Guardian: Paedophiles are ‘ordinary members of society’ who need moral support

Guardian: Paedophiles are ‘ordinary members of society’ who need moral support

Now you know what ‘tolerance’ means for the enlightened progressives and their Muselmanic stormtroopers  at the Guardian. For all of you uneducated rubes out there,  here’s an opportunity to dive into the “peer-reviewed Archives of Sexual Behaviour”, where “persuasive evidence for the harmfulness of paedophilic relationships does not yet exist”.

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Paedophiles: experts quoted in the Guardian aren’t sure it’s harmful

Britain’s most persecuted minority have found a new advocate. An article this morning in the Guardian by feature writer Jon Henley addresses misconceptions about paedophiles, quoting one “expert” who believes that: “It is the quality of the relationship that matters”.

No, this is not not some sick send-up on my part. “If there’s no bullying, no coercion, no abuse of power,” says Tom O’Carroll, “if the child enters into the relationship voluntarily … the evidence shows there need be no harm.”

O’Carroll is a former chairman of the Paedophile Information Exchange with a conviction for distributing indecent photographs. The Guardian acknowledges this, but gives him a respectful hearing and points out that “some academics do not dispute” his views. For example:

A Dutch study published in 1987 found that a sample of boys in paedophilic relationships felt positively about them. And a major if still controversial 1998-2000 meta-study suggests – as J Michael Bailey of Northwestern University, Chicago, says – that such relationships, entered into voluntarily, are “nearly uncorrelated with undesirable outcomes”.

Most people find that idea impossible. But writing last year in the peer-reviewed Archives of Sexual Behaviour, Bailey said that while he also found the notion “disturbing”, he was forced to recognise that “persuasive evidence for the harmfulness of paedophilic relationships does not yet exist”.

Henley attaches a lot of weight to the views of Sarah Goode, a senior lecturer at the University of Winchester:

For Goode, though, broader, societal change is needed. “Adult sexual attraction to children is part of the continuum of human sexuality; it’s not something we can eliminate,” she says. “If we can talk about this rationally – acknowledge that yes, men do get sexually attracted to children, but no, they don’t have to act on it – we can maybe avoid the hysteria. We won’t label paedophiles monsters; it won’t be taboo to see and name what is happening in front of us.”

We can help keep children safe, Goode argues, “by allowing paedophiles to be ordinary members of society, with moral standards like everyone else”, and by “respecting and valuing those paedophiles who choose self-restraint”. Only then will men tempted to abuse children “be able to be honest about their feelings, and perhaps find people around them who could support them and challenge their behaviour before children get harmed”.

I’ll leave you to make up your minds about this argument, but here’s a point to bear in mind. It was precisely this sort of “enlightened” attitude that persuaded Catholic bishops in the 1980s to adopt a mild, nuanced approach to suspicions of clerical paedophilia.


Tim Blair – Monday, January 07, 2013

Further on Jon Henley’s Guardian piece defending paedophilia:

The problem was less with content than with tone. Henley tried to bring “objectivity” to an issue – the potential or literal abuse of children – about which there is no reason to be objective …

Not only has a space been open for debate about something that hardly needs debating, but it’s also injected the misleading discourse of “reason” vs “hysteria” in to it. The constant call for “reason” can become a way of blinding us to certainly universal truths that don’t require reason to resonate.

Quite so.

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  1. For those with short memories Рlast year a muslim doctor in the German town of G̦ttingen was found to have behaved fraudulently with regards to transplant issues. The doctor escaped the German legal system by running to Saudi Arabia.

    The same has now occurred in Leipzig – again in the area of transplants – albeit it with a different muslim.

    The following reference is provided.

    You give these “people” a chance and they abuse the system.

  2. A couple of years I wrote a piece on the emergence of pedophilia in the West. An emergence clearly marked by an enthusiastic alliance of Left with the Islamists.

    With each passing day we see a growing threat to the sexual sanctity of our children.

    The article, examining pedophilia, called “As Pedophiles Devour Our Children” , also touches of gay rights combined with abortion issues. Essentially, the destruction of the moral fabric which has bound us and provided, in some measure, stewardship as a culture.

