Australian Mufti-man Returns From “the Land of Jihad”

Grand Mufti’s agenda not very unifying

Miranda Devine offers a very mild critique of a Mufti-maniac who went to Gaza (which he calls ‘land of jihad’)  to “learn” and mingle  with genocidal headbangers from Hamas and Islamic jihad terrorists.

AUSTRALIA’S Grand Mufti, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, presents himself as a moderate, with the unity of Muslims and non-Muslims as his priority.

But his Christmas vist to the Gaza strip, which he called “the land of jihad”, and his support for Hamas, suggest unity may not be the first thing on his mind.

He also said he came to “hear the stones and the trees talk”–  which is a a common hadith,(war cry) to commit genocide on Jews.

The visit reportedly was hailed as a publicity “coup” by Hamas, whose militant wing has been listed as a terrorist entity by Australia since 2001.

Mohamed met Hamas senior leader Ismail Haniyeh, who is on record praising Osama Bin Laden as a “Muslim and Arabic warrior”

“We came here in order to learn from Gaza,” Mohamed said.

Learn what?

Egyptian born Mohamed is smoother than his most famous predecessor, Sheikh Taj al-din al-Hilali, who once described women who dressed immodestly as “uncovered meat”.

But, like Hilali, he does not speak English fluently and gives interviews through an interpreter, which tends to cloud his meaning.

Previously he has alluded to the Israel-Palestine conflict as a factor in any potential threat of homegrown terrorism. He has indicated that Australia having troops in Afghanistan might inflame passions in the community. And he has defended Sharia law as misunderstood and wholly consistent with Australian values.

Even interpreted with maximum diplomacy, when seen with his Hamas visit, his agenda looks pushy, and not exactly unifying.

Another worrying sign that Australia’s moderate Muslim community may become less laid back was the fatwa declared against Christmas by the Lakemba mosque.

The fatwa was quickly removed from the Mosque’s Facebook page, a credit to the moderate Muslims who complained about it.

But the fact it appeared at all is troubling, as was the excuse given that it was posted by an overeager “youth worker” who had copied the text from another Islamic website.

The fatwa warned Muslims it is a ‘’sin’’ to wish people Merry Christmas, and followed a lecture by Lakemba’s head imam saying much the same.

Moderate Muslims have always said that Islam sees Jesus as a prophet, born of the virgin Mary, so there should be no inconsistency with Christmas greetings.

But we cannot view our own relatively minor issues in isolation from the radicalisation of Islam elsewhere in the world, and the increasingly dangerous predicament for Christians persecuted in lands where they have lived peacefully with the Muslim majority for generations.

On Christmas Eve, for instance, in Nigeria, the al-Qaeda-linked Islamist group, Boko Haram, attacked two churches, including an evangelical church in which people were burned alive.

An upcoming book, Persecuted: the Global Assault on Christians, points out that Christians are the most persecuted group in the world, modern martyrs being murdered for their faith every day in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and former Soviet nations.

We are not immune from the ideological forces sweeping the world, and as a Christian country we should be prepared actively to discriminate in favour of persecuted Christian refugees, who understand the threat of radical Islamism better than most.


 The (unelected) Labor party fraud that’s governing Australia at present are sucking up to this lot in the hope of swinging an election win from the jaws of defeat. Hence the UN vote, the avalanche of illegal entry vessels arriving daily with fighting age males It should be investigated to confirm how any if any of these illegals are permitted to vote in our forthcoming federal election.  If any of them are permitted to vote then our electoral system is severely flawed.

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  1. “The fatwa was quickly removed from the Mosque’s Facebook page, a credit to the moderate Muslims who complained about it.”

    read – ‘slightly more aware muslims who, while really agreeing with it in principle – have just enough intelligence to realise it would be yet another of the already myriad reasons to put sane people off the crock of shiite that is Islam.

  2. I’d say this creep is a member of the Ikhwan. He got his ‘degree’ from Al Azhar university in Cairo. He taught at the emirates (Abu Dhabi).

    1. All of them are. Hilali, Fehmi, Trad, the lot.

      Remember some years ago when Bucktooth Bashir was blowing up Bali 1 + 2 and the embassy attacks in Jakarta? There were calls to outlaw Jemmah Islamiyyah, which is the MuBro network in Indonesia. Almost immediately we were told that that was impossible because all Muslims are automatically members of JI, just like every Muslim is by birth a MB member.

  3. How and when did this monkey get into Australia. What do we have to do to end the immigration madness

  4. How did he get back into Australia after ADMITTING he had met with a certified terrorist organization?, what ideals has he brought back with him that he can pass onto his brothers at the next jihad meeting at the local mosque?, why do we have to put up with this shit?
    Geert Wilders was initially denied a visa to enter Australia to inform Aussies about shitlam and the perfect world they wish to create for us , yet HATE preachers like this neanderthal knuckle dragger can come and go as he pleases.
    Australia it’s time to wake up!

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