What it takes to bring Geert Wilders to Australia

Fear of Islam makes Australians turn  against their own. When Debbie Robinson from the Q-Society started making arrangements for Wilders visit all she encountered was cowardice and fear.

Paul Sheehan/The Australian:  Free speech dogged by politics of difference

The obvious question is, what are they afraid of? Is it fear of violence, or vandalism, or simply fear of association?

Debbie Robinson, a small business operator who describes herself as an ordinary citizen, wants to bring to Australia a Dutch political leader who is a supporter of democracy, freedom of religion, feminism and gay rights. But when she started making arrangements all she encountered was fear.

”In Sydney, venues that were initially available were cancelled or would not take the booking when they realised who the speaker was,” she told me. She provided a list of rejections: the Hilton Hotel, North Sydney Leagues Club, Sydney Masonic Centre, Wesley Convention Centre, Luna Park Function Centre, the Concourse at Chatswood and the Sir John Clancy Auditorium at the University of NSW.

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UK Mustard rally: “We will not stop until the whole world is governed by Islam”

Jihad on the dole. Its Andy Chowdryputz again:

“Our leader is the final Messenger Muhammad. He is the Messenger. He gave us glad tidings: that we will conquer, we will lead, we will spread mercy, and we will spread justice, whether you like it or whether you don’t like it. Look to your own doorstep in France – your own French women are abandoning their Christianity and donning the hijab and the burqa”

Eurabia, from MEMRI: (via EoZ)

Transcript below the fold.

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Algeria: one-eyed fugitive Mr Marlboro claims responsibility for hostage bloodbath

In a chilling video message, the militant Islamist leader, nicknamed ‘Mr Marlboro’ for his illicit cigarette empire, said: ‘We in Al Qaeda announce this blessed operation.’

He said he was ready to negotiate with Algeria and Western countries if they stop bombing North Mali. His message came as 25 burnt bodies have been discovered inside a gas plant today.

Five terrorists have been captured alive at the Algerian gas plant, security sources have confirmed, as officials uncovered a huge cache of weapons stashed by the militants.

The developments came after the one-eyed master of terror, Mokhtar Belmokhtar, claimed responsibility for the hostage crisis which ended in a murderous bloodshed yesterday.—The  DailyMail has more below the fold.

Teachers of real Islam:

Murderous Algerian jihadist kidnappers: “We’ve come in the name of Islam, to teach the Americans what Islam is”

Lesson learned. “Hostages Dead in Bloody Climax to Siege in Algeria,” by Adam Nossiter for the New York Times, January 19: (JW)

BAMAKO, Mali — The four-day hostage crisis in the Sahara reached a bloody conclusion on Saturday as the Algerian Army carried out a final assault on the gas field taken over by Islamist militants, killing most of the remaining kidnappers and raising the total of hostages killed to at least 23, Algerian officials said….One Algerian who managed to escape told France 24 television late Friday night that the kidnappers said, “We’ve come in the name of Islam, to teach the Americans what Islam is.” The haggard-looking man, interviewed at the airport in Algiers, said the kidnappers then immediately executed five hostages….

Jihad terrorist with “perfect English accent” one of Algerian jihadist kidnappers

Britain’s newest export: jihad terrorists. “Terrorist with ‘perfect English accent’ involved in Algerian hostage crisis,” by Henry Samuel in the Telegraph, January 18:

A terrorist with “perfect English” was among those involved in the Algerian hostage crisis in which at least two Britons and perhaps many more are feared dead, it has emerged.

Jihadist mastermind of Algerian hostage crisis financed his jihad via drugs and car theft

That was his jihad; what’s yours? “Jihad ‘Prince,’ a Kidnapper, Is Tied to Raid,” by Steven Erlanger and Adam Nossiter for the New York Times, January 17: (JW)

In other news: (Hugh Fitzgerald links)

Al Qaeda, al schmaeda:

Belmokhtar was been a big-shot bandit, once given the name of Mr. Marlboro, a nod to his deeds of derring-do in cigarette smuggling. It hardly matters if he is a member, or not a member, or was once a member, of Al Qaeda. Too much attention is given to trivia like that.  He could be the member …Read More…

“They’re not going to kill you. They’re looking for the Americans,”‘ Chabane said.

“A few minutes later, they blew him away.”

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Grand Ayatollah Declares All Christian Women May be Raped

Here we go again. Now that’s a shiite for a change. If you thought  their squabbles with  sunni Muslims would make them different or more sympathetic you’re wrong: when it comes to dealing with non-muslims they both follow the way of Muhammad.