    Take it for what its worth. If nothing else take the time to look up the links and read the relevant case law……for therein lays the destruction of our children.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada



    It has begun; they have come for the children.

    First came homosexuality. They said it was just about being left to quietly go about their lives. We gave them that but that wasn’t enough.

    Then came the attacks on the institution of marriage. Then came the attacks on our sons and daughters in the military. Then came the attacks on groups the Boy Scouts and the Girl Guides. Then onto the band wagon, every other group of sexual deviants who wanted their “rights” and their own special “victim” status climbed aboard.

    Now come the destroyers of our children.

    Several weeks ago the latest in a series of meeting were held involving groups that openly, vigorously and with virtual impunity, advocate the union of children with older male and female pedophiles.

    Groups like B4U-ACT and NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) and Butterfly Kisses (a group for lesbian and female pedophiles, referred to as the “NAMBLA women’s auxiliary) , have, with the full cooperation and support of academia and members of the medical and mental health community, begun to create the platform of acceptability for pedophilia and sexual predation.

    The focus of these meetings is the first step in the creation of “classes” of pedophiles, as if to make one “class” of pedophile a little more acceptable than the others. A sort of grading system for criminal sexual deviance . Words like “minor-attraction” and “hebephilia” are now being bandied about with a lot of tsk-tsk, tut-tut and chin rubbing from the devotees of that vulgar reptile, Freud.

    Welcome to your nightmare…….

    This was on the horizon and loomed larger each day for the past 50 years. We ignored it. Each and every one of us allowed ourselves to be talked into acceptance, allowed our arguments to be deflected, to be silenced, to be ignored. Now the time has come to pay the price for our apathetic ignorance. This will continue exactly the way homosexuality has become “mainstream” and “acceptable”.

    Join me now, as I show you the sign posts you will see on the highway that leads to the betrayal and horrors that await our children. This wandering introspective analysis will no doubt conclude with the realization that the time has come to put a few things back in the closet and nail the door shut…..permanently.

    (Forgive the somewhat detailed look at the case of R V. Sharpe)

    First, as we see now, and as the homosexual community did in the late 60′s and 70′s, there is an assault on the medical community to remove the crime and demented sexual deviance of “child molester” from the list of mental defectives.

    There will/has been a quiet program of saturation of the public consciousness with a barrage of intrusions into mainstream media in the form of inclusions in entertainment (i.e.: as the Pedo, for comic relief, who really is a loveable but quirky guy or gal, and little Johnny or Suzy is really really happy when he or she visits the Pedo’s house).This has already happened many times with NAMBLA written into scripts and used as a segue on late night TV. The more often the Public hears it…the greater the immunity. Then comes acceptance.

    There will be an attempt to vilify those who object to this searing criminal perversion by coming up with buzzwords and catchy labels like: “Pedo-phobic” and “Pedolove-intolerent.” This will be used in conjunction with the attempts to socially isolate objectors to child molestation by reversing the possession of mental defect and attachment of criminality to the same.

    There will be attempts by the pedophiles to walk in the shadow of a protected group as the homosexuals did with the Holocaust. A simple sidelong glance or disparaging remark will suddenly be afforded all the legal protections of a “hate crime”, as if calling an effeminate, mincing man a queer, or a leering pedophile a sicko, is tantamount to the execution and incineration of millions of Jews. (Dipping into the Lucky Charms box of symbols for perverts, look for a lime green circle or a purple rectangle pinned to the chest of a pedophile whilst in the clutches of two stern looking German soldiers….thank you Adobe Photoshop…)

    Then commences the program of law-fare SLAAP suits against objectors in tandem with vigorous campaigns on Capitol and Parliament Hill. A perfect example of the upcoming political support for child molesters can be found in the actions of a Canadian Senator, one Larry W. Campbell. Senator Campbell has been an ardent supporter of the pending bill, Bill C-389, commonly known as the “Protection of Perverts Act”.

    Bill C-389, an amusing little piece of cancerous legislation, essentially endorses, protects and promotes everything and everyone from men who like to flit about in women’s underwear to those who, unhappy with the penis or vagina they were given at birth, have decided to engage in a little State funded “genital renovation”. The distance from Bill C-389 to a bill protecting the destroyers of our children is one eagerly covered by such enlightened politicians as Senator Larry W. Campbell, Justin Trudeau, Olivia Chow and Libby Davies…..just to name a few.

