Egypt: Split Among Zebiba Boyz

“My allah is better than yours…”

There’s a rift between “conservatives” and “ultra-conservatives”– may the guys with the biggest zebiba win!

CAIRO, Egypt — The leader of Egypt’s largest Islamist ultraconservative party announced Tuesday he is forming a new political party, splitting from the Salafi Al-Nour, which has emerged as the country’s second strongest political group.  (Mullah)

United in Jew-hatred:

Who would be more deserving of a state?

A Friend Who Acts like an Enemy is an Enemy

Barry Rubin: A Paradox of U.S. Middle East Policy: The Friend Who Acts like an Enemy is an Enemy

“Yet given the current situation, especially in the Middle East, a realistic policy would make the enemies’ list seem too long and discouraging. In political and diplomatic terms that means the truth will be covered up. The important question is: How far does a country have to go, how futile and even counterproductive do the pay-offs have to be, before it is no longer treated as a friend.

Guest post by Challah Hu Akbar, aka Challah & CHA

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