Happy Australia Day

Andrew Bolt:


You know it’s Australia Day when Fairfax newspapers run opinion articles violently attacking Australia’s:

- flag (“You can’t believe in multiculturalism and support a flag that asserts the primacy of the Anglo race.”}

- history (“The wind-stench of bodies burned in bonfires hangs heavy upon the nation’s conscience and in the clouds.”)

 constitutional monarchy (“The democratic and egalitarian assertion of our national sovereignty provoked during Bodyline and the Great Depression continues to serve us well on Australia Day 2013. I believe that reflecting on those events will eventually hasten the approach of an Australian republic…”}

Meanwhile, happy new arrivals – little daunted by our flag, history or monarchy – celebrate their adoption by this great land:

About 17,000 people from 145 countries around the world will become Australian citizens on Saturday’s Australia Day...

Happy Australia Day, its all our fault:

An astonishing spate of shootings in Sydney seems largely the work of one ethnic group, identified only deep in this Sydney Morning Herald report. Yet the only culture blamed is the Australian one: Australians drive bored Muslim men to violence

But hey, there’s nothing Jooliar can’t fix:

(Sydney Morning Herald blurb via Tim Blair, who has more.)



4 thoughts on “Happy Australia Day”

  1. Oh my! Are you a wound-up tight psycho or what?
    Take your blood pressure medicine, or you won’t
    be around much longer. Seriously.

  2. A lot of these hopeful to be Australian citizens are becoming just that for the benefits and that they won’t ever be deported. Nothing to do with living the good life and being free, it’s about the WIFM (What’s In It For Me).

    Do you think there would be so many here today if we had compulsory Military service? Not on your life!

  3. Ironside: I just spent the afternoon with a South Sudanese man who wants to join the LiberalParty and who told me about SS who had joined the ADF. Of course, it’s not all good with the Sudanese, but at least they are not Muslim (and some have told me they have tried to warn Australians about Islam but have been told to shut up.)

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