    Oh my, my, my….won‘t the Shareholders be pleased……..

    For the success of child molesters to be achieved, alliance with big corporations is a must. Pedophile “unfriendly” corporations will be campaigned to become “tolerant” and “non-pedophobic”.

    As with the father and his homosexual son at McDonald’s, notice the sneering condescension of the homosexual son for the “unenlightened and insufferably backward” father.

    You can look for McDonald’s first ad of a pedophile enjoying a Big Mac with his latest victim………ignore the blood running down the child’s leg.

    Seeing a lucrative business opportunity to develop a pedo-market, expect an enthusiastic response from Gerber Baby Foods, Romper Room Toys and Pampers Diapers….

    ”Did your little Johnny’s “Special Friend” get a little carried away on their last visit?……“A couple of rectal tears that won’t stop bleeding?…well try new Pampers For Pedos”…they soak up blood ten times faster than Huggies !!”……

    “Does your little Suzy wake up screaming at night after a visit with her “Special Friend”, well not to fuss, not to worry….try the Roche Corporations new “Valium for Kids”…comes in flavors kids love”

    “Sending little Jimmy on a weekend away with his “Special Friend”??…well, we can’t have rumbling tummies now can we??……pack his favorite snack…new “Pedo-Pablum”……a nutritious and delicious snack that’s a snap to prepare!!!……leaves Jimmy more time for cuddling with his “Special Friend”………

    This will be combined with attacks on uncooperative corporations’ a’la Anita Bryant/Florida Orange Juice and Rick Santorum/Dan Savage style. The aim is to silence.

    FYI: you have no idea how many pedophiles and lovers of child pornography there are in the halls of government and Hollywood. One needs look no further than the sexualization of children in the world of fashion and child beauty pageants. Not only are there many groups like B4U-ACT and NAMBLA across North America and Europe for men but there are groups for pedophile and lesbian women as well. Groups like “Butterfly Kisses” in the UK. Butterfly Kisses advocates the marriage or union of prepubescent and pubescent girls to older lesbian women for the purposes of sex. In fact, so bold are the destroyers of our children that even the notorious pedophile, John Robin Sharpe, has a website .

    There will come an attack on statistics in the form of destruction and ignorance of some and the manipulation of others. Sheer unquestioned numbers will be used. Such as the homosexual community’s whopper “10 percent of America is Gay!!”…will become “10 percent of America loves the sexual attention of children.” and “50 percent of children love sexual interaction with an adult”!!! Polls and surveys will be introduced with not a whimper from the Public nor scrutiny by government as to the methodology used or soundness of the science.

    It will be mainstream media’s finest hour as Peter Mansbridge tells all “Good Canadians” that studies show a 6 year child really is capable of “consenting” to being sodomised. “Besides”, adds Wendy Mesley, with a dash of Trudeauesque sentimentality, “What a man or woman does with their “Special Little Friend” behind closed doors is nobody’s business and certainly not the State’s.”…….and the Commissioner of Thought Control Central (CBC), Herbert LaCroix, will laugh and laugh and laugh…….

    Parents and children are/will be abandoned by the courts.

    The sanctification of perversion by the Courts as has already happened in Canada and many European countries. The decision of Justice Duncan Shaw, BCSC, 2002, R V. Sharpe, in fact, virtually the entire Supreme Court of British Columbia and the British Columbia Court of Appeal was stunningly sympathetic with the sexual predator/pedophile John Robin Sharpe, initially finding him not guilty on child pornography related charges. The case was appealed by the Crown to the Supreme Court of Canada, who allowed the appeal returned it for trial, with some very disturbing qualifications.

    Justice Shaw could have dismissed the ramblings of John Robin Sharpe, as he wrote about the sadomasochistic torture of young boys, as the incoherent, vile dementia of a dangerous, incurable sexual predator and pedophile. He didn’t. In fact, Justice Shaw, undeterred by the SCOC, in acquitting John Robin Sharpe of many child-crime related charges, did so because he found “artistic merit” in the writings of a sado-masochistic pedophile.

