Arabic media starts a new “Israel behind 9/11” blitz

As bizarre as you might think this is, there are already some 30% ‘trufers in the western world who buy into this gibberish.

Arabic media starts a new “Israel behind 9/11” blitz  (thanks to the Elder of Ziyon)

Today, no fewer than three Arabic language news sites – from Egypt, the West Bank (Fatah) and Austria – are posting stories about a supposedly new US study that proves that Israel was behind 9/11. As of this writing, all of them were the top story in each site.

I don’t see anything new; it is simply a rehashing of the anti-semitic crackpot theories that are found throughout the Internet. This “study” finds four prominent Jews who supposedly stood to profit from 9/11, like Larry Silverstein and Ronald Lauder, and then says that the Mossad put explosives in the bottom of the Twin Towers set to explode when the planes hit, or something like that. And that Israeli companies had foreknowledge of the attacks and suddenly broke their lease with the WTC, losing millions of dollars. Except those that didn’t.The usual idiocy.

This “study” concludes that Netanyahu was behind the attacks, since he was prime minister at the time. Only one problem: he wasn’t.

So what does it say about the Arab media that they prioritize yet another anti-semitic theory on their front pages?

3 thoughts on “Arabic media starts a new “Israel behind 9/11” blitz”

  1. Friggin retards, are they really all this stupid or is the hatred in the koran making the savages stupid ???

    Its like what come first the chicken or the egg?

    Did stupid come before the koran or was it stupid that wrote the koran?

  2. Muslims are sooo boring and repetitive.

    They keep flip flopping between being proud of ‘hitting America’ via the Twin Towers and claiming it was an Israeli/Mosad conspiracy (blame the Jews-standard refrain).

    Hmmm, I see the peasants are mimicking the superior culture, by referencing the word ‘study’, but no where does it identify the name of the group that concluded the study.

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