Gun Control

Farraklown doesn’t want (white) Americans to have guns:


Farrakhan  claimed that “there is no need for the American people to be armed to the teeth if you have a responsible militia to protect the society of the United States.”

That would be the Farraklown- Obamster army that is armed to the teeth.

Considering Farraklown’s recent comments about the American people — that they are “savage,” “brutal” and “uncivilized” — it’s no surprise that he is skeptical about guns and the notion that “angry” citizens could use them to wage “war.”

When he said  “savage”, “brutal”,and “uncivilized”, I thought he was describing the “nation of islam”

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  1. Calypso Louie is the last one who should be commenting on ‘gun control’, he and many of his followers have very questionable pasts.

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