…and don’t you eat that Pali snow!

Palestinian Arab terror snow sculptures   (EoZ)

Besides the Hamas rocket model built out of snow yesterday on the Temple Mount, here are some other  Palestinian Arab snow sculptures:

Here’s more>>>


Totally “unbiased” reporting from TIME magazine:

The “Arab Spring” started because of poverty and 18 months of violence — largely wrought by the Assad regime — (nothing to do with Islam,  al Qaeda and thousands of jihad mercenaries from all over the world)

Syrian “rebels” also know how to do “dead baby jihad”

Pallywood in Syria:

Looks like the Palestinian (Pallywood) art of faking civilian deaths has been adopted by the Obama-supported Free Syrian ‘Jihadist’ Army.

At the end, you’ll see what the American MSM didn’t show you.  (thanks to BNI)

Not sure these people deserve our help:

Just “inner struggle”

UK: Four Muslims arrested over Syrian jihad plot

“#MyJihad is to kidnap and terrorize the kuffar. What’s yours?”

“Met police arrest four men over alleged Syria jihadist kidnap plot,” from the Guardian, January 10

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  1. “Not sure these people deserve our help:”

    I was sure they did not, from the moment I saw Obama, Hollande, the ABC, SBS and Bob Carr on their side.

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