Finance Minister Penny Wong, who is gay, said the candidates’ comments were bigoted and “don’t reflect the values that the vast majority of Australians have”.

Every time you see Penny Wong you see a bigot and a fanatical lesbian who hates everyone who wants to live a normal life. Given that the amount of lesbians in Australians are probably less than 1% of the population,  I’d say she is way out of touch with “the values that the vast majority of Australians have”.

Former Senate candidate Bernard Gaynor turns on Bob Katter and tweets about Muslims

BOB Katter’s party has defended a call from one of its candidates to oppose halal meat because its sale could give funds to Muslims.

Katter’s Australia Party national director said the comments made by the party’s candidate in a western Sydney seat with a large Islamic population were simply an expression of taste.

“Some Australians want crunchy peanut butter, others want smooth peanut butter, some Australians want Halal meat and some want non Halal meat – these are just some of the great freedoms we enjoy in this country,” Mr McLindon said in a written statement.

KAP candidate Jamie Cavanough sparked the latest controversy for his party after saying he wanted to buy “guaranteed non-halal meat” so his money does not “go to the Muslim community”.

KAP Senate nominee Bernard Gaynor, who was dumped by the party yesterday after making anti-gay comments, backed Mr Cavanough’s remarks.

 “I agree with KAP candidate Jamie Cavanough. I don’t want to buy meat that has been faced towards Mecca & blessed,” he said on Twitter.

Earlier, Mr Gaynor accused Bob Katter of caving into “political correctness” after his party membership was revoked. He also claimed Mr Katter privately agreed with his stance against gay teachers.

Bernard Gaynor

Disendorsed Katter’s Australian Party Senate nominee Bernard Gaynor.

Katter’s Australia Party yesterday cut Mr Gaynor adrift amid public uproar over his tweet declaring he did not want his children to be taught by homosexuals.

The move came only hours after the party also forced out another candidate in Victoria, Tess Corbett, who had said gay rights would lead to acceptance of pedophiles.

But a defiant Mr Gaynor last night said he had been treated unfairly and claimed that Mr Katter privately agreed with his stance.

“I know Bob Katter supports me 100 per cent, but obviously he’s made this decision for political purposes,” Mr Gaynor told The Courier-Mail.

“Bob told me that he was on a crusade and that the party had a very strong position that marriage was between a man and a woman and a very strong position in support of family values.

“But obviously in order to achieve political goals, he’s happy to put those values aside and hang me out to dry, simply because I said I don’t believe homosexual people should teach my children.”


KAP national director Aidan McLindon said Mr Gaynor had been suspended from the party because he ignored a directive for candidates not to “promote their own personal preoccupations”.

But Mr Gaynor – who until recently was the national general secretary of Mr Katter’s party – said he had been offered support by many members.

He also said he opposed the presence of gays in the military and agreed with Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi that gay marriage could lead to bestiality and polygamy.

The controversy comes after the party attracted criticism in the Queensland election campaign for advertisements featuring pixelated images of semi-naked men that linked Campbell Newman to gay marriage.

Mr Katter later said he regretted these advertisements.

The north Queensland MP refused to comment on the latest controversy surrounding his candidates, other than to describe Ms Corbett’s comments as “stupid”.

“Everyone knows my position on this issue,” Mr Katter told The Courier Mail.

“I’m not interested in it one way or another.”

Queensland Greens Senator Larissa Waters said there was a pattern of homophobic attacks from the Katter party and urged him to explicitly renounce his candidates’ comments.

“This is not the first that time that the Katter party, either an official or a prospective candidate, has expressed homophobic views and my take is it’s not going to be the last,” Senator Waters said.

“Bob Katter famously said there were no gays in his electorate, presumably he is still of the same opinion.”

Finance Minister Penny Wong, who is gay, said the candidates’ comments were bigoted and “don’t reflect the values that the vast majority of Australians have”.

Penny Wong would know. She is the standard bearer for the majority of Australians, no doubt.