    As we see, academia willingly provides all manner of “expert” testimony in defense of child predators and pedophiles as did Professor James L. Miller of the University of Western Ontario and Professor Lorraine Weir of the University of British Columbia. Both Professors were called in defense of John Robin Sharpe.

    (Of interest is the fact that both Professors Weir and Miller are devout homosexuals with Professor Weir and four other UBC professors being sued for savaging and harassing one of her students, a Christian)

    Professor Paul Delany, a professor and Chair of the English Department of the Simon Fraser University, British Columbia and Dr. Shaberhan Lohrasbe, a forensic psychiatrist with considerable expertise in the field of sexual deviance and sexual offenders were called by the Crown, (prosecution in American terms).

    In short, (please read the entire decision) , Professor Delaney found no artistic merit in the ramblings of John Robin Sharpe. Professor Delaney’s evidence was given no weight as Justice Shaw found it tainted with “morality”. The evidence of Dr. Lohrasbe, in spite of the fact that the doctor found the writings of Sharpe to be an “unrepentant, unremorseful celebration of violent, deviant sex and pornography, was given the consideration of Justice Shaw that is best described as, dismissive contempt.

    In stark contrast to the savaging Justice Shaw gave the Crown’s witnesses was the fawning and bootlicking given the testimony of “experts” offered by the defense. Professor Miller’s area of expertise, in literature, is the breaking of taboos, homosexual themes and the love of unconventionality. In short, Professor Miller found considerable “artistic merit” in Sharpe’s unrepentant, unremorseful celebration of violent sex and pornography. Justice Shaw, visibly enamored with the Professors analysis said, “I give substantial weight to Professor Miller’s evidence”

    Professor Weir basked in the same glow of Justice Shaw’s judicial adoration for her refusal to include relevant moral consideration in her assessment of Sharpe’s poisonous filth (please forgive my impartiality). Weir too, found, much to the pleasure of Justice Shaw, artistic merit in Sharpe’s screed. In the end, as a result of prosecutorial quackery and a black-hearted judicial fondness for the miserable betrayal of our children, John Robin Sharpe was found not guilty on 3 of 4 charges. And God wept rivers…… ….

    Let’s not stop there……..

    Further, academia, lovers of the cutting edge and brave new worlds, will swing into action by instituting dozens of encounter groups and programs to illustrate the joys, benefits and “harmless” nature of “child-love”. On campus there will be “Boylove” and “Kiddieplay” days and other celebrations. Faculty members who, with knowing nods, express their “secret desires” for children or who speak in admiration of pedophiles will be awarded tenure and their choice of desirable posts. Faculty members who are outraged at the horrors of pedophilia and speak in defense of children will be mocked, attacked, vilified, and isolated.

    Schools will adopt the writings of John Robin Sharpe into the curriculum as they did a host of stomach turning homosexual grist for kindergarten and primary levels like, “Daddy’s Roommate” , “Asha’s Mum’s” and “One Dad, Two Dad’s, Brown Dad, Blue Dad’s” . Parents will protest as they did in Surrey, British Columbia but those protests will suffer the deaf ear and contempt of the courts and law enforcement.

    Look for language used by our courts and Human Rights Commissions such as “sexual orientation”, or “sexual preference” in adjudicating rights denial cases. This leaves the door open and paves the way for zoophilia, necrophilia, bestiality and many many others. Because, of course, no one really “wants” to sexually molest an animal or defile a dead body; they just can’t “help it”.

    In promoting the agenda of the pedophiles expect the unqualified participation of the homosexual community. To date, child molesters and pedophiles have marched, with the full and enthusiastic support of parade organizers, in virtually every Gay Pride Parade. These child molesters come wrapped in the protections of the sacred cows of sexual perversion; homosexuals. The strategy works beautifully, it gives the rapers of toddlers and children an air of legitimacy. Soon will come the very first “Child Lover Pride Parade”, which, in its first year, will be attacked and ridiculed, but will become a great source of advertising revenue from mainstream corporations in its 10th year.