By Daniel Greenfield

This is being reported a Syrian rebel declaration, but Ahmad Al Baghdadi Al Hassani is a Shiite Grand Ayatollah who hails from Iraq. He appears to be affiliated with some Syrian faction, but it’s unclear exactly which one, and has had his clashes with other Grand Ayatollahs.

Grand Ayatollah Ahmad Al Baghdadi Al Hassani’s declaration that Christians are polytheists is not unprecedented, but it does serve as a reminder of how fragile even Dhimmi People of the Book status is.

Jihadi leader Ahmad Al Baghdadi Al Hassani has spoken of Christians as polytheists and friends of the Zionists, in an Egyptian TV address. The extremist leader further stressed they must choose “Islam or death”, while their women and girls may legitimately be regarded as wives of Muslims.

That’s an indirect way of saying that any Christian woman or girl may be captured and raped, even if she is already married, since within Islam captive women may be raped by their captors.

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Dumbing down @ West Point: if you’re not a socialist progressive, you must be a terrorist

People who believe in “individual freedoms” are now “far right” and just as dangerous as al Qaeda.

Another Obama attack on the “bitter clingers”.  This is part and parcel of the progressive ‘dumbing down’ effort  that perverts and contaminates academia. WoJ readers might remember  the egregious  Hamas/MuBro affiliated Sherifa Zuhur who was teaching absurdities at the U.S. Army War College, like “kidnapping is un-Islamic”.

West Point brands believers in “individual freedoms” as terrorists

The U.S. Government has long since abandoned any realistic discussion of the Islamic jihad threat, and now is focusing on ordinary Americans who believe in individual rights as terror threats. And so the descent continues, ever more rapidly.

“West Point center cites dangers of ‘far right’ in U.S.,” by Rowan Scarborough in The Washington Times, January 17 (thanks to JW):

A West Point think tank has issued a paper warning America about “far right” groups such as the “anti-federalist” movement, which supports “civil activism, individual freedoms and self-government.”

“Civil activism, individual freedoms and self-government.” Horror of horrors. In other words, if you’re not a socialist and a statist, West Point and its masters think you’re a terrorist.

This perversion of reality is also practiced in  once great Britain:

A British university has established a dedicated centre to study the extremist far right, with a particular focus on the increase in violent anti-Islamic sentiment and the possibility of a lone, Anders Behring Breivik style attack.  (University of Breivik Studies/the Guardian)

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Obama People

Holder begs court to stop document release on Fast & Furious

Time for another “head injury”

Attorney General Eric Holder and his Department of  (in-)Justice have asked a federal court to indefinitely delay a lawsuit brought by watchdog group Judicial Watch. The lawsuit seeks the enforcement of open records requests relating to Operation Fast and Furious, as required by law.– Read the Article

The new civility:  Obama ‘Must Go for the Throat,’ ‘Pulverize’ & ‘Declare War’ on the GOP

Has he ever done anything else?

CBS News Political Director’s Astonishing Advice: Obama ‘Must Go for the Throat,’ ‘Pulverize’ & ‘Declare War’ on the GOP–“His goal should be to delegitimize his opponents.”–Read More »

Willie Clitman wouldn’t lie to you:

Bill Clinton Warns Dems: Don’t ‘Patronize’ and Look ‘Down Your Nose’ at Gun Culture

“A lot of these people … all they’ve got is their hunting and their fishing”–Read More »

Dumber than dirt:

From a guy who makes a living with bullshit:

Can’t get over Palin:

Black Caucus Chair Rep Marcia Fudge calls Republicans “evil and mean”

“The government’s job is to take care of its people.”  (Is it? I must have missed that part in the constitution:  You’s go girl. But before you goes, could you tell us where in the Constitution that this job description is laid out.)

 Corrupt “Chocolate City” Mayor Ray Nagin Seeks New Career As “Green Energy Entrepreneur.”

NEW ORLEANS (TheBlaze/AP) — Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was indicted Friday on charges that he used his office for personal gain, accepting payoffs, free trips, and gratuities from contractors while the city was struggling to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

Islam and Environmentalism: United in Anti-Humanism

Islam and Environmentalism: United in Anti-Humanism

Posted By Theodore Shoebat In Daily Mailer,FrontPage 

With Al Gore’s Current TV now sold to Al Jazeera, Woodstock and Mecca now unite, and Allah and Mother Earth are joined together in marriage. The purchase brings us to a much deeper topic, and that is that the ideology of Islam coincides with much of what the environmentalists uphold. Al Gore claims to be a Christian, but in fact he would rather praise Islam than subscribe to any Christian ideals. Gore actually once wrote:

