After “not optimal” the Obamessiah doubles down: “somebody, somewhere screws up…”

…and Shrillary the great $%@& sits there laughing stupidly.


When Steve Kroft of CBS News finally got around to asking President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton about the terrorist attacks in Benghazi resulting in the death of four brave Americans, President Obama decided it would be a good time to go for laughs.

You know, I remember Bob Gates, you know, first thing he said to me, I think maybe first week or two that I was there and we were meeting in the Oval Office and he, obviously, been through seven presidents or something. And he says, “Mr. President, one thing I can guarantee you is that at this moment, somewhere, somehow, somebody in the federal government is screwing up.” (Laughter)

It’s disgusting to write-off the complete and total failure in Benghazi as nothing more than “someone in the federal government screwing up,” it’s even more enraging to do so in such a casual and flip way that is meant to engender laughter.

Four Americans are dead.  They died while they fought off al-Qaeda terrorists whom President Obama assured us were “on the run” thanks to his leadership.  They died waiting for help that never came.

It isn’t funny, Mr. President.  You’re right, somebody in the federal government screwed up.  You just don’t realize who it was.


This is where Chicago Jesus is taking U.S.

While it’s certainly not the first allegation of cannibalism to come from North Korea, it’s equally as disturbing as those that preceded it. Troubling reports of a rise in starvation — and cannibalism — have emerged inside of a nation that continues to be intensely-secretive and shut off from the wider global community. According to an independent outlet called Asia Press, North Koreans are so desperate that they are increasingly turning to corpses and even murdering their own children for food.

The Blaze

North Korean parents ‘eating their own children’ after being driven mad by hunger in famine-hit pariah state

  • Undercover reporters found a ‘shocking’ number of cannibalism incidents
  • Up to 10,000 people feared dead after ‘hidden famine’ in farming provinces
  • Drought and confiscated food contribute to desperate shortage, reports say
  • Reports of men digging up corpses for food and murdering children

A starving man in North Korea has been executed after murdering his two children for food, reports from inside the secretive state claim.

A ‘hidden famine’ in the farming provinces of North and South Hwanghae is believed to have killed up to 10,000 people and there are fears that incidents of cannibalism have risen.

The grim story is just one to emerge as residents battle starvation after a drought hit farms and shortages were compounded by party officials confiscating food. 

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has spent vast sums of money on two rocket launches and prompted fears of a third
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has spent vast sums of money on two rocket launches despite reports of desperate food shortages in the country and concerns that 10,000 people have died in a famine

Undercover reporters from Asia Press told the Sunday Times that one man dug up his grandchild’s corpse and ate it. Another, boiled his own child for food.

The “unsinkable” Shrillary

She’s  not “unsinkable”.  She got a lifeboat from a gushing, derelict  lame stream media. They  can’t get enough of her. But in real terms, she was more than a failure. She was a humongous disaster.

Pamela Geller blasts Shrillary’s ‘sorry end to pathetic stint as secretary of state’

Hillary’s testimony was a sorry end to her pathetic stint as secretary of state. She railed against jihadists, but just last month, she accused Israel of lacking “empathy” with and “generosity” toward the “Palestinian” jihadists. She was demanding that Jews empathize with their annihilationists. She wanted Jews to “be generous” with those obsessed with their quest to eliminate and exterminate the tiny Jewish state. She railed against jihadists, but she has partnered with them in Egypt and Libya and Gaza and Syria.

History will remember Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s performance before senators and House members at the congressional Benghazi hearings as a stunning indictment of her profound failures and those of Obama administration.

In jaw-dropping testimony, Clinton defiantly defended her incompetence and her supreme lack of critical thinking, while making the stunning admission that the motive and immediate cover-up of an act of war and the resultant slaughter of an American ambassador and three attaches representing America abroad “didn’t matter.” It was, in fact, a matter of life and death. What could matter more?

