he would like me to do is refuse his visa so he can make a hero of himself and get his cause more attention.’

(Geert Wilders is a patriot and a hero. Chris Bowen is a sellout and a  coward.  Geert Wilders has more  courage than the whole sorry lot of Australian parliamentarians combined. The dhimmi gunsel Chris Bowen  is  a craven little lackey for the sharia finance racket.)

Mr Wilders, founder of the fourth-largest political party in the Netherlands, told a UK newspaper in 2009: ‘I don’t hate Muslims. I hate their book and their ideology.’

Australia’s Muslim population is about half a million people, out of a total population of 22 million.

That’s a lie. We had that many Muslims almost 10 years ago and we now have over a million. Why is this abject failure of a government so desperately trying to deceive the people of Australia?

The Persecution of Christians and Other Non Muslims in Islamic Countries is Worse Than Ever

Because they can:

Egypt imprisons entire family for converting to Christianity

Muhammad said: “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him” (Bukhari 9.84.57). The death penalty for apostasy is part of Islamic law according to all the schools of Islamic jurisprudence. But this mother and her seven children just got fifteen years in prison in brave new democratic “Arab Spring” Egypt. The criminal court of Beni Suef must be made up of moderates.

“Egypt, 15 years in prison for mother and seven children, converts to Christianity,” fromAsia News, January 14 (thanks to The Religion of Peace)

Iranian-American Pastor Faces Death in Iran

(Before It’s News) The next time you attend one of these inter-faith events in the US where Muslim leaders tell you how tolerant they are of other faiths, you might want to ask them about this man, Saeed Abedini.

Egypt’s Coptic Christians fleeing country after Islamist takeover

Tens of thousands of Egyptian Christians are leaving the country in the wake of the Egyptian revolution and subsequent Islamist takeover of politics, priests and community leaders say.

Christianity as a Crime Against Humanity

This should bring around anyone who doubts that “human rights” has become a euphemism for tyranny:

An American pastor is facing a federal lawsuit filed by a George Soros-funded organization alleging that the pastor’s messages on homosexuality are a “crime against humanity” — a lawsuit that some Christians fear might have far-reaching consequences for church mission groups.

Three More Baha’i Imprisoned in Iran… (TROP)

The Bahai and the Zoroastrians are facing extinction  in Iran.

West Point Prayer Battle Sparks Church vs. State Debate Over U.S. Military ‘Religious Coercion’

‘Thank You Jesus’: Woman Wins Major Crucifix Victory at European Court of Human Rights

“amounted to an interference with her right to manifest her religion.”

LONDON (TheBlaze/AP) — British Airways discriminated against a devoutly Christian airline employee by making her remove a crucifix at work, Europe’s highest court ruled Tuesday. While this is being widely seen as a religious liberty victory, the court rejected discrimination cases by three other Christian claimants.–Read More »


Egypt: 5,000 Muslims stream out of mosques, demolish church building while chanting “Allahu akbar”

The Tiny Minority of Extremists always seems to be able to muster a violent kuffar-hating mob, without any opposition from the Vast Majority of Peaceful Muslims. “Muslims Demolish Church Building in Egypt,” by Mary Abdelmassih for AINA, January 16:

(AINA) – Hundreds of Muslims came out of mosques today with hammers and destroyed a social services building belonging to the Coptic Church while chanting Islamic slogans. Security forces arrived after the building was completely razed. The 100 square meters social services building in the village of Fanous, Tamia district in Fayoum province, 130 KM south west of Cairo, had all the necessary government permits; it had a reception hall on the first floor and a kindergarten on the second.But the Muslims insisted that it would become a church.

Morsi calls on Egyptians to “nurse children and grandchildren on hatred.”

Obama spokesturd Jay Carney feigns outrage, wags finger at Morsi for calling Jews “apes & pigs”

“The language that we have seen is deeply offensive,” said White House press secretary Jay Carney. “We completely reject these statements, as we do any language that espouses religious hatred….This kind of discourse has been acceptable in the region for far too long, and is counter to the goal of peace.”