    This destruction of children transcends cultural boundaries and goes hand in hand with the sentiments of the vast majority of muslims. Muhammad, the spiritual leader of all muslims, is the very model of a male to which all muslim men aspire. Muhammad “married” a child, a young girl, Aisha, at age 6 and “consummated” the “marriage: when the little girl was 9 years old. This is a classic definition of “child molestation” and is largely responsible for the oft recurring problems amongst muslims such as child rape, child marriage and genital mutilation. Bear witness to the video account of a “temporary marriage” of the Iranian, Ayatollah Khomeini, to a 4 year old child in the video below.

    And all of this will give us moments like these:

    In less than ten years time a telephone will ring in a suburban home somewhere in North America. A mother, busy with the distractions of a noisy toddler and making dinner will answer the phone. The caller will inform the woman that her 6 year old son will not be home for the next week as he has been taken to an educational retreat by a man who has “fallen in love” with her son. The woman, outraged and terrified, screams her protests over the phone and demands to know where her son is and who, exactly, took her son away.

    The caller, her son’s teacher, informs the frantic woman that she is not obligated to disclose that information as it would contravene privacy laws and the “rights” of the pedophile who took her son away. The woman, now hysterical, further protests and shouts derision, telling the teacher that she is calling the RCMP…..the teacher calmly tells the woman she does not have to endure such vile abuse and intolerance and that she herself is calling the RCMP to file “Hate Crime” charges against the mother. The teacher hangs up.

    The woman and her husband rush to the school to find her son and are met by a wall of teachers, the principal and several members of the RCMP. They are arrested on hate-crime charges, handcuffed and placed in the cruiser. As they are driven away the principal says to the teachers, “I hope those Pedo-Phobes rot in jail”…..the teachers, smug and satisfied, smile a knowing smile……

    So much for Gay Rights and Pride Parades……….

    Are you sitting there in your chair, your hands clenched in fists of rage?…..have you leaned forward, your head in your hands, sickened at what you have not done?……did you pour a glass of liquor and wander over to the window, and, looking up into the night sky, implore the darkness give you answer?……do you seek answers to your questions of how, in the name of God you ask , have we arrived here at this miserable point in time?……do you hear the laughter of your cowardice as it rings in your ears, mocking you, taunting you, laughing at the repulsive weakened shell you so proudly call a man or woman?…….do you stand amongst the sentinels and silence of a forest and see the faces of the children you betrayed… waves break upon the shore do you not hear the laughter of those who sentence your children to a lifetime of blackest misery and sleepless nights?… you strain your ears on the evening wind as if to hear providential whisper giving you absolution for your sullen betrayal of trust and faith?…….well my friends, do not look to the heavens for answer to your miserable plight, instead, look in the mirror and find before you the man or woman who turned their backs as your children cried out.

    They said it was all about enlightenment, they lied. They said there was no slippery slope, they lied. They said it was all about tolerance and inclusion, they lied. They said the morals and ethics that provided our civilization stewardship for thousands of years were outdated and criminal, they lied. They said virtue and faith in God was of no relevance, they lied. They said it would not weaken our culture nor destroy the fabric of our families, they lied. They said they were not the destroyers of innocence, they lied. They said they would never come for our children, they lied.

    We have abdicated our responsibilities as husbands and wives, as mothers and fathers, as sons and daughters and as brothers and sisters. We have taken the providential gift of free will and spat in the face of our Creator. We willingly place our children in the arms of those who seek the destruction of the same, in the arms of the murderers of defenseless innocence. We knew that out of their mouths fell the foulest of lies but we turned and shuffled quietly away, the screams of our children, violated and betrayed, ringing in our ears. We have taken the lives of our children, lives so precious, lives so utterly dependant on the strength of our character, lives so utterly dependent on our commitment to the oath made before God at an alter, and made them fodder for the insatiable appetites of the monstrously depraved.

    Look now, at those who stand just beyond our gates; Luciferian, leering, criminal, depraved, sexual sadists and predators who, smug, satisfied, made brave in the knowledge we will not defend even the weakest among us, wait to climb into the beds of our children and violate, in the most grotesquely unspeakable ways, our sacred gifts.

    How miserably wretched we are…….

