France: Muslim minister wants censorship on tweets that are “legally and morally reprehensible.”

Can you smell the coffee? Do you see where Mustard infiltration and leftist depravity and non stop subversion is taking us?

French Minister Pushes for Censhorship of ‘Hateful Tweets’  (Breitbart)

Vallaud-Belkacem calls herself a “non-practicing Muslim”, but freedom for her means universal censorship, go figure!.

French Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem* wants Twitter to help enforce censorship standards she believes ought to be universal.

This would include installing “alerts and security measures” that would stop the dispersion of tweets which the French government deems “hateful.”

As things now stand, Belkacem claims Twitter is too often used for expressing opinions  the French government labels “legally and morally reprehensible.” More often than not, these appear to be tweets that run counter to the French government’s latest, greatest social experiment — whatever that is at any given time.

She says the French government does support “freedom of expression,” but not freedom of expression “with impunity.”

(Nothing we haven’t heard before. Lets get rid of freedom of speech so we can be really free)

Belkacem says she is calling on Twitter to adhere to a “sense of corporate responsibility” by helping the French government control what is and isn’t expressed via the communications medium.

*Najat Vallaud-Belkacem (born Najat Belkacem on 4 October 1977 in Bni Chiker, Morocco) is a French socialist politician who on 16 May 2012 joined the Ayrault government as its youngest member, serving as Minister of Women’s Rights andGovernment spokeperson.

5 thoughts on “France: Muslim minister wants censorship on tweets that are “legally and morally reprehensible.””

  1. That nasty piece of work, world champion in taquia, will one day be President of France if we cannot stop her. And she will probably make the more in-your-face nasty piece of work, the present Minister for InJustice her Prime Minister.

    I feel physically sick when I look at and listen to those two most powerful women of France.

  2. Saw a video recently which showed that Black Slavery by Arab muslims is alive and well NOW. Can’t find the video atm.

    Yes and while the totally gutless French President Hollande crawls to Algeria in order to kiss arab arse and betray France and her people, his “Minister for Justice” lets Arab/Muslim thugs ransack, rape and kill at will because – so she decreed “the poor young people carry the weight of French colonisation on their shoulders”. What chance has France got!

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