Egypt: Muslims Vow to Recapture Spain

So let’s see. Israel is occupied and Spain is, too (by Spaniards, imagine that!)  And Thailand, Chechnya, Bosnia, Sudan, Philippines, etc., and everywhere Muslims wage jihad, etc.  (MEMRI TV thanks to Pamela Geller)

Oh, and the Muslims discovered America, doncha know?

The world belongs to allah and his profit. No matter how long it takes, we ill liberate it, move over, kafir, the soldiers of allah are coming!

Islamic theology holds that whenever a land belongs to the House of Islam at any time, it belongs by right to the house of Islam forever. “And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution is worse than slaughter.” — Qur’an 2:191

“Egyptians Protest the Fall of Islamic Andalusia and Vow to Liberate It,” from MEMRI, January 2 (thanks to JW):

Following are excerpts from a video clip of a demonstration in Egypt held to mark the fall of the Muslim rule in Andalusia, posted on the Internet on January 2, 2013.Footage of demonstrators holding signs in Arabic and Spanish:

Sign: “We have not forgotten Andalusia. We will definitely return.”

Sign: “The conquest of countries will not be erased by oblivion.”

Demonstrator: As we speak, in Islamic Andalusia, in Spain, they are marching to celebrate the fall of the Islamic state of Andalusia, or Spain. While they are celebrating, we here are upset, because the Muslims used to rule in those European countries.

Over there, they are celebrating the fact that they killed Muslims and drove out the Muslims rulers, who ruled them with justice.


Demonstrator: This is a good opportunity to remind people of the history of their Islamic nation, because a nation that forgets its history is, I’m sad to say, doomed to failure.

Demonstrator: My name is Muhammad Gamal.

Reporter: Muhammad, why are you demonstrating?

b>Demonstrator: At this very moment, there are celebrations in Spain, to mark the expulsion of the Muslims from Andalusia. We are here to respond to them, and say that Allah willing, we will return to Andalusia. We are here to remind people of this day of commemoration.


Demonstrator: We are trying to remind people of the history of Andalusia. It was toppled over 500 years ago by the Spaniards, who are occupying it to this day. We want to remind people that no matter how long the Spanish occupation of Andalusia continues, the day will come, Allah willing, when we liberate it and Islam will return.

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  1. “No matter how long the The Spanish occupation of Andalucia continues” HAHAHAHAHAHAA

    Now can we stop importing these jihad monkees into our countries?

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