Fantastic: 85% of Lebanese in Germany Are on Welfare Benefits

85% of Lebanese in Germany Are on Welfare Benefits

 Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

Of 34,885 Lebanese living in Germany, 30,000 are in receipt of Hartz IV [welfare benefits for long-term unemployed], 4072 are in the country illegally – that is 11.7%!

Source: Bild Via: PIThese figures are from the German Interior Ministry. The newspaper also reports that Germany has hundreds of hard-core Lebanese criminals who cannot be deported because the Lebanese government refuses to take them back.

Criminal Lebanese Gang
There needs to be a stocktake. How much trade is done between Germany and Lebanon? How much of their assets have Lebanese politicians ‘parked’ in German bank accounts?  How much do these welfare crims cost the German taxpayer? The state of Lebanon needs to be put on notice. The Lebanese need to be held accountable for the cost they inflicted on the people of Germany. Invoice them. Threaten them. Hit them where it hurts. And cancel the benefits for Leb crims in Germany at once.

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  1. Sounds exactly like the Northern suburbs of Melbourne and the Western suburbs of Sydney!!

  2. …and while the rest of us are busy working for a living they are learning useful skills like drug/gun smuggling and kick boxing. Let’s face it, they are in training.

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