BBC seeks protection from suicide attacks, builds bunker for staff

BBC Watch: Stop press! BBC uses word ‘terrorist’!

“No need to get excited, though: this is about Europe, where apparently – unlike the Middle East – people convicted of terrorism in a court of law can be described by the BBC as terrorists rather than ‘militants’ and their actions described as terrorism rather than ‘resistance’. “


BBC’s news studios built in bomb proof room to protect them from jihad suicide attacks

While BBC newscasters apologize for and cover for jihad terror and Islamic supremacism in their newscasts, their architects have taken a more Islamorealistic view.

“BBC bunker: News studios built in bomb proof room to protect it from suicide attacks,” by Alex Gore for the Daily Mail, January 13 (thanks to JW):

The BBC’s new multi-million pound television news studio has been built to be bomb proof to protect journalists from suicide attacks.

In other news:

University’s new centre to study rise in anti-Islam far right

The news room sits in a bunker under the main reception at the £1billion New Broadcasting House.

Staff have been assured they would be protected from a blast should a suicide bomber walk through the front door at the central London facility.

A BBC source told The Sunday Express: ‘It’s directly underneath so if a suicide bomber came in the front door they would be right over it. We’ve been assured it’s bomb proof.’

The BBC refused to comment on the claim however, saying: ‘We never discuss security issues.’…

6 thoughts on “BBC seeks protection from suicide attacks, builds bunker for staff”

  1. RE: Leftard Uni to Open Centre For Breivik Studies

    The reality is for nearly a 100 years it has been subversion by the left that has done the greatest damage to the UK. Past and present.

    From the insidious Fabian society in the late 1880’s to the contemptuous Webbs and their support of Stalin, justifying his violence and their implicit denial of the Holodomor.

    To the Communist traitors of the 30’s-80’s. From the likes of Melita Norwood et al., whose espionage gave advance R&D to the Soviets. To the Cambridge 5 who were embedded at the highest levels of the British governments.

    The avarice of Union thugs, like Arthur Scargill and others to the self-hating Labour Party that produced Livingston and Blair; both of whom sought to weaken Britain and fundamentally change the country through unfettered immigration and a subjugation of the indigenous population in the last forty years.

    And what has the right produced? Mosley? The BNP? All of who had had zero power.

  2. The Islamic doctrine of of the Quran of somekind of paradise with many virgins for the jihadist who dies in a specificway for Islam which inspires mush evil is in reality a fussion of Arabian and Zoroastrine mythology insurted in the Quran and other works of Islam. Such is the part of the hoax of Islam .Furthermore, the false teachers ,the imams and the mullahs who indoctrinate this false teaching intothe hearts and minds of others wes predicted in the Bible. Which reads “For the time will come when they will not stand wholesome teaching, but will follow their own fancy and gather a crowd of teachers to tickle their ears. They will stop their ears to the truth and turn to mythology.”
    Second Timothy 4:3,4. [NEB]

  3. fatherless ( FatherG-d rejecting) adults & fatherless (marriage rejecting) children. hopeless & helpless nation. darwin is their prophet. they want evilution, law of the jungle survival of the fitest, they got it. they will lose-

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