Clinton’s Benghazi Gate: She Knows She is Above the Law

She had enough time to prepare, and she arrived all lawyered up.

‘What Difference…Does It Make?’

Clinton Finally Explains Why the Four State Dept. Employees Blasted for Leadership Failures in Benghazi Report Have Not Been Fired:   “so complicated”Read More »

During Senate testimony today, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton implied that “lack of funding for the State Department” was a contributor to the deadliness of the Benghazi terrorist attack in Sept. 2012.

This, coming from the biggest spending regime in history of the U.S. is adding insult to injury.

Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they’d go kill some Americans?”  (wtf, what difference does is make?)

“The American public needs an explanation.”-– CIA Denies Lt. Gen. Boykin’s Claim About Alleged U.S. Gun-Running to Syrian Rebels Through Benghazi–Read More »

• Chokes up while talking about those killed

• Defends Susan Rice

• Rand Paul: “I would have relieved you of your post”

• McCain: “It’s been a cover-up from the beginning”

• Dem. senator: “4,000-plus Americans lost in the war in Iraq under false pretenses” is worse

Clinton says she “didn’t see” requests for improved Benghazi security, doesn’t explain why she falsely blamed Muhammad video for jihad massacres

She didn’t see requests that would have shown up the folly of the administration’s support for the Libyan jihadists. “Choking up, Hillary Clinton says Benghazi is ‘personal,’” by Olivier Knox for Yahoo! News,

Clinton cries, shouts, weaves on Benghazi  (Andrew Bolt)

The White House  Clinton for weeks misled the world about last year’s Islamist  jihad attack on its Benghazi consulate which killed four Americans.

It She claimed the attack was just a protest against an anti-Islam film that got out of hand, rather than a planned and co-ordinated assault by an al-Qaeda-linked militia on a US outpost whose request for extra security had been denied.

Clinton had Muhammad filmmaker Nakoula, a US citizen,  jailed for exercising his free speech rights, in order to appease an anti-American, religious-maniac foreign movement. There was no reason for this. Where would a guy with a fatwah  on his head flee to, anyhow?

Yesterday, finally, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave evidence to a Senate committee hearing:

Clinton said she wasn’t the one who sent Rice to talk to the media…


No one involved in the Benghazi terrorist attack has been arrested while the the man who made the anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims,” was arrested by California police for a parole violation.

Congressman To Clinton: “The Only Person That’s In Jail Right Now Is The Filmmaker”

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher Wednesday alluded to the fact that no one involved in the Benghazi terrorist attack has been arrested while the the man who made the anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims,” was arrested by California police for a parole violation. The administration originally said the video was the cause of the attack.  (Buzz Feed)

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  1. Liberals are insane: “Was it because of a film, or just some random muslims out for a stroll who decided to kill some Americans? What difference does it make? It’s my job to find out so it won’t happen again!”

    i.e: “It’s my job to find out, but I don’t see what difference it would make.”


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