Happy Australia Day

Andrew Bolt:


You know it’s Australia Day when Fairfax newspapers run opinion articles violently attacking Australia’s:

- flag (“You can’t believe in multiculturalism and support a flag that asserts the primacy of the Anglo race.”}

- history (“The wind-stench of bodies burned in bonfires hangs heavy upon the nation’s conscience and in the clouds.”)

 constitutional monarchy (“The democratic and egalitarian assertion of our national sovereignty provoked during Bodyline and the Great Depression continues to serve us well on Australia Day 2013. I believe that reflecting on those events will eventually hasten the approach of an Australian republic…”}

Meanwhile, happy new arrivals – little daunted by our flag, history or monarchy – celebrate their adoption by this great land:

About 17,000 people from 145 countries around the world will become Australian citizens on Saturday’s Australia Day...

Happy Australia Day, its all our fault:

An astonishing spate of shootings in Sydney seems largely the work of one ethnic group, identified only deep in this Sydney Morning Herald report. Yet the only culture blamed is the Australian one: Australians drive bored Muslim men to violence

But hey, there’s nothing Jooliar can’t fix:

(Sydney Morning Herald blurb via Tim Blair, who has more.)



Leftist media attacks Australian party candidate party for not wanting to eat halal meat


Not wanting to eat meat sacrificed to a strange god is “divisive” and “racist”.

Geeks from the state-run media and  the Sydney Moonbat Herald would force halal down your throat, if only they could.

A candidate for Bob Katter’s fledgling political party declared his preference for buying ”guaranteed non-halal meat” so his money does not ”go to the Muslim community”.

Jamie Cavanough, who is standing for Katter’s Australian Party in Sydney’s most marginal federal seat, Greenway, is under fire for the apparently divisive comments he made to a community forum in one of the city’s most ethnically diverse areas.

Katter’s Australian Party played down the comments on Friday, describing them as a non-issue.

Jamie Cavanough and Bob KatterFacebook posting … Jamie Cavanough with party founder Bob Katter. Photo: Supplied

“Some Australians want crunchy peanut butter, others want smooth peanut butter, some Australians want halal meat and some want non-halal meat – these are the great freedoms we enjoy in this country,” the party’s national director Aidan McLindon told Fairfax Media.

Islamic holy man arranges bus burning to ‘create sensation’

From the Religion of Peace:

Imam masterminded bus burning in Hyderabad: police

The group wanted to create a sensation in the Old City taking advantage of the current volatile situation, he said.

Florida: Islamic holy man charged with child porn

Umair Tayyab Sheikh, 23, is being held in federal custody without bond after U.S. Magistrate Judge Lurana Snow determined earlier this month that he was a serious flight risk and a potential danger to the community.

Tunisia:  “Salafists” attack imam for second time, calling him Kafir (heretic).

He must be a moderate, because the “Salafist” attacker was incited by the nature of the sermons. Then, a group of other Salafists started to curse at him….”

Philippine holy man in gun fight
Musta been a bunch of Danish cartoonists who attacked him:
 Indonesia: holy mosque rats call female genital mutilation a “human right”
The practice is “recommended” and according to “tradition”, although it can not be made compulsory. (Or else) For the head of the MUI it is within the “human rights” and is “guaranteed by the Constitution.” 

Understanding Sharia Law and ‘Islamophobia’ (Wash. Times)

“The controversy arises because what supporters of Islam are saying does not jive with what Sharia law and extremists are doing.”

#My Jihad in Gaza: “My officer taught me the values of courage, sacrifice and love of jihad”

Meat the  fearless Hamas kidz!

Hamas Top Dog, Ismail Haniyeh, is delighted:

“This is the generation that will bring victory to its people and will liberate their land,”

I get it: that’s what they mean by “jihad is taking the kids to school”– Hamas formally teaching kids to be terrorists

Last month, senior Hamas commander Zaher Jabarin said in a video interview published later on the IDF blogthat Hamas labors “day and night” in educating Palestinian children in Gaza to become suicide bombers.

This photo with Haniyeh was taken at the same ceremony:

In other news:

Someone whose family has known terrorists and who works for one of the most anti-Israel organizations in the territories wouldn’t lie, would she?   A small detail about an “eyewitness” to an IDF shooting

And some very good news:

Major explosion reported at Fordow underground Iranian nuclear facility

An explosion deep within Iran’s Fordow nuclear facility has destroyed much of the installationand trapped about 240 personnel deep underground, according to a former intelligence officer of the Islamic regime.

If true this is very, very big.

“Counterrevolution” in Egypt?

Would be nice, but don’t hold your breath. Who the hell are the ‘secularists’ anyway? The Facebook kidz?

Egyptians hold giant rallies denouncing Islamist President Mohammed Morsi

Thousands of Egyptians have held giant rallies denouncing Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, two years after Egypt’s revolution began.

Widespread anger at the Muslim Brotherhood simmers in Egypt ahead of 2-year anniversary of popular revolution.