Islam, for example, offers familiar themes. The prophet Muhammad said, “The world is green and beautiful and God has appointed you His stewards over it.” The central concepts of Islam taught by the Qur’ân – Tawheed (unity), khalifa (trusteeship), akharah (accountability) – also serve as the pil- lars of the Islamic environmental ethic. The earth is the sacred cre- ation of Allah…The Qur’ân declares that “we have created everything from water.” In the Lotus ‘Sutra,’ Buddha is presented metaphorically as a “rain cloud,” covering, permeating, fertilizing, and enriching “all parched living beings, to free them from their misery to attain the joy of peace, joy of the present world and joy of Nirvana…”

Islam really is rooted in naturism. Allah is a product of the Venus goddess Athtar, and is the male counterpart to the earth goddess Allat. The Blackstone itself, the holiest idol in Islam, was originally a fertility symbol, which is still placed in a frame shaped in the form of a vulva.

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U.S. must release blind sheik before 1.5 gazillion Muslims get really angry, warns son

Al Ahram

Jailing of blind sheikh pushes Muslim anger against US, warns son

 Ahead of President Morsi’s planned visit to Washington, the son of Omar Abdel-Rahman, who was convicted for planning the 1993 World Trade Centre, asks the US to free his father and warns of Muslim anger.

Abdullah, the son of the blind Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, writes to request the US release his father, who has been serving a life sentence for allegedly planning the 1993 World Trade Centre attack in New York.

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With Hagel, George Soros Finally Gets His Own Defense Secretary

Turns out Hagel is just another Soros lackey

Posted By Daniel Greenfield  The Point 

If you were wondering why Obama seems willing to go to the mat for a bigot who was anti-gay and anti-abortion, but wasn’t willing to stand up for a black female nominee, here’s a little hint. It’s not about what you believe, it’s about which evil billionaire you work for.

‘Philanthropy’ took on a whole new meaning under ‘Spooky Dude’ Soros

Hagel on board of Soros’ Ploughshares fund

Here’s your daily discomforting fact about the Chuckster, Chuck Hagel, President Hussein Obama’s nominee to be US Secretary of Defense. Hagel is a member of the board of the Ploughshares fund, a George Soros-funded group that advocates for nuclear disarmament, massive cuts in defense spending, communism and a whole slew of radical Leftist (and ‘Palestinian,’ of course) groups.  (More from Israel Matzav)

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White Privilege, Chomsky Morals & Marxist “Responsibilities”

Over his long public career, Noam Chomsky has plumbed the depths of political iniquity, from support for Maoist China (“quite admirable”) and apologetics for Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge (“may actually have saved many lives”) to the defense of Holocaust deniers (one of whom he labeled “a relatively apolitical liberal of some sort”) and dismissal of bin Laden’s responsibility for 9/11. Now he describes the Iranian ayatollahs as victims of American and Israeli aggression, while embracing terrorist commanders notorious for their skill in murdering Jews.  Chomsky has the hide and the hubris to compare himself to the prophets of the Bible. (More)

Al Jizz loves mental patients like Chomsky, who whines about  “the fanatical opposition to President Barack Obama” and babbles incoherently about “the responsibility of privilege”

Teaching “White Guilt” in Government Schools

Bad as liberal corrosion is now, if we do nothing it will get worse, as the evil seeds government schools have been planting continue to sprout.

“They’re teaching white guilt,” one parent told Fox News. “They’re dividing the students. They’re saying to non-whites, ‘You have been oppressed and you’re still being oppressed.’”

According to handouts obtained by Fox News, “white privilege” was defined as “a set of advantages that are believed to be enjoyed by white people beyond those commonly experienced by non-white people in the same social, political, and economic spaces (nation, community, workplace, income, etc.”

Students were also given a handout from University of Texas professor Robert Jensen arguing that people don’t have complete control over their fate.

“There is not space here to list all the ways in which white privilege plays out in our lives, but it is clear that I will carry this privilege with me until the day white supremacy is erased from society,” he wrote.

There are two ways to erase “white supremacy”: 1) make it impossible for a white to achieve more than the laziest nonwhite; and 2) erase whites period by flooding the country with Third World welfare colonists and paying them to breed Caucasians out of the picture. Either solution would work fine for our self-loathing liberal overlords.

But you can rest easy. Superintendent Robert Crist says of the teacher, “I don’t believe he intended to indoctrinate anybody.”

‘I Felt It Was Indoctrination’: Public High School Under Fire for Allegedly Teaching ‘White Privilege’

“This is a radical left agenda and ideology that is now embedded in our school.”–Read More »