Canada stops bleeding for Haiti

On a tip from BCF:

What happened to the Haiti billions?

Despite billions in aid from the ‘International Community’ Haiti has nothing to show for. Redevelopment never happened and most of the money disappeared. Canada has had enough and wants to pull the plug:

Haiti stunned by Fantino plan to freeze aid

International Co-operation Minister Julian Fantino has stunned the biggest recipient of Canadian foreign aid, Haiti, by announcing via a newspaper interview that Ottawa has frozen new aid projects for the Caribbean nation.

Mr. Fantino, the former Ontario provincial police chief who is six months into the job as the minister responsible for foreign aid, told Montreal newspaper La Presse that he has put new assistance projects for Haiti “on ice” while he ponders a new approach because the aid is not getting the results “that Canadians have a right to expect.”

Even PuffHo do-gooders are irritated:

Where those billions went following the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that left a government-estimated figure of 220,000 people dead — and at least 1.6 million more homeless — remains a confounding mystery.

Slick Willie, along with Spiccoli, Bono and the usual suspects  was one of the first ambulance chasers  on the scene.   He took the money and ran. Wasn’t that always the Klintoons modus operandi?  (Read more)