CNN Mustard Fareed Zakaria: “Anomalous” U.S. Gun Laws Must Go!

The “bitter clingers” need  to smack down progressive loons and Islamic agit-props  who openly crow for gun-confiscation and the scrapping of the second amendment.   Brother Fareed, son of a Muslim scholar and Muslim Brotherhood advocate, would never make such demands of the Taliban or any  other “mujaheddin”, who ‘cling to their guns and their religion’.

Muselputz Fareed Zakaria Begs ‘Courage’ From Lawmakers to Enact Gun Control

Matt Hadro | NewsBusters

Piers Morgan isn’t the only CNN host pushing a ban on semi-automatic guns. Fareed Zakaria hammered “anomalous” U.S. gun laws on Thursday afternoon and pointed to other countries for the strict gun control that America should strive for.

“And I think that Sandy Hook has been a huge turning point and there is a shift of consciousness.We are becoming more aware of just how anomalous the U.S. is,” said the host of CNN’s foreign affairs show Fareed Zakaria GPS. “So the real challenge here is going to be to take this shift in national consciousness and actually drive it through to make it a shift in policy. [Video below the break. Audio here.]   Read More

Brother Fareed’s anti-American claptrap is even worse than what Piers Morganputz offers up. Samples here:

Moonbattery got video!

Five Facts to Fire at the Gun-Grabbers

Reason TV lists five facts regarding firearms that you won’t hear from the authoritarians running the media branch of the government:

1. Gun violence has been declining.
2. Despite the politically driven hype, mass shootings are not becoming more frequent.
3. Schools are safer than they were.
4. There are more guns out there, despite (or more likely, causing) the decline in gun violence.
5. “Assault weapons” bans have no effect on crime or violence.

Here’s another fact: the progressive establishment’s full frontal assault on the Second Amendment following Obama’s disastrous reelection was easily predictable; if Sandy Hook hadn’t happened, America’s enemy within would have seized on some other pretext.

But totalitarian liberals aren’t about to let facts get in the way of the emotions they have deliberately whipped into a frenzy.


5 thoughts on “CNN Mustard Fareed Zakaria: “Anomalous” U.S. Gun Laws Must Go!”

  1. Lets see, what do we have here at CNN?

    -2 Foreigners advocating for the subversion of American laws.
    -In the past, both have been found to have been dishonest and lied in their professional careers.
    -Neither, have a clear understanding of the American mind.
    -Both, have correctly pointed out that their is a “new consciousness”, but have failed to realize it is a sudden awareness by Americans that their own government aided by a corrupt left winging media have the intent to subvert the historic document that have kept Americans free of tyranny for more then 200 hundred years. (Not to mention a free press.)

    Hence the increase in NRA memberships at 100,000+ and a run on gun purchases since the POTUS has been in office.

    Too bad CNN can not say the same about their viewer numbers that have been steadying going down, down, down.

  2. Let’s see, disarm the kufirs so that we can no longer defend ourselves against the invaders.
    Yep, sensible.

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