Hagel, a “Minister of Chaos”

Christians United for Israel Summit to Fight Hagel Nomination on Monday

Iraqi Ally of Israel on Hagel, “This is Not a Minister of Defense, But a Minister of Chaos” (INTERVIEW)

“On Friday I spoke with former Iraqi Parliamentarian Mithal al Alusi, who has championed counter-terrorism cooperation and normalized relations between Iraq and Israel. This Arab ally of Israel is dismayed by what he sees as President Obama’s abandonment of the liberals and moderates of the Mideast.”

Michael Coren with Daniel Pipes – Obama & Israel Jan 29, 2013  Vlad Tepes

Sen. Chuck Hagel at the first J Street Conference

Here’s the speech that everyone’s talking about:

J Street tried to keep it from the Senate: Chuck Hagel’s anti-Israel address to J Street in October 2009

There are many reasons why Hagel shouldn’t be considered for sec-defense, there’s enough evidence against him to bar any reasonable consideration, that Hagel chose to speak to J-Street and finds himself among friends, is the coupe de grace against his candidacy. The Tundra Tabloids has an update:


Jennifer Rubin reports that the pro-‘Palestinian’ J Street lobby is refusing to provide the Senate Armed Services Committee with video of former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel speaking to the group in 2009.

Senators were tipped off that Hagel departed from hisprepared remarks and made controversial comments to the J Street Conference. In exchanges with Senate Armed Services Committee staff, J Street volunteered the prepared remarks and said it decided not to provide the complete video for fear that Hagel’s remarks would be taken out of context.It is extraordinary that any group would deny material relevant to a confirmation hearing, especially in the case of public remarks on a highly relevant topic. Moreover, for J Street to, in essence, accuse the Senate of potentially mishandling evidence is jaw-dropping.

I’m not sure how extraordinary it is given that President  Hussein Obama has never provided the Khalidi video. But I found the video and it is embedded at the bottom of this post.

The full prepared remarks for that speech are here.  (Carl in J’lem)

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  1. Data is only suppressed if it can be harmful.

    The fact that are willing to suppress the video is all one really needs to understand.

    Speaks volumes.

    Besides is anyone really surprised?

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