Algeria: one-eyed fugitive Mr Marlboro claims responsibility for hostage bloodbath

In a chilling video message, the militant Islamist leader, nicknamed ‘Mr Marlboro’ for his illicit cigarette empire, said: ‘We in Al Qaeda announce this blessed operation.’

He said he was ready to negotiate with Algeria and Western countries if they stop bombing North Mali. His message came as 25 burnt bodies have been discovered inside a gas plant today.

Five terrorists have been captured alive at the Algerian gas plant, security sources have confirmed, as officials uncovered a huge cache of weapons stashed by the militants.

The developments came after the one-eyed master of terror, Mokhtar Belmokhtar, claimed responsibility for the hostage crisis which ended in a murderous bloodshed yesterday.—The  DailyMail has more below the fold.

Teachers of real Islam:

Murderous Algerian jihadist kidnappers: “We’ve come in the name of Islam, to teach the Americans what Islam is”

Lesson learned. “Hostages Dead in Bloody Climax to Siege in Algeria,” by Adam Nossiter for the New York Times, January 19: (JW)

BAMAKO, Mali — The four-day hostage crisis in the Sahara reached a bloody conclusion on Saturday as the Algerian Army carried out a final assault on the gas field taken over by Islamist militants, killing most of the remaining kidnappers and raising the total of hostages killed to at least 23, Algerian officials said….One Algerian who managed to escape told France 24 television late Friday night that the kidnappers said, “We’ve come in the name of Islam, to teach the Americans what Islam is.” The haggard-looking man, interviewed at the airport in Algiers, said the kidnappers then immediately executed five hostages….

Jihad terrorist with “perfect English accent” one of Algerian jihadist kidnappers

Britain’s newest export: jihad terrorists. “Terrorist with ‘perfect English accent’ involved in Algerian hostage crisis,” by Henry Samuel in the Telegraph, January 18:

A terrorist with “perfect English” was among those involved in the Algerian hostage crisis in which at least two Britons and perhaps many more are feared dead, it has emerged.

Jihadist mastermind of Algerian hostage crisis financed his jihad via drugs and car theft

That was his jihad; what’s yours? “Jihad ‘Prince,’ a Kidnapper, Is Tied to Raid,” by Steven Erlanger and Adam Nossiter for the New York Times, January 17: (JW)

In other news: (Hugh Fitzgerald links)

Al Qaeda, al schmaeda:

Belmokhtar was been a big-shot bandit, once given the name of Mr. Marlboro, a nod to his deeds of derring-do in cigarette smuggling. It hardly matters if he is a member, or not a member, or was once a member, of Al Qaeda. Too much attention is given to trivia like that.  He could be the member …Read More…

“They’re not going to kill you. They’re looking for the Americans,”‘ Chabane said.

“A few minutes later, they blew him away.”

Interrogate, Then Execute

Algeria troops capture five kidnappers at gas plant (AFP) – Jan. 20, 2012 ALGIERS — Algerian troops captured five kidnappers they found alive on Sunday at a desert gas complex in the wake of a bloody hostage crisis, but three other abductors were still at large, Algerian TV reported. “Five …Read More…

Is it worth to risk your life?

What amount of money will now have to be offered to non-Muslims to live and work in Muslim countries, and especially in the oil and gas facilities that are such obvious targets for Muslim terrorists? Perhaps it won’t be possible to find enough foreigners willing, whatever the price, to work at such …Read More…

A lynching is no sign of moderate Islam

(Reuters) – Residents in the northern Malian town of Gao on Saturday lynched a prominent Islamist leader in retaliation for the killing of a local journalist earlier in the day, residents and the office of Mali’s president said.

Residents in Gao, a northern Malian town under Islamist rebel control since mid-2012, have previously protested against the strict imposition of Islamic law but, if confirmed, the lynching would be a first of a fighter by civilians.

Yawn! Our “Afghan allies” also murdered a few Taliban after the U.S. enabled some tribal thugs who didn’t get “their fair share” — that hardly changes anything. As soon as there are rumours of ‘blasphemy’ or a torn Koran the whole Muselmob will turn against us in an instant.

Algeria: al Qaeda leader ‘We in Al Qaeda announce this blessed operation.’

The Al Qaeda arsenal: Weapons, handcuffs and phones recovered from Algerian gas plant as one-eyed fugitive Mr Marlboro claims responsibility for hostage bloodbath

  • Siege reaches climax after seven executed in final act of violence
  • ‘We in Al Qaeda announce this blessed operation’, said one-eyed leader
  • Three Britons confirmed dead – further three feared to be dead
  • Among those feared to be dead include Garry Barlow from Liverpool
  • Happened just as special forces soldiers storm desert gas facility
  • All 11 remaining militants shot dead in a fierce gun battle
  • In total, 32 kidnappers and 23 captives had died in the siege
  • 22 British nationals have been flown back to the UK

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  1. If he got this far by demanding ransoms for hostages then there is no way it makes sense to continue to do so. He may also be a smuggler but giving into his hostages demands is probably mostly what empowered him to hide wherever he is hiding feeling like a big shot.

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