6 thoughts on “Da’awa Downunder: 6 Reverts in One day”

    1. That’s how it should be understood.

      Muslims claim that we are all born Muslim and Christians and Jews have been led astray by their forbears who somehow (how is never explained) forged the scriptures. So whoever converts becomes a “revert”.

  1. Good point – they are always speaking of the huge number of ‘errors’ in the Bible but to date not one muslim has come up with the corrected version yet. It’s going to be great when they publish it – as if they need another reason to be derided.

  2. I would love to have some bearded neanderthal try to convert me off the street. Nothing better than a nice, public discussion on theology when you know the truth about the poison they are pushing.

  3. Yeh. This dude is probably already a muslim. If they ever try to engage me on the street, I would have to ask them about the parts of the quran that talk about instituting sharia and killing Jews. I bet I would get threatened with violence for being Racist. As I see often on here, exactly which race is muslim?

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