Bye bye, Emily. Salaam aleikum, Ibn Firnas

Rolls-Royce have created special edition models that commemorate a symbol of Arab and Islamic culture in  a unique way:

“Abbas Ibn Firnas dared to dream that man could fly a millennium before the Wright Brothers did”.  

Never knew that the Arabs shared the dreamtime with Australian Aboriginals. But they, at least invented the boomerang.

3 thoughts on “Bye bye, Emily. Salaam aleikum, Ibn Firnas”

  1. Cough.

    Gee, well this is truly embarrassing…

    Pretty sure that the Chinese mastered the concept of flying several millennias before Islam was ever a twinkle in the eye of a madman named Muhammad.

    Sigh. Poor Lu Ban (770-475 BC) he never gets the recognition for his flying machine.

  2. Find the idiot from the advertising firm that Roll Royce hired. Allmost every race dreamed of flight – only one achieved it.

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