Australian Moonbattery

Tim Blair Roundup:

Positions Vacant

We have “Coal Activists” who LIVE TO LIE and cause a lot of damage. We also have Greens who love these lies.


“There will be no coal hatred under a government I lead”WHAT WOULD JESUS BURN?

Where  would we be without Cate Blanchett and mental tosh like  “Actors have the ability to change gravity and challenge reality?”– Unfortunately,   our gubmint believes in their  ability to defy gravity. But if we do that,  reality comes back to bite us in the ass:  PLANET CATE

We have Dick Smith

The electronics entrepreneur, adventurer, pilot, frustrated aviation reformer, former Australian of the year, and still vocal ‘’living treasure’’ - plans to donate $1 million as part of his newly unveiled Wilberforce Award, to the young Australian who comes up with the best solution for population control.  (Dick must have signed up to Agenda 21 in a moment of confusion…)

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