Ex Catholic Joins Inner Struggle Cultists; Promptly Calls For “Physical Warfare”

Just goes to show that “all religions have their extremists”, or something…..

Tim Blair:

Former Catholic Musa Cerantonio joins the ranks of Australia’s moderate Muslims:


UPDATE. Further from Brother Musa during last year’s Sydney tour, if you can stand his habit of inserting made-up baby talk into almost every single sentence. The Jews receive one or two mentions.

There are interesting comments, like this one:

The Egyptian twit in the second clip raises an interesting point.

According to his (official Egyptian mind you) version of history, Egypt won the Yom Kippur war and could have destroyed Israel but was stopped by the superpowers. He then states that Israel would have been erased from the face of the earth but “Allah decreed otherwise.”

Why? Why would Allah do that to the Muslims? Why did Allah support the Jews?

3 thoughts on “Ex Catholic Joins Inner Struggle Cultists; Promptly Calls For “Physical Warfare””

  1. Nope – Egypt was soundly beaen although it was touch and go for a short time.
    Let these muslim morons think they won Yom Kippur – they have just told us what we need to do when we win the next conflict.

  2. I’ve seen this fool around town. So nice that he now refers to his fellow Australians as “kuffar”! What a creep.

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