The only thing more shocking than Hillary’s braying on her gross negligence was the media’s effusive praise afterward, lauding her performance as “winning the first presidential debate” of 2016. Read it all: Hillary’s strange testimony

The “unsinkable” Shrillary

By /Frontpage

Margaret Brown earned her moniker as “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” by surviving the sinking of the Titanic. Hillary Clinton earned hers by surviving multiple scandals, the last of them claiming four lives. During the Clinton Administration, Hillary Clinton was followed around by the phantom corpses of conspiracy theories, but now four real corpses trail in her wake without ever slowing her down.

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UK: Muslim vigilante gang attacks ‘could escalate’, police warn

But, but… didn’t the “Muslim community” denounce the attacks by the muttawa, the self-appointed religious police of Tower Hamlets? Didn’t what’s-his-name ‘Islam’ write an article about what a tiny tiny minority those excremists are, and now we are told the ‘vigilante gang attacks could escalate?’ Really? And you thought muslims are peaceful…..


… Detective Chief Inspector Wendy Morgan, who is overseeing the Metropolitan police’s investigation into the incidents, told The Sunday Times: “The question has been asked ‘Are we worried about escalation?’ …

More on Britain’s non-existent muslim no go zones at By Wesley Johnson The Telegraph thanks to Mullah
Muslims Enforcing Sharia Law on the streets of Londonistan

Happened in White Chapel, London. Mainstream media are silent as usual Spread this video far and wide, First location identified as the Maedah Grill Restaurant, Fieldgate Street in WhiteChapel:

The deafening silence of the Left over the ‘Muslim Patrol’

The Commentator

The aftermath of the recent ‘Muslim Patrol’ saga served as another reminder of the British Left’s cherry-picking approach to morality

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“Toxic combination of Christian supremacy and flagrant bias against Islam”

The hide and the imperial hubris of these cretins is nauseating.

Strange that Muselmaniacs  never demand that  the terror linked Muslim Brotherhood group CAIR  be disbanded.   So much easier to attack Christians for not hiring those who believe they have a religious mandate to annihilate them.

Disband the International Commission on Religious Freedom  (Boston Review)

The Islamic Supremacist Mindset (Islam Watch)

Muslims like to accuse critics of their religion of being “racist”, but if Islam really is a race then what does it have to say about others?

Iran Sentences Pastor to 8-Years for Evangelism…

Iran has sentenced a Christian pastor to 8 more years of imprisonment and torture for the crime of… well, being a Christian pastor (evangelizing and building orphanages).  Islam is the world’s most insecure and intolerant religion. (TROP)

Who needs books when you got the Koran already?

Jihad in Mali: Islamic supremacists torch Timbuktu manuscript library

An act of Islamic piety. As the caliph Umar is supposed to have said when ordering the library of Alexandria to be burned: “If the books agree with the Qur’an, they are superfluous. If they disagree with it, they are heretical.”

“Islamist rebels torch Timbuktu manuscript library: mayor,” from Reuters, January 28 via JW.

The OIC Needs to Show It’s Serious About Human Rights

Human rights for muslims, yes. Not so much for kafirs. That would defeat the purpose of the whole exercise:

Dear Mr. Ihsanoglu,

 Instead of standing behind the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, your organization has been pushing the United Nations to endorse a different document, the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights (CDHR).  Read it all….

Mali, Libya, Egypt, Syria Governments in Sharp Deterioration

Malians in Timbuktu cheer French troops but seek ethnic revenge

Mali, Libya, Egypt, Syria Governments in Sharp Deterioration

  • Britain reverses direction, will send hundreds of troops to Mali
  • Malians in Timbuktu cheer French troops but seek ethnic revenge
  • U.N. warns that Mali’s jihadists threaten Libya’s stability
  • Egypt’s army chief warns that widespread unrest could cause ‘state collapse’
  • Lakhdar Brahimi says that Syria is ‘breaking up before everyone’s eyes’

Assam’s holy bombs:

Allah hates it when kafirs celebrate their holidays, which is why the muslims are obliged to throw holy bombs at them. That doesn’t make them bad people; they’re just following their religion:

A series of blasts rocked two districts of lower Assam on Saturday night as the state celebrated Republic Day.

