Gillard’s Ostraya

Australia under Jooliar Gillard can no longer defend itself.

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“Hate-Speech Laws” and Censorship

 Roxon’s law, should it come to fruition, will result in another  a real stolen generation – a generation of young people and children who have had their freedom of speech stolen from within their classrooms, lecture theatres and tutorial rooms where open discussion should be welcomed.  Shut-up laws to treat us like children

Look out for “Offending speechers”

In Australia, … the ruling party now reacts to criticism by alleging its opponents are “offending the feelings of Australian women”, are “anti-women”, “misogynistic” or “do not understand women”…

This is exactly how Beijing thinks and operates. Chinese who disagree are labelled “traitors” or not “real” Chinese….

Under the proposed laws even Gillard & her  couch potato would be guilty:

Mathieson must pay for Gillard’s extremism

The Australian is right.  Tim Mathieson’s silly joke is only an issue because of the hypocrisy, cant and illiberalism of his partner, Prime Minister Julia Gillard:  Under those laws, Mathieson could be sued by people who merely took offence at his remarks about female Asian doctors.

So the questions for Gillard are these:  does she admit her proposed laws would make what Mathieson said potentially unlawful? Does she agree that this demonstrates her laws are dangerously broad?

In any case, Mathieson sure knows how to enjoy the perks of his girlfriend’s office.

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