From Mosqueteers to Marketeers: ‘changing the image of jihad like any other brand’

How do you change the image of this?

Changing images? Seems to be something that lies at the heart of Islam. If a brand is misunderstood, it needs to be rebranded.  All you need is cosmetics, a bit of snake oil, and more  advertising.

Questions, questions:

Can the popular conception of “jihad” really be changed with some ads and a hashtag?

“I would look at this conflict as I would any other product: We have an image problem,” said Arash Afshar, an Iranian-American marketing consultant who is not involved with the campaign. “This is exactly what Muslims should be doing … The way to combat an image problem is not to simply sit back and hope it goes away. You develop a branding strategy and motivate your already existing fan-base.”

Robert Spencer is not convinced that it will work:

If Afshar and Rehab really want to change the image of “jihad,” they don’t need to attack Pamela Geller; they need to convince the Muslims who believe it has to do with violence to change their views. That they’re not making any effort to do that is telling.

One thought on “From Mosqueteers to Marketeers: ‘changing the image of jihad like any other brand’”

  1. It is time to build mosques that resemble the beautiful ancient ones in
    Spain.and on any interstate hwy for all to see in order to send the message that Islam is here to stay.

    more good images such as like the movie EL CID starring CHARLTON Heston, but even back in those days the Muslims or Moors should have been brought out by the director of the movie.
    We need more Muslim directors out in Hollywood.

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