Eight explosions rocked Assam’s Goalpara and Dhubri district on Saturday night around 10:45 pm. The other seven bombes exploded at the Gaurnagar, Purabhita, Medartari, Chirakhuti Bazar, Jadarhaat Bazar, Moirakuchi and Airkata Bherakhuti Bazar areaa. A youth was killed as the the angry public beat him to death at Jaleswar. He was allegedly suspected to be carrying a bomb.

In other news:

Hindu cows for Bangla halal butchers

Cow Smuggling … It’s How Bangladesh Gets Its Beef

Slaughtering cows is banned in many Indian states, and New Delhi refuses to export them.  The cow is considered holy in the Hindu-majority country. New Delhi refuses to export them.

More than 2 million cows are smuggled from India to Bangladesh every year and most of the illegal trade takes place through the Indian border state of West Bengal, says Bimal Pramanik, an independent researcher in Calcutta, India.

“Bangladeshi slaughterhouses cannot source even 1 million cows from within the country. If Indian cows do not reach the Bangladeshi slaughterhouses, there will be a big crisis there”.

Got muslims, got crisis. More here.


The Arabs didn’t “inherit” anything. They robbed, with raw force, everything, reducing a higher culture to a lower civilizational status!

 The ruined churches of Kosovo and Northern Cyprus are a foreboding of what is going to happen everywhere else too when Moslems have it their way.

 often posts on Daniel Pipes website. She explains how it came to the following exchange,  here.

I see it very important to share this exchange with broader audience.

NG wrote: “When this world fell into the hands of the Muslims-Arabs, the Arabs inherited a great culture, from Alexandria, Egypt, to Aleppo, Syria and beyond. Thus the early “Golden Age” of Islam was as a result of the good fortune of being in the “right place at the right time.”

Ianus: The Arabs didn’t inherit anything, they robbed, with raw force, everything, reducing a higher culture to a lower civilizational status! The question should be rather, What would the Byzantine civilization have looked like if the Moslem invasions, their wanton destructions, mass abduction of people into Moslem slavery, massacres and mass forced conversions into Islam, that accompanying them had taken place? My modest answer is: The Arabic “golden” age would have looked, by contrast, like a new stone age, an era of regress and barbarization, which it finally turned out to become.

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Diversity Unites, Unity Divides?

Its an Obama world:

There is money for mosque renovations, but not for Benghazi Security:

According to Hillary Clinton’s long-delayed Benghazigate testimony, the State Department just did not have enough money to provide security for a mission in one of the most dangerous places in the world. 

The Diversity Cult’s Attack on the Military »

by  The Center for Military Readiness reveals the destructive agenda behind putting women in combat.

Barry Soetoro aka HusseinObama: I’d Get More Done Without FOX News and Rush Limbaugh …(Everyone Else Is In the Tank)

Obama complained to The New Republic this weekend that he could get a lot more Republicans to buy into his radical agenda if it weren’t for FOX News and Rush Limbaugh.(Everyone else is in the tank.)  NewsBusters reported…. (GWP)

Obama’s New Peacekeeper Army »

by : Welcome to a military establishment in which victory is no longer a relevant concept.

The Feminist Assault on the Military »

by : The destructive radical idea behind women serving in combat.

Nazi Eyewitness Warns: The Final Step of Nazi Control – Gun Laws  (GWP)

Next came gun registration. People were getting injured by guns. Hitler said that the real way to catch criminals (we still had a few) was by matching serial numbers on guns. Most citizens were law abiding and dutifully marched to the police station to register their firearms. Not long after-wards, the police said that it was best for everyone to turn in their guns. The authorities already knew who had them, so it was futile not to comply voluntarily.

