Brain-Damaged Ahmed

Boxer refused bail for attacking police officer at riot

A BOXER, accused of attacking a police officer with a pole at an Islamic riot he claims he only attended because he thought it would be “peaceful”, has been refused bail.

Justice Robert Hulme said it was “very concerning” that Elomar had gone to the public gathering carrying a full-face balaclava – which he was later seen wearing.

His lawyer Leah Rowan said the 29-year-old was suffering early-onset dementia as a result of numerous head injuries he had suffered and the condition left him “susceptible to outside influence”.

Father of three and three-time boxing champion Ahmed Elomar, 29, was one of 1000 people who stormed Sydney’s CBD last year to protest against an anti-Islamic video posted online in the US.

Several police officers were injured while attempting to calm the crowd.

Tim Blair on the outgoing Porky Pat:

Too bad Ahmed couldn’t get the Bugs Bunny judge:

Controversial magistrate Pat O’Shane yesterday ended a career that has been anything but light-hearted by quoting Bugs Bunny.

“As Bugs Bunny says ‘That’s all folks’,” Ms O’Shane said.

Police allege Mr Elomar hit an officer with a flagpole and threw objects at others.

His lawyer told the Sydney Supreme Court on Thursday that Mr Elomar was suffering brain damage from the head injuries had received through his sport and that, should he be released, he would remain under the “watchful eye” of his mother.

Justice Robert Holme questioned why Mr Elomar would have covered his face with a balaclava before attending the protest if he believed it would be peaceful and described his behaviour as “very concerning”.

Mr Elomar will remain at Long Bay jail until he is back before the court next week.

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  1. Well Sheik,

    Id say Fatty O’Barrel, has clearly shown his leftist stripes by obtaining the grand total of eight, yes eight arrests, of these knuckle draagging muslim apes.

    O’Farrel needs to be rolled from within, I can’t wait to Alan Jones gets back on air & fixes this dumb left wing bastard.

    If he were serious, which he isn’t, Scipione shoiuld have been given orders to arrest every single one of these scum- & put them in front of a proper magistrate…. i.e. not that idiot O Shane.

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