Harvard Dhimmis Post Koran Verse @ Faculty of Law

“All(ah) inclusive”

Mark Steyn so aptly quoted Kate McMillan:

“What’s the opposite of diversity?


Harvard Dhimmis Submit, Post Quran Verse at Faculty of Law— Pamela Geller

Harvard University has posted a Quranic verse at the entrance of its faculty of law, describing the verse as one of the greatest expressions for justice in history.

It’s to laugh, it’s to cry:

Quran verse posted at US Harvard varsity Emirates 24/7

There’s a reason Islam is called the ‘religion of the professors.’

Never was  ‘you get what you pay for’ more to the point.

How many full paying Sowdi savages are using Harfaart as a diploma mill annually?

19 thoughts on “Harvard Dhimmis Post Koran Verse @ Faculty of Law”

  1. and the parent’s eyes will glaze over and still give their money to Harvard and send their brats there….

  2. @Pat,

    Me too Pat. Me too.

    If they are reading and praying, their time is occupied and they are not out killing, raping and harassing the rest of us.

    You would think, that five times a day for pray would be enough to keep them occupied?

  3. Oh, this is so sweet and encouraging! I’m in a competition with those tards right now to publish a sharia code, and I was kinda worried that their version would also (like mine) have contained thoughtful insights and commentary – but obviously, NOpe! I needn’t have worried at all LOL!

  4. As you all know Harvard is here in New England, the land of the whackey, fkd up liberal loons. And never moreso, than in the Ivy League colleges where parents pay big bucks to have their kids told “Witnesses … against … your parents or your kin ..” Talk about biting the hand that feeds you! I am beginning to view all parents who send their kids to these ersatz educational institutions as nuckin futz.

    Why anyone would want to have their kids minds messed with this crapola is beyond me. But again, let’s face it, is there all that much difference between Islam, Communism, Facism or Totalitarianism?

    Not hardly, and the nincompoop profs who teach at these schools should have to take a sabbatical each year for a few months to a country where they can view little girls being declitorized, or see the sight of a woman being stoned to death. Or try being some raghead’s goat for the night. Methinks the left is insanely evil, for sure, twisted.

    1. They have so much in common, that’s why:

      “Your wives and children are your enemies. They are to you only a temptation.” Quran 64:14-15

      “Don’t be friends with your disbelieving family members. Those who do so are wrong-doers.” 9:23

      Want more?

  5. “How many full paying Sowdi savages are using Harfaart as a diploma mill annually?” Am not sure of the answer to that question, but I do know once when I was at an outdoor cafe on Newbury street in Boston many years ago, you would see these Saudi Prince’s sons sitting there. Their jaguars parked down the street. And everyone knew that these guys had total immunity whenever they went into Sax Fifth Avenue or Neiman Marcus to steal whatever they wanted.

    And everyone knew that major theft went on all the time. It was like a standing joke..do whatever you want and get away with it. Now that I think about it, isn’t that what the whole stinking religion is all about? Men can do whatever they want, no matter how devious or sick/evil, because some madman centuries ago deemed the devil delightful, and women must pay the price and be the sacrificial lamb. If this isn’t the sign of men without balls or borders, pls tell me what is!

  6. Whts all ths??
    U think if ur father rape any girl n u know about this rape thn u shuld secure ur fathr not to that victim? If u think so thn u are just thinking slfishly u are not thinking for mankind for humanity n islams says think about humanity frst so evn if ur parents are against to huminty thn u hav to give witness against them…
    N if u guys are not agree th why its makes any dfrens to you whn muslims are crule to their females or children?? Why u say it against to humanity???

  7. Manahil use your own judgement this is not Pakistan and we don’t need the to know about the sharia violent aspects we know it already try to have compassion and understand this is a different culture and there are other more violent verses but it’s still shocking.

  8. U shuld undrstand that evryone is responsibl for his/her act.. If Crimnalx get benifet of their relation, it will make them more conifident to do crime but once they get punishment they will think 4 10 times befor doing any crime.. N well u dont want to know about these verse?? I havent askd harvrd universty to post these words there.. Now bettr to ask them why they did so???
    N quran dont hav any violant verse… 🙂
    u can figrout by reading quran its completly logical.. :p

  9. May God help you guys. So disgusting comment in here

    come to the true religion ( islam ), before the world is destroyed

    Jesus is coming soon with a message.

  10. kam
    The message that Jesus will probably bring is that islam is the work of the devil, but unlike ignorant and rude thugs like yourself I will not presume to speak for him. Unless you are a total moron you cannot ignore the massive amount of violence that is committed by muslims for islam, which means that you are either stupid or just another dishonest islamic troll. May God help you – actually you are not worth the trouble. Incidentally, since you have NEVER studied other religions you have NO idea of what a true religion is, do you.

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