No more freedom of speech. Anyone who said something against the government was taken away. We knew many people who were arrested, not only Jews, but also priests and ministers who spoke up.

Turkish Muslim Who Murdered Catholic Bishop While Shouting “Allah Akbar” Gets Reduced Sentence »

While Muslims wail about Islamophobia, this is the true bigotry. This is what justice for Christians looks like in the Muslim world. This is what life for Christians and non-Muslims is like in “modern” Turkey. And as a small gesture, the next time you see a product that has “Made in Turkey” on it, put it back on the shelf. The murder and further degradation of Bishop Luigi Padovese after death was also “Made in Turkey.”

Iran sentences U.S. pastor to eight years prison for threatening Iran’s “national security” by leading Christian house churches

What a brittle, frightened, insecure culture. “Iran sentences American pastor Saeed Abedini to 8 years in prison,” from FoxNews, January 27 (JW)

Egypt Melting Down. State of Emergency Declared and Rape Gangs Go On Rampage

KinderGarden Of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks »

by :  Author Evan Sayet explains why the leftist yearns to remain in a state of permanent infantilism.

Obama’s Inauguration Prayers Featured Three of Soros’ Anti-Israel Rabbis »

All of Obama’s inauguration rabbis were members of the same radical leftist groups opposed to Israel and funded by George Soros. This isn’t a wacky coincidence because the J Street Rabbinic cabinet isn’t that big. Instead Obama deliberately picked three extremist left-wing clergy, “Rabbi” Rick Jacobs, “Rabbi” Julie Schonfeld and “Rabbi” Sharon Brous.

Jeffrey Goldberg Claims Calling Him a Sewer Pipe is Anti-Semitic »

Sewer rat doesn’t like to be called sewer rat?

Even when the people calling him a sewer pipe are Jews, they’re just like the Nazis who hate Home Depot, apparently. Or something.

Manufacturing ‘Islamophobia’ at UC Berkeley »

by : Unmasking the university’s new witch-hunt studies program.

The Middle East’s Nazis »

Former High Court judge Ian Callinan urges community to rise up

Sack the totalitarians! The reversal of the onus of proof on its own is enough to warrant the Bill’s scrapping. Australians deserve better – our forefathers fought hard for what we have now.


FORMER High Court judge Ian Callinan has called for widespread community opposition to the federal government’s proposed changes to discrimination law, which he says are “outrageous” and a threat to community cohesion.

“Every Australian with an ideal for democracy – and I hope that means most Australians – should do everything they lawfully can to oppose the introduction of this outrageous law,” said Mr Callinan, who retired from the nation’s highest court in 2007.

“It seems as if each year the Constitution and the cohesion of the Australian community are put at some new and entirely unnecessary risk.

“The dangers of the current one, of the introduction of a new law to criminalise speech which might cause offence to anyone, should not be underestimated.”


If Labor is serious about making it a crime to offend people, shouldn’t it start with prosecuting Gibbons? Instead:

The Gillard government proposes to exempt all its own activities authorised under commonwealth law from the application of its new law.


His intervention in the debate over the government’s plan to consolidate five federal anti-discrimination statutes coincides with a warning from Victorian Attorney-General Robert Clark that the scheme could expose state police and prison officers to litigation from suspects, offenders and prisoners.

Why Does Obama Insist on Military Officers Willing to Open Fire on Americans?

Jim Garrow on Obama’s Insistence That Military Officers Be Willing to Open Fire on Americans

Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr. Jim Garrow elaborates on his chilling revelation that Obama has been insisting top military brass assert their willingness to order the killing of American civilians. It’s long, but every minute is worth watching:

Anyone surprised by this needs to read The Black Book of Communism to see how letting Obama’s ilk take over the government has worked out in other countries.

Moonbattery, on a tip from ThisObamaNation.

FBI Director: I Have to Check to See If Obama Has the Right to Kill Americans On U.S. Soil  (Noisy Room Net)