    We should not be surprised as, drawing from a wealth of apathy and selfish ignorance, we are guilty of, either through omission or commission, a virtually endless list of crimes. Forgetting for a moment our sons and daughters that walk beside us, was it not we who allowed the most defenseless, the unborn, to be murdered? Was it not we who, for a sense of empowerment, reached up into our bodies and snuffed out millions of lives? Was it not we who called it a choice, liberation, freedom, emancipation, a right, progressive change and lastly and so utterly laughable; a woman’s health issue.

    Oh how progressive……oh how enlightened….oh how empowered, to dress up the decision to commit murder in the robes of nothing more troublesome than an after dinner dilemma over a desert selection.

    Was it not we who laid on gurneys as “Doctors” rid us of a bothersome inconvenience even up to and in excess of 24 weeks of gestation? Was it not we who, through partial birth abortion, allowed labor to be induced? Was it not we who allowed the head of a 6 month old fetus to breech and then listened as forceps were driven into the base of its skull and stirred about thereby rendering the contents of the child’s head an easier target for the vacuum cleaner? Was it not we who laid there as a child, in the vaginal canal, so wretchedly abandoned, so pitifully helpless, writhed in the agonizing throes of death?

    Was it not we who violated the sanctity of the womb and bathed innocence manifest with saline acid and then turned away as it writhed in agony, dying a horrific death? Was it not we who turned away, indifferent, discussing tee-times and cucumber sandwiches within arms reach of mortally wounded children, torn from wombs, left to convulse and die on operating room tables, their pitiful tortured, ragged gasps screaming volumes to our murderous lack of even the slightest shred of humanity?

    It was we. It was us, all of us. It was doctors and nurses. It was politicians. It was bureaucrats. It was judges and lawyers. It was feminists and liberals. It was psychologists and psychiatrists; the apologists of criminality and moral bankruptcy. It was arrogant, sneering academia. It was irresponsible, indifferent and cowardly men. It was beguiled and knowingly stupid women. It was men of the cloth who abandoned their congregations. It was each and every one of us who should not have been moved from our places. It was all of us who could not find the courage of our convictions to speak out and act. And now they have come for the children and we stand, mute, afraid, indecisive and indifferent. What loathsome and vile creatures we’ve become.

    Oh how I marvel at the tenacity and the bravery of our children, as they face, from womb to graduation, a gauntlet of such murderous and callous indifference, such coldness, such repeated attempts on their lives, of such assaults on their innocence and their very souls, and all at the hands of those who profess to love them. What blinding, outrageous, murderous hypocrisy.

    Before I go, before I close this tiresome screed, before I let you return your deliberations on the fate of our children I have a few paragraphs left, not mine, but ones that cry out to be heard……

    Long ago I sat and watched as my mother, a voracious reader, chewed her way through mountains of books. Amongst her favorite authors was a prolific writer named Taylor Caldwell . Ms. Caldwell wrote many books, often of romantic and bygone themes. Few, but stunning, were historically accurate novels about biblical figures; “I, Judas”, of Judas Iscariot, “Dear and Glorious Physician” of the life and times of St. Luke, among them.

    Overtly and unapologetically religious, Ms. Caldwell was a very proud conservative woman; that pride, and her faith in God, reflected in her works. In addition to stories of unrequited love, a racing pulse and the breathless throes of passion, Ms. Caldwell also wrote novels with themes of good and evil and the triumph of courage and faith in the face of adversity. “The Devils Advocate” of Andrew Durant, a man who faces a totalitarian State and triumphs. “On Growing Up Tough” a humorous and heart warming account of her own childhood. And to my point; “Dialogues With The Devil”.

    “Dialogues With The Devil is a work disquieting in nature, disquieting for the parallels to be drawn between our world and that world so hated by The Day Star…they are one in the same.

    Its description best heard in the author’s own words:

    “This is not a theological book, though it adheres to the Judeo-Christian traditions and to Holy Scripture, and to the traditions and tales of ancient as well as modern religions. It began in a lighthearted mood – in order to give Lucifer his day in court – and then it stopped being lighthearted and became very somber and grim indeed, as Lucifer presented his case against mankind, and the problem of good and evil and its mystery. If I were superstitious, which I am, of course, I should say that two personalities took over the book in mid-passage, but what they are I do not know. Certainly the thoughts in the book are not my thoughts!”

