Do jerks deserve free speech?

Not according to Alecia Simmonds who calls herself a ‘writer’ for the Fairfax media. She uses her free speech for a vile attack on Andrew Bolt, whom she calls ‘a jerk’.

Alecia wants you to    “Imagine if Alan Jones and  Andrew Bolt could be thrown in prison and charged money for vomiting venomous racist bile in public.”

Well, we still have freedom of speech and that’s why Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones can still speak and be heard. Imagine for one moment that all we had left were  Fairfax scribblers like Alecia Simmonds who would serve you  yesterdays Gillard lines regurgitated. I shudder.

Dangerous Lunatics:

Andrew Bolt: How many “racists” does O’Farrell want jailed?

SURE, NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell isn’t the only one now crazy-keen to sic the cops on to people with bad opinions.

Yesterday, a Sydney Morning Herald commentator wrote it was “high time that (broadcaster Alan) Jones and Bolt were sent to the clanger, but for their misogyny as much as their racism”.


Would Alecia Simmonds also call her PM a jerk?

THE Prime Minister couldn’t have been clearer about her racism when she dumped a Labor Senator this week for being white.

“There has never been an indigenous Australian who has served as a federal Labor representative,” Julia Gillard said on Tuesday.