 Weaned on Hate: Why Morsi Means What He Says About Israel by Tiffany Gabbay

Crotch-scratcher Morsi with Australia’s socialist PM Jooliar Gillard

“We must never forget, brothers, to nurse our children and our grandchildren on hatred for them: for Zionists, for Jews,” Morsi declared in a speech that is now making its rounds across the Internet. “[Egyptian children] must feed on hatred; hatred must continue…the hatred must go on for Allah and as a form of worshiping him.”–Mohammed Morsi

In today’s day and age where double standards reign supreme, Israel perpetually finds itself on the receiving end of criticism and condemnation above and beyond what any other world democracy (and, if we look to the UN’s member-states, a good portion of the world’s dictatorships) has ever had to endure. Indeed, the Jewish State is on the defensive, forever being expected to prove herself and explain why she has the right to exist. The frightening part is that the provocateurs from which Israel defends itself are not only Islamists bent on its destruction, but also Westerners whose worldview is mired in moral relativism, guided by propaganda, and crippled by the misguided notion of political correctness.

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Abbas: “it’s better they die in Syria than give up their right of return”

What happened to the worldwide MuBro solidarity?

“It’s better they die in Syria than give up their right of return”

Once again we see that  “the existence of a separate Palestinian identity exists only for tactical reasons. The establishment of a Palestinian state is a new tool to continue the fight against Israel and for Arab unity.”–PLO top dog  Zahir Muhsein

RAMALLAH, West Bank — The Palestinian president said he has rejected a conditional Israeli offer to let Palestinian refugees in war-torn Syria resettle in the West Bank and Gaza, charging it would compromise their claims to return to lost homes in Israel.

Israel maintains that a mass influx of Palestinians could destroy the Jewish character of their state, and there is broad consensus there against a large-scale resettling of Palestinian refugees. Abbas, meanwhile, would face a massive backlash from his people if he were seen as compromising on the refugees’ decades-promised “right of return” to lost homes.–The “right of return” is code for the destruction of Israel.

The Arabs’ Betrayal of the Palestinians

Posted By Joseph Puder  Daily Mailer,FrontPage

At least one Palestinian leader is honest enough to blame his “brotherly” Arab states for the cash crisis faced by the Palestinian Authority (PA) in Ramallah.  PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, in an interview with the Associated Press on Sunday, January 6, 2013 complained of an immense financial crisis in the PA, largely due to the Arab countries’ failure to dispatch promised millions of dollars in aid.  Ironically, it is the Jewish state of Israel that the Palestinians regularly vilify and seek to destroy, which hitherto, provided the financial wherewithal to the PA by transferring $100 million in tax rebates to Ramallah, an amount that covers a third of the PA monthly operating costs.

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Soros financed leftist group wages all out attack against Michelle Bachmann

The Leftist-Islamic convergence moves to destroy the congresswoman just as corroboration comes of her truth-telling about Islamists in U.S. Government.

A petition bearing 178,000 signatures? Nothing easier than that. The Muslim Brotherhood and  the boys from CAIR can get that many signatures  from a multitude of Muslim organisations who can rely on more than 2000 mosques and madrases.

Robert Spencer: Vindicated Bachmann Under Attack

In FrontPage this morning I explain why People for the American Way’s attack on Michele Bachmann is so ironic coming now:

The Leftist advocacy group People for the American Way (PFAW) has launched an all-out war against Representative Michele Bachmann (R-MN). On Monday it plans to present House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) with a petition bearing 178,000 signatures, demanding that Bachmann not be reappointed to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Needless to mention that People for the American Way (PFAW) is  yet another bunch of Soros financed  communist agit-props,  out to destroy any opposition to the coming socialist utopia.  One of their targets is  Glenn Beck whom they accuse to be  “Irresponsible And Indifferent To The Violent Consequences of His Dangerous Rhetoric”.  Beck and His Enablers Should be Held Accountable– you see, telling the truth about leftist infiltration causes “violent consequences”. (Very much like resisting Islamization, which also causes ‘violent consequences’ for which the infidels are responsible.)

Michael Keegan, president of PFAW, explained Bachmann’s crime: “Michele Bachmann has used her position on the Intelligence Committee to spread baseless conspiracy theories and smear the reputations of honorable public servants. Speaker Boehner himself called her actions ‘dangerous.’ It’s mysterious, then, why he has chosen to reward her reckless extremism with continued access to sensitive national security information and a powerful platform for her agenda.”

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