“Dozens of Merahs”

Jihad group says gas plant jihad massacre was only the beginning, promises “dozens of Merahs”

Mohamed Merah was the sadistic jihadist who murdered seven people, including three Jewish children, in France last year. Now the jihadists responsible for the jihad mass murders at the Algerian gas plant are promising more such jihad massacres in France. “Jihadist group delivers chilling threat to France,” from The Local, January 22 via JW.

Qaradawi doesn’t like blowback:

Obama buddy Morsi joins in:

French troops recapture two towns from Mali jihadists, Egypt’s Morsi warns French to butt out

The Muslim Brotherhood President of Egypt sides with the bloody jihadists of Mali. “French troops recapture key towns in Mali as Egypt sends warnings,” from Al Arabiya, January 22 (thanks to Voice of the Copts):Egypt’s Morsi opposes French intervention in Mali | StarNewsOnline …

Morsi says ‘counter-revolution’ is obstructing Egypt’s development

The Morsi mafia springs into action, threatens secularists:

Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiya spokesperson Tarek El-Zomor says ‘revolutionary Islamists’ would fight secularists if President Morsi is deposed ‘illegitimately’

Freshly ‘liberated’ Libya turns against infidels:

CAIR Welcomes U.N. Inquiry Into Drone Killings

Bet your sweet fanny they do:

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“Violent Extremism” Out, “Global Jihad” In?

“Violent Extremism” Out, “Global Jihad” In?

Written by: Diana West

Willary Clinton, secretary of state:

“The United States has to be as effective in partnering with the non-jihadists, whether they fly a black flag or any other color flag, to be successful.”

So the black flag of jihad is not the flag of jihad?  1.5 gazillion muselmaniacs around the world would riot to differ……

Black flags of AQ over post-Qaddafi Benghazi, compiled by Libya 360

The unexpected news of SecState Clinton’s appearances on the Hill yesterday is the “spreading jihadist threat.” The news is not that it’s spreading, or that it’s a threat, but rather that Hillary Clinton invoked the term “jihadist.” Repeatedly. In both the Senate hearing and in the House hearing after lunch, during which, presumably, Obama administration speech commissars could have emergency-texted her that the terminology of O-choice remains “violent extremism.” But no. Clinton talked “global jihad” all day, even if she did echo the same old Bush-Obama-disaster-policy that believes strengthening/stabilizing the new “regimes” of the Arab Spring is the way to combat it. Never mind that the jihadists and the regimes share a common goal: Islamically correct (sharia) totalitarianism.

Live-tweeting yesterday’s proceedings, I first logged the J-phrase at 9:52 am EST, writing: “Clinton notes `global jihadist threat.’ A first?”

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Its come to this: Ted Nugent calls for armed revolt against the Obama regime

Ted Nugent Suggests He’s Ready For Armed Revolt Against ‘Evil, Dangerous’ Obama

“And if you want another Concord Bridge, I got some buddies.”

When colonial and British troops assembled at the North Bridge in Concord, Mass. in 1775 a standoff broke when one soldier opened fire. While it’s still unclear which side fired the first shot, it was later immortalized by poet Ralph Waldo Emerson, who suggested that “the shot heard ’round the world” was fired by an American. Who, the argument goes, Nugent is presenting himself as here. (Pat Dollard)

Kerry: I Will Implement ‘President Obama’s Vision For The World’

Frightening. The U.S. will never recover from this madness:

Kerry: I Will Implement ‘President Obama’s Vision For The World’

“Critical interests with Egypt”

“The fact that sometimes other countries elect someone you don’t agree with doesn’t give us permission to walk away.”–Read More »

John Kerry Defends Obama Admin’s F-16 Gifts to Muslim Brotherhood-Ruled Egypt

Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) on Thursday defended the Obama administration’s gift of four F-16 fighter jets to Egypt despite Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi’s newly-surfaced commentsreferring to Israelis as “descendents of apes and pigs.”

Question to John Kerry:

When is it ever ok to arm the enemy?

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South Africa: Christians needlessly intolerant, opposing halal racket “ill-conceived malicious and ludicrous”

Voice of the Cape (a Mustard publication, via Mullah)

When “the beauty of halal” meets resistance, soldiers of allah are called upon to defend the faith:

Opposition to halal slaughter is a matter of intolerance and ignorance; but not to worry:

Muslims extend an invitation “in an Islamic spirit of tolerance and brotherhood to this unknown coalition Christian group to meet with us so that we may enlighten them on the beauty of a Halal lifestyle, and demonstrate the folly of their action which leads to bigotry and intolerance….  to allay their misconceptions and abandon extremism…”

Halal: Muslims hit back

 Two halal issuing bodies, as well as members of the Muslim public have defended their right to have a halal symbol on foods, dismissing a lawsuit being brought by Christian groups as being needlessly intolerant. Sheik Achmat Sedick of the Muslim Judicial Council Halal Trust (MJCHT) reiterated that no company has ever been coerced to take halal certification. “On the contrary, companies and organization who request halal certification do so in the interest of growing their business. So, it is not an issue of ‘religious certification’,” he said.