    Perhaps dismissed as dramatic puffery, perhaps a reflection of reality, Ms. Caldwell’s introduction and the book that follows serves to warn us of the undercurrent of seething hatred evil has for man and his gift of free will, a seething hatred so oft found around the world today.

    In any case, many of the passages in this book, written 45 years ago, bear a startling resemblance to the world we live in today. The passage below is relevant to my condemnation of what we have allowed ourselves to become. It is relevant to the men and women of today who are, in every way, shadows of their former selves. It touches on what is a mirror image of the society we have created.

    Lastly, if you read carefully, very carefully, you will read reference to those madmen from the shifting Saharan sands who now stand, daggers in hand, on our very doorsteps……considering these are words five decades old; disturbingly prophetic…read on……

    (Lucifer, The Day Star speaking to Archangel Michael…..)

    “But the women of Terra today are drab wretches, and rare is that loveliness and inventiveness we knew of old, rare that irresistible charm. They vie with men for any office or any condition of life. They are insistent, shrill, grim of countenance, deliberately ugly and contorted, determined that no spot shall be free of them, no employment not their own, no hallowed place unshattered by their peevish voices. It is not enough that they have the power to create beauty and poetry, to bear children, to comfort men, to throw an aura of peace and sanctity about their households. The arts with which God endowed them are now distasteful to them. They would be as men, assuming, against all the Laws of Our Father, the garb of men; they stride like males; they possess muscles. They are fierce and demanding and arrogant, beyond the ferocity, covetousness and belligerence of their men; some now bear arms, they who were endowed with the instinct to nurture and protect life. They go to wars in loathsome uniforms and are proud of their skill with the instruments of death. The tramp of their booted feet is heard in all the cities. They are either imitation men, with men’s vices but not their virtues, or they are weak and whining maggots desirous of all things and deserving of none. Now they would invade the very sacred temples, themselves, as priestesses!

    Naturally, it was I who offered the lure of masculinity to them. I gave them envy of men and assured them that the masculine world was withholding rights from them, which they eminently deserved, for were they not quicker of wit and more durable? I offered them peculiar lusts and irresponsibilities; I made them despise what had made them women and hold it in low regard. Booted and trousered, they are my own. Unfortunately I could well endure without these near-men, who come shouting into my hells. The ancient ladies look upon them with horror and say, “What are these creatures. And are they male or female?”

    But I owe them gratitude. They emasculate their men and destroy the masculine spirit. They reduce men to the status of cowardly slaves, dependent, desiring little cosinesses and tiny comforts, meager little pleasures and silly consolations. Once the men of Terra were strong and bold and protective, tender with a great strength, delighting in manly pursuits and manly laughter. But now they nestle – there is but one word for it – nestling. They do not guard their houses with the might of their arms, as they once did. No, they brush the hearths and bend over the cradles, not to amuse infants or tease them happily, but to remove excreta and pour milk into their mewling mouths. They wash pots and smooth beds, and, merciful God, they are “companions” to their wives! They are no guardians; they are children, themselves, afraid of their own honest sweat for fear of offending women, or even other men. Their pursuits are feminine, and women have driven them into the designing of garments for their female bodies, or other monstrous occupations.

    And women have turned men from them unto other men for pleasures once designed for only between the sexes, and for the procreation of children. It is true that I invented those pleasures, but had men remained men they would have not been tempted by them, and had women remained women their men could not have been seduced by other men. Yes. It is true that the old Egyptian and Grecian and Roman men turned to their fellows, but only after their women became dominant, their mothers seductive, their daughters manly. I have transformed Terra into a hell where women are no longer cherished or deeply desired, but are feared and exploited in self-defense. Bold and harsh and coarse of flesh and skin, women have indeed changed Terra into a fearsome abode, rife with frightful crimes, ranting with ideologies, and thundering in wars. After all, men have to have some respite from their women, do they not? Craven wretches – I find it in my heart, at times, to pity them.

