Egypt Meltdown

Will Obama take credit for this?

Chief of Egypt’s Army Warns of ‘Collapse’ as Chaos Mounts

CAIRO — Egypt’s top military officer warned Tuesday of the potential “collapse of the state” if political forces in the country did not reconcile, reflecting growing impatience with the country’s growing unrest.

His remarks came as violence in Cairo began to escalate. During clashes between riot police and protesters along the Nile Corniche early on Tuesday, the fighting spilled into one of the city’s luxury hotels, leaving the lobby in ruins.  (The NYT has more)

Egypt protesters come to aid of ransacked Intercontinental hotel

Vlad Tepes

Notice its the anti-government forces that protected the hotel, and its guests. One might presume from this that it was government armed people who attacked it.    Ahram.Eg  (at the time of this writing the internet in Egypt was down)

Armed groups break into Semiramis hotel off Tahrir Square, shoot at employees and guests early Tuesday; anti-government demonstrators ward off looters as security forces fail to arrive

Dozens of armed assailants raided and looted the InterContinental Semiramis hotel on Cairo’s Nile Corniche, while staff desperately called for help via their official Twitter account, in the early hours of Tuesday morning amid fierce clashes between protesters and security forces.

Anti-government demonstrators secured the besieged hotel and helped hotel guests flee until they were safely in taxis to the airport, as the police and the army failed to come to their aid.   Click to continue:

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  1. “Chief of Egypt’s Army Warns of ‘Collapse’ as Chaos Mounts”

    Would it be callous of me to say “GOOD”!!!!? (because I think it’s the only way to get rid of Morsi and perhaps at last get a little jink into that demonic carcass that is protecting the terroristic muslim brotherhood.

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