    The women of Terra will destroy civilization as they destroyed it in ancient countries, for nations cannot survive depravity and the reversal of the sexes. Perhaps the holocaust I desire for Terra – and surely it will come soon – is not necessary after all. Meanness and littleness and drabness are a more worthy hell for the men of Terra than universal death – perhaps. Strange is it not, that it is only the barbarians on Terra who have preserved their masculinity, whereas civilized nations have abandoned it? I muse: Shall I induce the barbarians of Terra to attack the alleged “sophisticated” nations? Perhaps.

    I cannot resist Terra!! It is so contemptible. One of their beloved sages, a man called Freud, spoke of Terra: “This detestable world.” He knew it well, and its vilest lusts, for he was incestuous and prideless, a woman at heart and understanding of women. He hated men, for true men were a goad to him and he despised what he could not be, himself. He now has the companionship of women only, as he desired only the presence of his female relatives.

    Do not be tiresome, Michael, and remind me that many women on Terra are still women, loving and nurturing, teaching and sheltering, sacrificing their lives that others might live, and living a life of poetry, reflection, prayer and faith. They are so few!! And they are regarded with scorn by their corrupt sisters and are derided as superstitious or old or backward, or in love with fantasies, or not part of what is called , to my laughter, “this new world.”

    God gave examples of true femininity to women in the form of holy women, in the shapes of Leah and Rachel and Ruth, and surmounting all others, His own Mother. But do the women of Terra emulate these creatures of Grace, and desire, above all, to be like them? They do not. A woman of gentleness and refinement does not permeate gross politics, nor does she wear masculine garments, nor does she seek sexual pleasures without the inevitable results. She is no toy or a marching “friend” to men, a destroyer of her sons, a destructive and contentious force with her daughters, a shouter in the marketplace, a contender among males, a heaver at manly games, a muscular monstrosity who is neither male nor female. She is what Solomon said a good wife was, more precious than rubies, and all her ways are pleasantness and all her paths are peace.

    Well do I remember Mary, the Queen of Heaven, when she was born and lay in her cradle, unstained by the sin which man incurred at his fall. She opened her infant eyes and looked upon me gravely, and even then she knew what I was. She was not afraid. The light of Our Father lay across her face, and the wings of our brother, Gabriel, protected her. I knew why she had been born; I had known from the beginning. This sweet creature, this frail morsel, this woman, who, even as a babe, was a true woman – Ah, even while I hated her for her destiny, I bowed before her. Hell itself trembled at her birth. She was woman incarnate, the woman Our Father had desired women to be, the image which all women should strive to imitate.

    But they do not. A poet of Terra wrote of Mary: “Our tainted nature’s solitary boast.” But millions of women on Terra scorn her, or doubt that she even lived, or utter lewd jests of her. I designed it so. Were the women of Terra to become like Mary, my hells would not be fat with female life, and the groves of despair would not echo with female voices.

    I turn from the women of Terra with a disgust which even I cannot bear, and look upon the women of other planets, where the race has not fallen, or even where it has fallen. How beautiful are those women, how pleasurable to the sight, how soft of hand, how gentle of speech, how watchful of their children, how devoted to their men! Not all the planets are so, I admit, but none is so ugly as Terra or so base, and Terra deserves her women, and the women deserve the world they made. And the women of other planets, now destroyed and lifeless, were worthy of their worlds, for it is they who ravished them.”

    Dialogues With The Devil, 1967, Pages 78 – 82
    Taylor Caldwell.

    So ends a few paragraphs from a book written fifty years ago. Read them again, reflect and then read again and hear in those words, see reflected in those paragraphs, your fellow man and woman, the world you live in and the fate of our children.

    Oh how worthy we are, how deserving of the sweetest agony of Lucifer’s hatred….how worthy of the Prince of Darkness’ unbridled wrath and malevolence as reward for our treachery and betrayal of his Father’s trust and love…….

    The sun is cresting the horizon, it is morning and I am out of words. I have nothing left to say tonight. I leave you with your thoughts and I with mine.

    We so richly deserve ourselves…..our children do not…….may God have mercy on our souls.

    Bon nuit mes amis…

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

    Note: You do not need my permission, in fact you have my blessing, to post, publish, quote and forward this as widely as possible.


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